Reviews for Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand DLC (NA)


Turning Back the Clock

bwrussell | May 10, 2015 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

This, the first of 5 DLC for Battlefield 3, is targeted at long time fans of the series. Bringing several maps from previous Battlefield games might be considered by some to be a cash grab but it also was a decently smart move to try and bring over the old player base. For players newer to the series the nostalgia is a non-factor. Luckily the maps are decently balanced, as they should be after all this time, and provide some of the variety necessary to keep a games multiplayer alive. That being said, the aesthetic of the new maps just don't quite fit with the ones new for this game. This is purely a "feel" issue and in no way changes how they pay. They're just a little bland and empty in comparison. In addition to the maps this DLC adds a number weapons that appeared in Battlefield 2 for use in any of the Battlefield 3 maps. Since the base game is already flush with weapons ten more isn't going to be a huge deal for most players. The exception again of course is players familiar with Battlefield 2 who've been yearning for their old favorite gun. Your milage with this feature will vary depending on how particular you are about the precise look and feel of your weapons. More vehicles is never a bad thing, especially since the VTOL jet adds another dimension to air combat due to its unique handling capabilities. They've also added the Conquest Assault game type which simply is an unbalanced version of Conquest where one team starts with all of the points captured. This must be paying entirely nostalgia because I never had any interest in playing a Conquest game where one team starts with a massive unmitigated advantage. Outside of the items mentioned above the rest of the content is either cosmetic (dogtags) or part of the assignment/achievement meta. All considered this is not a terrible value for an expansion, especially if you were a Battlefield 2 fan. It doesn't change the feel much like later DLC but it's a fair whack of content if you're just looking for more. Also worth considering is that as the first DLC and being included in the Special Edition means this is the most owned and likely still the most active of the expansions.


A blast from the past

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

I have been an FPS player since the old Delta Force franchise so I like to see references to the older days. This pack gives you maps from Battlefield 2, which was a solid game save for the dolphin diving. The maps have been reworked to allow for building destruction and the newer vehicles, but it is essentially the same maps, while the buildings still stand at least. I enjoy this pack mostly for the nostalgia purposes, however the special extra weapons are a nice addition to the unlock system. I believe it adds a 10 new weapons to the game that are usable in any game mode so if you play a base game map, you can still use your special unlocks that some other players are not able to get. This is a great DLC pack and if you have ever played Battlefield 2, it is a great blast from the past. I enjoy the new Dolphin Diving dog tags as only the older players understand the joke behind it.


Best DLC for Battlefield 3

Nuxaider | Feb. 17, 2013 | See all Nuxaider's reviews »

Since this is written long after it was actually released, it's sad to say that this is the best DLC out of all the DLCs released so far. However, it's good so it has some merits. Guns: This DLC includes 10 weapons, which is a healthy amount to keep things fresh in the core game. Though the FAMAS was OP at launch, it's now below average, which is unfortunate, but I rather have an underpowered weapon than a overpowered one. It is disheartening that you actually have to grind to unlock these weapons. Since you've paid for them, you'd expect you get them right away. Just a way to lengthen the game sadly. Dog Tags: Purely cosmetic. 'Nuff said. Maps: Easily the best group of maps in the game. Each of them is superbly balanced, allowing for any playstyle. Vehicles or infantry, not one dominates the other. There are some minor complaints though. For rush, the maps feel rather short though that doesn't signify bad level design. Also, it's a quick cash grab by EA and DICE to rerelease everyone's favorite maps; relying on nostalgia is easy to sell. I don't mind since they're actually good, but I wish the maps that came with the game were this well-designed. Overall, if you don't have this DLC, I would highly recommend getting it.