Reviews for Battlefield 3: Close Quarters (NA)


BF3's attempt to draw in CoD players

Coolicy | Dec. 22, 2013 | See all Coolicy's reviews »

and CoD players should try BF3. This offers an experience very similar to Call of Duty as the maps are more tight and relatively smaller. BF3 has awesome shooting and graphics, this DLC serves as a good stepping stone to draw in some new players. The existing content for similar experience in the base game could use some refreshers as it may get boring quicker. I like this pack because it helped a friend of mine to transfer into BF3 easier, playing this DLC he got used to traversing around obstacles, the recoils of different guns, and sticking closer to teammates just because he plays more. Now he performs better and enjoys the game more simply because it made it more accessible. BF3 and its DLC has been on sale many times. For those who don't want to make the dive into BF4, this would be a good point to start. The PC community of BF3 is still very much alive (eventhough it's smaller than before now), so the cost of entry is much lower now. Happy Fragging!


Boringfield 3: Close Quarters

analytalica3 | Sept. 26, 2013 | See all analytalica3's reviews »

Smaller than usual, the four maps contained in the Close Quarters expansion are all about, well, close quarters. This expansion is DICE's response to the popularity of 64 player Operation Metro, which is a boring grenade-and-rocket fest. Sadly, Close Quarters is more or less the same random madness only with more corridors to walk through. With no reason to use long range weapons, I found myself using only shotguns and high-DPS weapons to win engagements. With barely any damage falloff, you will die extremely quickly, effectively turning BF3 into yet another Call of Duty clone. The new weapons and assignments are a good addition to the existing selection, though they are strangely balanced. With the SPAS-12, there is little reason to use the vanilla game's 870 MCS, and the LSAT is a slower shooting M249. If you're not planning on getting BF3 Premium and only want one or two expansion packs, buy something other than Close Quarters. It's just not how Battlefield should be.


One of the best infantry map sets

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

This map set is great for infantry warfare, mainly TDM. This is a great DLC to get away from the constant release of large maps for vehicle destruction and such. I personally like to run infantry as I am a gamer from the older era where vehicles were not drivable, but I do enjoy running in a vehicle every so often. My biggest issue with the shooters these days is the heavily enforced vehicles such as the people that are so good in jets and tanks that they have 80-12 K/D games and you can't even stand in your base without being hit by a jet from across the map. This map set brought my love for this game back after hours and hours of being killed by unkillable jets. This pack does add the new gadget: M320 LVG. This is an underslung grenade launcher for the Assault class and can come in handy. I personally have found grenade launchers annoying since the old days because some people use nothing but the launchers, however these are nicely made and have a unique ability to be underslung on the weapon or used standalone for a slight drop in fire rate and switch rate from weapon to weapon. It is nice, but not quite the reason you would buy this pack. If you like infantry maps or would like a break from the constant maul of jets and tanks this pack is for you 100%. This is one of my favorite DLC packs for BF3.


A High Intensity Change of Pace

bwrussell | July 9, 2013 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

First off, this expansion is a definite change of pace from the usual, huge, wide-open maps that you see in BF3, so if that is your favorite part then give this a pass. If you sometimes weary of the long range tank battles and often disjointed team effort on the huge maps then this is the change of pace yo are looking for For me this expansion was something BF3 needed more of. There were all ready one or two small tight maps but since these were designed from the ground up as CQ maps they work even better. Because the maps are tighter, although not necessarily small, you end up being able to work as a squad much more often. Which is good because if you try to go lone wolf if probably won't work. The level designs can give easy access to your rear and flanks so it is of utmost importance that your squad is properly outfitted works as a team, and moves quickly. For this reason, the increased teamwork, I feel that these maps, and the concept behind them, belong in the Battlefield experience. The new game type, Gun Master, is essentially Gun Game, where getting two kills with your current weapon moves you to the next weapon and you race the other players to get the final kill with the final weapon. I know a lot of people don't like this mode, and it definitely has it's flaws, but I honestly enjoy it. I think running the gauntlet of weapons is a Gun Game standard and it forces you to build your skill in all weapon types. Having it just be SMGs and assault rifles would defeat the purpose and essentially turn it into team deathmatch. The fact that there are teams but only one winner is clearly a mistake though, as it cuts the available targets in half with no benefit. In an attempt to justify this the top 5 players are actually credited with the win and the winners ribbon. For me this is probably my favorite expansion and one I would recommend if you are looking to purchase only a couple of them, even if you aren't interested in Gun Game, I mean, Master.


A decent idea that can help break up game-fatigue

ElitistCuisine | June 14, 2013 | See all ElitistCuisine's reviews »

Calling this map a step in the direction of becomign a Call of Duty clone is more than a little harsh. While the new maps are very reminiscent of other infantry-based games, with the constant threat of someone attacking from behind or quick recovery from death, they help shine some new light into Battlefield's massive firefights and maps. Not only this, but the addition of several new, exciting weapons adds a larger variety for further play sessions within the Battlefield 3 multiplayer. Simply put, the new maps are exciting, if not uninspired, but rarely make it worth the 15 dollars necessary. Thankfully the new weapons help make up the disparity.


Good for Consoles, Bad for PC

Nuxaider | Feb. 17, 2013 | See all Nuxaider's reviews »

This DLC was what consoles needed but for PC, it is a total mess. Maps: Map design is rather good, but as the name suggests, this DLC strongly favors close quarters combat, leaving long range infantry to suffer. With an elevated number of players on PC, it is a total slaughterhouse; which may or may not be a good thing depending on your preference. Gun Master: An old concept tries to find its place in Battlefield 3 and fails unfortunately. You are put into teams but there is only one winner. What ends up happening is you follow teammates to steal their kill in order to win. Though it defies Battlefield's team oriented gameplay, it should have been a free for all, or some unique way for gun master to work as a team. Additionally, the weapon ranks are questionable; sniper rifles, long range assault rifles, and slow firing LMGs have no place in a high octane close quarters battle. It is better now since you can customize the weapon progression now. The only reason you'd want to play this is to unlock the weapons. Guns: Though this DLC is called "Close Quarters" there are a lot of long ranged guns. That's really the only complaint I have with the weapons beside the "grind to get weapons" philosophy. Dog Tags: Cosmetic so nothing worth noting. If you really want the weapons that badly, get this DLC. Otherwise, avoid if you dislike close quarters infantry combat.