Reviews for The Sims: Medieval (NA)


A whole new experience

uglies | May 31, 2014 | See all uglies's reviews »

This is not like your other Sim games. You are transported back in time to the Medieval Age. You must begin a kingdom from scratch and in the process perform awesome quests that earn you prosperity, happiness, and overall success, with these accumulate points you can expand your kingdom and create heroes and heroines of your own. Thus far one of the best open world creation stimulated games out there. This is also a great game with the Pirates and Nobles expansion pack!


Absolutely fantastic

caongladius | May 3, 2013 | See all caongladius's reviews »

I picked up this game thinking it would just be a medieval skin on a typical sims game. Boy was I surprised when I found out there's actually plot in this game! You make your monarch and run your kingdom through various trials and challenges. This game has enaged me like no Sims game has before, and actually feels like a game, instead of just an engine like normal sims games feel. Some of the quests and objectives do seem overly difficult given the time you're allowed to do them (especially for the doctor who will have 10 hours to find the right herbs, create the right medicine (which can fail) and find the person to give it to) but besides some challenge issues I can't find anything wrong with this game! 9/10


Another great addition to the amazing Sims series!

ultimategamer | March 5, 2013 | See all ultimategamer's reviews »

Create your own castle, protect your own kingdom or become the best wizard of them all! This game allows you to build castles like they have never done before! This is a great game as it allows players to control the in game characters whether it's your average merchant or the most heroic knight! The character base in this game is very assorted and there are many heroes to choose from! The graphics in the game are well developed and the user interface is also very good! Recommended for anyone who is a fan of the the Sims 3 series, in fact anyone who is interested in simulation games!