Reviews for Battlefield 3: Aftermath (NA)


One of the Better DLCs

bwrussell | Jan. 8, 2014 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

The inclusion of a new game mode, the crossbow, and some interesting maps makes Aftermath worth consideration. The new gamemode, Scavenger, has you starting out with a humble pistol and forces you to find better weaponry scattered across the map. Unfortunately the weapon spawn locations are not randomized but the fact that each one doesn't have much ammo is a nice touch. Combine that with the partially destroyed urbanscapes that comprise the new maps and it does a good job of delivery that post-disaster feeling. Speaking of maps, the new ones are definitely worth playing. One that is played pretty consistently has an interesting vertical element that features more prominently than on almost any other BF3 map. The crossbow is a bit finicky to learn and use and as such isn't really a big game changer. That being said it can be a nice change of pace if you're looking for a challenge to mix things up. Overall Aftermath is one of the better DLCs and one that I play with a some regularity. As of writing the price hasn't fallen much, which is a surprise, and the full price is probably a bit of a stretch but on sale it's definitely worth a gander.


A good and interesting DLC

nightassassin1 | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

This DLC is best for two things: the maps and the Crossbow. You get 4 new maps, 3 of which are pretty great. The new game mode it adds (Scavenger) is pretty much only good for getting the crossbow. I like the game mode personally, but very few people play that mode. Almost every server is Conquest, TDM, or Air Superiority. The crossbow is nice because it is a 3rd weapon. It does not replace your primary or secondary weapon and is a one shot kill close range much like a shotgun with a bit longer range. The two draw backs of the crossbow are its drop off and reload time. I believe it is best used close range as a sniper to help out with close combat. The new vehicles are pretty negligible so pretty much if you want new maps and a nifty crossbow this DLC is great for you. I recommend this one, but not over some of the other DLC packs such as Back to Karkhand.


Great Addon

ROKET | April 2, 2013 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I dont know about everyone else but I thoroughly enjoyed the first two expansion packs to this game. I got new guns, I got new vehicles and quite a few great new maps. When I saw Aftermath I got even more excited. I didnt know what to expect but the game looked very different compared to the expansions before. The color scheme was different, the environments behaved differently and the maps were just right in size. You get 4 maps - as Im sure you would expect - and a few new vehicles. You also gained access to the XBOW and a few new game modes. My favorite new game mode to date is definitely the Scavenger mode they introed through this expansion and the XBOW is a delight if you get good at it. The maps were also very different and enjoyable. The grizzly urban combat in this pack along with the bright yellows of the middle eastern cities make for one hell of a combat zone and I love it. 90/100


A Great DLC After Two Dissapointing Ones

Nuxaider | Feb. 21, 2013 | See all Nuxaider's reviews »

After Close Quarters and Armored Kill, Battlefield 3 players were longing for content that reminded them of the greatness of the Back to Karkand DLC. While Aftermath is not on the same level as Back to Karkand, it comes close. Maps: From a gameplay perspective, the maps are very well balanced and cater to a variety of gameplay types. Vehicles are not as heavily armored but are still lethal, sticking with the theme of a aftermath, no pun intended. As to their design, they are nice to look at, but the same 5 shades of brown get boring quite quickly. A big marketing point of this DLC was the earthquakes, and they are sadly, underwhelming. All it is an occasional shake that makes it harder to aim. So much could be done with the earthquake idea; buildings could collapse and lead to new paths, streets could open up and reveal underground passageways to an objective, etc. So much more could be done but they decided to stick to the absolute basic. Scavenger: Another gimmicky gamemode, but unlike Gun Master, it actually forces you to play with your team. It makes players use weapons they normally wouldn't use and tests their ability to adapt to any given gun. The only real issue I have with this gamemode is that the weapons don't have random spawn, so players who have played it longer will know where all the best weapons are located. Crossbow: Another big selling point of this DLC. It is gimmicky, yet still viable. It manages to make the Recon more useful while allowing the other three classes to give up one of their important gadgets for more versatility. While you won't be clearing out any rooms with it, the gimmicky nature of this weapon makes it fun, challenging, and skillful to use. New Player Models: The models are rather well designed, though I personally dislike their appearance. One thing that bothered me about the appearance of the stock characters is that most of them had their face covered up (nearly the entire Russian team has their face covered) and this DLC allows for a different appearance to your characters. However, the fact that you can't use the new player models in other maps is very disappointing, and in my opinion, a waste to only use them in one set of maps. Dogtags: Once again, just cosmetic. Overall, if the last two DLC left you disappointed, Aftermath is a good DLC to pick up.