Reviews for Simcity Societies: Ultimate Collection (NA)


If Simcity were a flashy puzzle franchise...

TimothyD | May 30, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

This game, despite it's branding of the Simcity catalog of games, is almost nothing like it's brother in name other than the fact is has to do with roads and buildings. Simcity Societies is a more casual variant to the Simcity 4 it was going up against at it's time of release. Before the release of Simcity (2013) the series was much more in depth, and it scared away some players. Simcity Societies brought these players in with it's unique formula. Simcity Societies plays with a unique formula of societal values that create a unique entity of a community through what buildings have been placed in the city. The looks of your cities change with these values, from gingerbread houses and candycane lanes to authoritarian television-billboards and re-education centers. It is defiantly a unique upside-down spin on the standard cities in counterpart Simcity games. Zoning also went under a fundamental change. In Simcity Socieites, you no longer zone for buildings, but instead place them down puzzle-style, with no need for zoning. There is no need for laying power lines, no need for producing water or garbage utilities. It is all about your societal energy flow. While it is an acceptable pause from the Simcity series, any serious play-urban planner will need to go to Simcity 4 or Simcity (2013) to fulfill their dreams of urban sprawl.


A well developed game!

ultimategamer | March 4, 2013 | See all ultimategamer's reviews »

Simcity Societies: Ultimate Collection is a great city building game. It is a a little bit different than the regular Sim City games because it focuses more on the way the social interactions occur between societies. As the title suggests the main purpose of the game revolves around building relationships and social networks within the communities. The graphics in this game are pretty good for a game of its age and the game play is good as well, although the Sim City series maybe be better for some people.