Reviews for Battlefield Heroes: Royal Army Small Starter Pack (NA)


The game is okay, the dlc is meh.

redsoundwaves | July 8, 2013 | See all redsoundwaves's reviews »

EA came out with this game probably in hopes to real in Battlefield players looking for a new, free experience and it's a decent game. But it's more fun just to jump into a game of BF3 or TF2 than to play this. It has your vehicles, guns and all the things you would expect from a Battlefield game but most of the things are pay to unlock, such as this DLC. The DLC gives you the clothing, the gun and some points for the store and I found the outfit and the gun to be disappointing, I was hoping for a new experience with both but instead it mostly felt the same besides me getting to blow people up with a new skin for my grenade launcher.