Reviews for Battlefield Heroes: National Army Large Starter Pack (NA)


Great game... but its a Pay2Win

TheHacker | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all TheHacker's reviews »

I love this game and enjoy almost all the weapons they have, but this game is a pay2win game. I wouldn't suggest you guys to play this game if you don't want to spend ~$20 on each character. Some of the weapons/widgets that they've added are so OP that they can even win a 4 vs 1 fight. Additionally all these OP weapons/widgets can only be bought using "Battlefunds" (micro transaction for this game). You can also earn these battlefunds by filling out surveys and some other ways, but from my experience they hardly work. You can go to their forum and can literally find 100 posts regarding this. The surveys asks you couple of questions and then take you to the "you're not eligible for this survey page", the downloads might earn you a couple of hundred battlefunds but they don't give you enough to buy a decent gun. Also, I've come across couple of these "download offers" that wont give you battlefunds even after you've installed their software full of ad wares/spy wares/blot wares.


Suprisingly Enjoyable

tusccar | June 11, 2013 | See all tusccar's reviews »

At first I was skeptical about this game. But I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed every bit that I played. The multiplayer was really fun however with all F2P games it had the major flaw. Pay to win. It was tough to face off against someone who had spent quite a bit of money due to the fact that they seemed to have massive amounts of troops and amazing weapons. It was a great game however now it has seemed to lose quite a bit of the community or maybe its just the times that i log on. I enjoyed it and the fact that you can buy a starter kit on GMG is cool but it would be nice if the game was more level even if someone spent quite a lot of money. It wasnt without its bugs and random crashes but those were actually pretty scarce. Overall it was enjoyable. The luster of the game wears off once you realize that the pay to win feature ruins it. Fun at launch but after a year its time for me to call it quits.