Reviews for Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master


Old School HARD!

emwearz | Sept. 27, 2011 | See all emwearz's reviews »

Much like the earlier games in the series, this game is well polished, sports great graphics and bang on perfect controls. Three things that every game wish's they had. When I was younger I never found this game overtly hard, fast forward over a decade and this game is hard as nails, but for the right reasons. It is not cheap or due to the controls, if you mess up, it is all on your, just like any classic game should be. Well worth the small asking price to get your ninja on, and the skill required to finish the game will keep you playing for a long time.


Ninja fantastic

Truegamer | April 10, 2011 | See all Truegamer's reviews »

This was one of the rare games i remember playing alot on the megadrive as a child, although incredibly difficult, it was also exceedingly awarding, having to face multiple enemies as you attempt to fight your way through the levels, in all honesty the exact plot of the game escapes me, being only about five years old and too mesmerised by swarms of enemies, as it has been so very long since i last played it, i feel the urge to give it another go myself, what i do remember as a kid is that didn't matter about the story, this game just offered heaps of fun in many forms, fighting off heaps of other ninjas through multiple locations in Japan to get to the boss, its about as megadrive classic as any game can go, have fun, have a try, it will be worth it.