Reviews for Crysis Maximum Edition (NA)


Definitely worth a play

Gmen | April 16, 2014 | See all Gmen's reviews »

Crysis is the spiritual sequel to the first Far Cry in some ways. It too, takes place on a remote island somewhere, except this time you are part of a special forces attachment who are sent out to recover anything from an alien ship that crashed in the region. Your group isn't the only bunch of people out there though, seeing as the North Korean army is out there looking for the same thing. You take the role of Nomad, and you have a nanosuit which has different powers, which are all accessible by pressing the third mouse button by default. These all give you different approaches to playing the game. Maximum strength allows you to roughhouse your way through enemies and throw objects like barrels at them, and so on. Maximum armour gives you the edge when in a firefight and reduces the amount of damage you’ll take. Maximum speed lets you evade enemies when detected, and cloak lets you stay hidden and you can slip past enemy detection for a limited time. So even though this is a FPS title, you can definitely play it any way you wish, and mission objectives can also be completed in different ways as a result. But don't surprised if you start using cloak as a crutch to make things easier for yourself. You can also bring up a menu where you are able to attach various modifications to your weapons if you wish, such as a suppressor or a laser sight, etc. Graphically the game is superb and holds up well to this day, but as a result if you want to play it with all the bells and whistles turned on, you need to have a beefy rig to be able to handle it as it is, and always has been a resource hog.


One of the best wide open and freeform shooters

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

Story: You are Nomad. A special U.S. Raptor force sent to investigate the North Korean presence on a desolate island. Then something unexpected happens... Graphics: More than pretty. Jaw dropping. Audio: Good. Especially enemy voice acting (can be in English/Korean depending on difficulty) Missions: Mainly survive, some recon, some search and destroy. Controls: Flow and fit well. Nanosuit features easy to change on the fly. Features: Nanosuit (Cloak, Super Strength, Speed, Extra Armor), open environment, explorable areas, lots of free-world choices on how to tackle situations. A.I.: Very smart and act accordingly but sometimes it is obvious they know where you are (like when cloaked but they walk past WHILE STILL LOOKING AT YOU) Loading Times: Each level, Quick. 12 Missions in all. Multiplayer: Can be rather slow paced, takes many hours when you get into a match. Not for everyone. Requirements: To run it, lower. To run it AND look pretty Medium High to High. Weapons: Not too many but just enough to get the job done. Customizable. Very Nice. The Good: Graphics, Custom Weapons, Open Tactics, Features, Choices. The Bad: A.I. can be redundant, Story isn't the most original. The Ugly: The way you get rid of evidence when your fellow nanosuit comrades die. Replay Ability: Medium to High. The Bottom Line: Have a good PC? Like shooters? Buy Crysis.



chataolauj | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

The graphics are just stunning! You can just tell by looking at the background of this page. This game is one of the best FPS shooters that was ever made. I usually don't love shooters, but this one just hypnotized me with all the visual aspects and gameplay that it has to offer. That's the upside to Crysis. Here's the downside to this game; it's short. You can roughly get about 10-13 hours of gameplay on this one since there are only 7 chapters (I think that's right?) for you to complete. That's fine for a shooting game though because most shooting games barely get past 7 chapters. If you click on this page, just go ahead and buy the game. No need to contemplate about it.


Beautiful start

Simao20 | Sept. 15, 2013 | See all Simao20's reviews »

This game turned a lot of peoples heads when it came out years ago and for good reason. No game had the visuals that Crysis had. The big beautiful open world map , being able to swim around the island and even drive vehicles in the game. The story is pretty good, it can last up to around 10 hours or so depending on how long you take with certain missions and not getting lost on the island like I did a few times. It takes a bit to get into fighting off aliens but when you first encounter them, it was boring to me for the first hour and the level design was confusing for that section of the game. This game certainly wasn't optimized for controller support, it does work but its done very poorly which I wished was done better to give you more options on how to play the game.


Beautiful graphics showcase...that's a great game as well!

BlockAgent | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

This game was built as a graphical showpiece, that's very obvious from the very first scene of the game. But what's also obvious is that this is a great game. The gameplay is fantastic and fun. The objectives and story are never boring. Neither is the action. Its fun and hair-raising at times. I find myself going back and playing through this game again and again for, if anything, to go sight-seeing. A must for any gamer.


Great Game, too much invisibility

Fazbott | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all Fazbott's reviews »

Maybe I'm just not a great player when it comes to FPS, but I found myself spending a lot of time using the invisibility power in this game just to heal or hide from enemies. Other than that the game proves to be an exciting thriller with a great challenge, but I do wish it had some sort of coop feature.


Still the most beautiful PC game

Pro_Fish | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all Pro_Fish's reviews »

Although this game is a fantastic FPS and features a good story with great mechanics, I gotta give the main reason for price of admission to graphics. This game will blow you away. Even being from 2007, this game's lush and vibrant color appears more visually appealing than the well made browns and grays of modern games. Would get for sure!


One of my personal favorite FPS's of all time

lucaswrite | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all lucaswrite's reviews »

I've played Crysis again, and again, and again. Rarely is there a single player game, nevertheless a first person shooter that has me playing into the wee hours of the morning. There's so much nostalgia that Crysis offers for me. It's one of the first shooter's I've played that offered an open world scenario for me to take advantage of. I felt like a superhero the first time I took on a group of bad guys in Crysis. I can run through my head from beginning to end the journey I took in Crysis multiple times. With all the characters I've connected. Years later I remember Jester, Prophet, Aztec, Nomad, and Psycho. I personally connected with them on my nanosuit journey. The graphics were amazing for the time and still hold up. The gameplay mechanics are on a different level of awesome, and will keep anyone satisfied. I could play Crysis over and over again, like I've done before.


A science fiction shooter DONE RIGHT!

ctp94wakko | June 24, 2013 | See all ctp94wakko's reviews »

YOUR PC WILL CRY! Crysis is a breath of fresh air to the first-person shooter genre with its nano-suit capabilities that increase your speed and strength as well as to go invisible for a short duration when you want to be covert in taking down the enemy. The destruction in this game is phenomenal, everything but the mountains will crumble as you blow them apart with explosives, a vehicle or your mighty fists of justice. While the story is linear, how you go about acheiving the goal is completely up to you, and that is where Crysis shines most. Do you want to perfom a full frontal assault on the enemy, or sneak into the base and eliminate them one by one, or perhaps snipe them from afar, or drive your vehicle into the base, shoot the gas can and blow up everything in the surrounding area? The choice is yours! Taking place on an island really allows the player to feel like he/she is playing the role of Nomad as he swims with the fishes only to sneak up to a patrol boat and take it by surprise, or analyze the situation from afar and plan out your strategy only to see it become botched in the process as you make a last ditch effort to save yourself when you're low on ammo and the enemy has you surrounded. The nano-suit is a nice change of pace when compared to other first-person shooters out on the market and because of what Crysis has to offer it is a MUST BUY!


Great Sci-Fi Shooter

rkfrenzy | May 28, 2013 | See all rkfrenzy's reviews »

Though a great Sci-Fi shooter, most of the time you are fighting North Korean soldiers. About 3/4 of the through the campaign you end up inside the alien base and the whole game changes as gravity leaves you and the aliens come straight at you. It takes all of your cunning, great use of ammunition to finish the game safely. Crysis was designed to test the graphics processors of its time and even today, it is used as a benchmarking tool. With graphics at extreme, it is amazing!


Great mechanics and beautiful world

mostnatebe66 | May 28, 2013 | See all mostnatebe66's reviews »

FAR CRY was one of the best FPS games ever sold. It created such a following that can only be compared to that of UNREAL and the original HALF-LIFE. CRYTEK, the developer of both FAR CRY and CRYSIS, clearly did not rest on its laurels. CRYSIS is an *EVEN BETTER GAME* in many aspects. And toping FAR CRY is NOT an easy task... Graphically the game is GORGEOUS! (Both DX10 and DX9 compatible). Moving in the jungle is just unbelievable: the natural foliage, the game of light and shadow, the clear flowing water...The weapons are exceptionally well designed (familiar shapes but mostly futuristic) and their muzzle flashes add to the game realism. Replenishing your ammo is almost never a problem, provided you are frugal with your snipper bullets. A nice cross-genre touch: most weapons are enhanceable with targeting-lasers, sniper-sights and silencers. The "weapon" you will enjoy more is, of course, the nanite-muscle-suit, a kind of augmenting exoskeleton that serves as both armor and turning you into a super-human. The sound has also been well worked on. There are a number of moments where sound clues are the warning you will get. The sound of an enemy crawling towards you is not a good omen...So get rid of those old headphones and plug in a good set of speakers. The levels are beautifully designed and the AI PHENOMENAL! I had a group of enemies flank me as I was engaged with their comrade who was left as bait! Shoot an enemy from cover only to watch him seek cover as well - until he or one of his comrades spot your position! Overall, the gameplay controls is very similar to that of FAR CRY (and most FPS nowadays). I do have to point out that movement is precise and effective. Running is fast whereas crouching is stealthy. For longer distances, vehicles become available. The game also sports a multiplayer - although it may require lowering the video specs to avoid lagging.


Great Sci-Fi shooter

jimsteryo2 | May 3, 2013 | See all jimsteryo2's reviews »

You can easily see where the influence of this game came from. However, I am going to complete this review without any reference to Halo. The most notable detail, one that you'll see as soon as you begin playing, is the scenery. The aesthetically pleasing environment of this FPS puts all others to shame. However, while the levels seem quite open and non-linear at a glance, they feel limited. Also the story lacks much originality as does most aspects of the game. Don't get me wrong though, it is a very enjoyable shooter that I recommend for all you have the PC requirements to play it. It may not be remembered for as long as the popular console games, but it is one of the best on PC and should definitely be on your shopping list.


More than good looks

murgo23 | March 25, 2013 | See all murgo23's reviews »

With all the hype around Crysis+Warhead's great graphics, I was expecting a mediocre FPS with stunning visuals. I was presented with much, much more. The gameplay is very malleable, which accords players the freedom to play Crysis like Splinter Cell/Hitman, or like Quake 3. The levels are spacious enough so that the player isn't forced to confront enemies head on. You can easily sneak past enemies and subsequently pick them off, or avoid engaging them entirely. The destructible environment also contributes to the unique experience of Crysis by adding a great degree of dynamism to combat. Falling trees, exploding vehicles, collapsing houses, etc. are all tactical factors to consider while playing Crysis, and forces the player to be alert to more threats than just enemy fire. For instance there were times I thought I could find secure cover in a small house from a circling helicopter, only to be crushed by the roof after the helicopter opened fire on the house. The' story isn't anything groundbreaking, but is entertaining, and if you allow yourself to be immersed into the game (which isn't hard) I think you will find it very enjoyable. The way the story is narrated borrows strongly from Half-Life, in that it sticks with the perspective of the player. All in all, Crysis+Warhead is much more than the sum of its parts. There is something inexplicably epic about this game, that is more than just having all the right features of an FPS


Fantastic graphics and stellar gameplay

oraenus | Feb. 22, 2013 | See all oraenus's reviews »

Crysis has stood the test of time, and still looks fantastic. Not only the graphics are still great, but so is the gameplay. It's still fun to play around with the nanosuit, and to explore the island. This is where other games fail for me, I just get so much enjoyment from the nanosuit. Crysis 2 didn't quite do it for me, but this did. Good job, Crytek.


A great bundle

Cavalieroscuro | Feb. 20, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Crysis and Crysis Warhead are two great games. Forget the boring campaign of Crysis 2, because the single-player part of Crysis is really brilliant. You can reach every goal in different ways, nanosuit powers are well-designed and useful (they are not overpowered like cloak in C2, for example), the story is very interesting and the main character...has a personality! Crysis Warhead is a very good standalone expansion, where you control Psycho in a more action-oriented game then the first one, with all new features and bosses. If you can buy only one game, buy this one, it's the "masterpiece" of Crytek.