Reviews for Crysis 3 (EU)


Crysis 2.5

jack9320 | Oct. 23, 2013 | See all jack9320's reviews »

After playing through both the first and the second, crysis takes a more emotional approach to the storyline. However the story didn't really interest me and I found myself at the end with not much knowledge of what had happened. However what I do remember was the unique game play which I feel crysis does so well allowing me to switch between predator stealth and guns blazing. The visual design is great with amazing graphics and great animations, sounds are also done extremely well and although the soundtrack was good I preferred the one from crysis 2. The game has astounding production quality and a very different feel to it. However due to the forgettable story and the fact that the formula for crysis 1 has seemed to have been forgotten I would advise a purchase at a discount price. If you enjoyed crysis 2 I believe this would be a good purchase for you but other than the amazing production quality and unique game play elements (i.e. the suit) this game feels very average, with a multilayer that you'll try every once in a while but youll probably go back to battlefield or call of duty.


This is not a game, this is a benchmark.

KingArthas94 | Oct. 16, 2013 | See all KingArthas94's reviews »

Well yes, it's only a benchmark. The graphics are awesome but... it ends there. It's like Crysis 2 almost in everything, but with a lots of details. It's still short in the single player, that is also really easy. I don't recommend it or... well I recommend it ONLY if you want a CoD-Style game for multiplayer but you're searching also for fantastic graphics.


Short but satisfying

Dova | Oct. 14, 2013 | See all Dova's reviews »

Crysis 3 is a much better Crysis than Crysis 2 was. It has amazing graphics, great feeeling of movement and THE bow which is really awesome weapon. Voice acting is really good, the story is good but it is short and ending part of game is a bit too extended. So why 85? I gave it 85 beacuse it is a damn satysfing game to play, the gamepaly is awesome and it is hard to find any downsides.


Just amazing

rjb789 | Sept. 22, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

Everything about the game is interesting and fun. Lets start out with the graphics, THE GRAPHICS. Everything shines and pops out at you. Vistas look gorgeous and the lush grass you frequently have to run through looks equally impressive. The campaign is good, if quite short (6 hours for me). It tries to get into the human side of the Crysis story and it almost succeeds fully. Every mission is varied and offers new challenges. The multiplayer offer a few new game modes such as "Hunter". This is a very fun mode as you either have to survive or hunt. It makes for a very tense experience. In short, if you have a rig that can run it, go get it!


How good did you expect Crysis 3 to be?

Starkloader | July 25, 2013 | See all Starkloader's reviews »

Crysis 3 was presented in the 2012 E3. Everyone was really exited about Cryteks last top of the line Project. But has it really met the expectatives? Firstly Crysis 3 as allways presents itself as a game that manages to "destroy" every graphics card it comes a cross with and that is really much apreciated, because after all that is what it makes it a crysis game. It runs way better on a PC due to the fact that it manages to squeeze even the most powerfull gaming rig. It also has an amazing surround sound which everyone will enjoy. That´s everything when it comes to gaming tecnology (a complete beast). In terms of narrative the game is able to continue with the saga with the exception of some minor script issues. All the characters are well written and developed sometimes making it easy to mistake it for a film. We are also greetful for the game having turned less linear and more sandbox at how the maps are designed, being able to choose from a lot of different ways to carry out the objective. On the other hand the game lacks some duration making it a Little bit short for what you would spect from a game with a Budget as high as this one. However the duration is easily explained taking into account how many time does it take to create a certain "mission" in comparison to other games on the market. All in all I am really happy with how the game has turned up to be and I give Crytek my most sincere congradulations. I hope.


Fast paced game!

D0nkeym0nkey | July 17, 2013 | See all D0nkeym0nkey's reviews »

Nice fast paced game for people to enjoy total destruction in a battlefield. Nice graphics to it and modes as well specially the hunter mode it's nice to feel that you can become the predator. Campaign is good but short specially for those that can beat the game really fast. Now for the down side I know that there are people out there that would love to join this game but it's really heavy on the GPU and CPU make sure you have enough power on your PC before buying this game.


What Crysis 2 should have been

abelfs | July 3, 2013 | See all abelfs's reviews »

I've been always a fan of the Crysis saga. The second part was a great game, but too different from the first one, but it was justified due to the change of scenario, however the sandbox experience was lost for a more linear game. What I said and the feeling that the graphics could have been better (blame the consoles) were the main defects that made Crysis 2 inferior to the first part. The success point behind Crysis 3 is that Crytek paid attention to the negative critics and made the game giving priority to the PC version. The result is what the first Crysis was, the ultimate benchmark made videogame. The mechanics are way too similar to the previous Crysis, but there is an element that I loved: the bow, a weapon that makes you feel like a true predator. There is one point that really upset me and it made me low the punctuation: the AI. Crytek should have spent more time on improving AI than just putting all their time on the engine. Besides all, this is a good game that should be played only to sorround yourself by the best graphics ever.


Fantastic game

Emir96 | June 4, 2013 | See all Emir96's reviews »

This a game for EVERY shooter-fan. Great multiplayer, great singleplayer. Good story. Great characters, great gameplay and AMAZING GRAPHIC!!! But beware the campaign length. If you wa nt a great experience and wants to explore andything and find intels, it will probably take around 8 hours on > normal diffiulty


Prepare you eyes for a feast,

AlbusDlx | June 1, 2013 | See all AlbusDlx's reviews »

This is THE best looking game on the marked to this day. And not only does it strain your PC, it soothes your soul and feeds your eyes with real eye-candy. If your system is up to the task you will enjoy 5-7 hours of pure magic. The presentation is amazing, The Big Apple have never looked better. The acting is really strong. Psyco is actually belevible, beyond the voice acting, his eyes speak as well. The facial animations is top notch. Prophet makes prophecys come true. Cant wait for Nr.4.


A fun and entertaining benchmark tool

Lazer | May 20, 2013 | See all Lazer's reviews »

The Crysis series has been renowned for its technical prowess, with the first installment from 2007 still 'melting computers' to this day. Crysis 3 delivers a visually stunning fps experience, and pushes the bar for graphics through the roof. Unfortunately, you will need a ~£500 PC to just run the game, as it only supports DX11 graphics cards, and then a ~£1000 to run it at it's highest settings at a playable framerate. Fortunately, even at it's lowest settings, this game still beats almost every other game in the last few years at their highest settings, and will ultimately impress you regardless of how powerful your computer is. While the console versions look good compared to other shooters currently on the market, you can see how old and weak the Xbox 360/PS3 hardware now is, and really doesn't do the graphics of this game any justice. While the game looks beautiful, I'm afraid that's really where the praise for this game ends. The campaign is short, and offers little variety in the way you can approach missions. It's not as linear as some other fps campaigns such as Call of Duty, but it still doesn't give you as much freedom as the original Crysis offered, albeit more than Crysis 2. The characters are generally forgetful and uninspired, although 'Psycho' was a great supporting character, and had entertaining dialogue. The multiplayer is difficult to review, as I hadn't spent much time with it, but the choice of invisibility, speed or armour during matches made for some interesting tactics and strategy, and certainly rewards those who think about what they're about to do. Generally quite buggy and glitchy though, especially with the killcams. Overall, while the game itself is nothing special, I would still recommend this game to benchmark enthusiasts. This is basically one of the reasons people spend so much on their computers in the first place, and certainly justifies the purchases of graphics cards such as the Titan. This is certainly a nice taster of what the next generation of gaming has in store for us, but does raise the issue that graphics alone do not necessarily make a game. Treat this as a very interactive and fun benchmark tool, and you will enjoy it.


Awesome Game! Awesome Gameplay!

DeeCodex | Feb. 24, 2013 | See all DeeCodex's reviews »

Wow, this was one of the games that i really pre-ordered which i normally don't do, but i am one of those who really liked Crysis 2, even after playing Crysis 1 with its brilliant open world. I finished the Campaign yesterday, and i must say i enjoyed it more than the Crysis 2 Campaign, but beware the campaign is not pretty long. (6-8 hours) The Ending is in my opinion phenomenal for crysis fans. Please just buy it, you will not regret it. Bonus: The Multiplayer gives tons of playtime, if you like this kind of game.