Reviews for The Showdown Effect: Deluxe Edition


I'll Need Your Clothes, Your Motorbike, And Your Gaming Rig!

Wildfella | Oct. 23, 2013 | See all Wildfella's reviews »

Absolutely love this game from its platforming combat style reminiscent of Super Smash Brothers to its subtle detail of iconic 80s trends including all of those hilarious one-liners. Decent amount of different characters and weapons to add some variety to the various game modes and includes a lot of ornamental swag which can be unlocked to customize your characters looks. Its play style Is close to that of SSB but different enough to not feel the same. Controls are pretty solid though they can take a bit of getting used to but work for this game. It has some nice game modes but could use a couple more in my opinion but the amount of hilarity of the subtle and not so subtle humor that takes place in the matches more then compensate. There is also a place for ranked competitive play and the weapons and characters are mostly balanced (though some do better against certain people etc). Overall I highly recommend this game to anyone who had a blast on games like SSB or someone who likes 80s themed humor.



DanielZo0 | June 11, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

Well-executed, Smash Brothers-esque 2d fighter, up to 8 players. Vivid animations and highly detailed enviornments. Musical score that nails the 80's cheesy action Arnold or Norris vibe. Combat is well done, with many improvised weapons to be found, though I believe there could be improvements here. The melee attacks are simple, with a charging tackle, a block, and an attack. Some weapons attack slower and do more damage as you would expect, others are quicker. All can be thrown to do some damage in a pinch. The ranged weapons require that your mouse targeting reticule be over the enemy you intend to hit as well as aiming at them; failing to do this will result in the bullets hitting the 'wall' behind the target. This works surprisingly well. In all, combat is solid, though more variety in melee weapons attacks would be good; I felt little reason to use anything but the default katana. The presence of a paid cosmetic item shop is a concern, but all ingame abilites and characters and weaponry unlocks via the ingame currency store, earned by playing matches. This currency is gained quickly, but I still think the presence of the actual currency store is unneeded. Similarly, the number of characters feels rather limited, though this doubtless will be expanded on in the future (hopefully for free) Each character has a special ability which appears locked to the character this is ok, but it would have been nice if this was assignable as the standard items to a loadout. Gamemodes are intruiging; you can play as a generic Henchman in some of the modes and lack the powers the oridinary characters have all henchmen then work to kill the 'one man army'. This and some other modes are entertaining and the Showdown mode is probably the best, where its a standard deathmatch until the end when the victor is determined by elimination. One downside is that the game is entirely peer-to-peer, similar to many console games, meaning you have to play on a non-dedicated server. This can result in laggy connections, but during the several hours I have played the game over a few days, this has not been noticable (other than, perhaps, the host having a slight edge) Hopefully the developers consider adding some dedicated servers to the game and release a server executable it will help in keeping a long-term playerbase.