Reviews for VectorMan


Unappreciated Sega Classic

AkaRai | Jan. 6, 2013 | See all AkaRai's reviews »

If you're looking for a good game from the Genesis era, look no further. Vector Man was one of my favorite games on the console growing up, and I played it to no end. It's the future, and mankind has left a very polluted Earth to colonize the galaxy. In our place, we left "orbots" to clean up our mess. A nuclear warhead is accidentally attached to a powerful orbot who promptly goes insane and renames himself Warhead. He declares war on humanity, and swears to destroy them when they return to Earth. Vectorman was an orbot assigned to destroy trash by hurling it into the sun, and thus was away when Warhead took over, and as a result is the only orbot not under his control. If you took Wall-E, Earthworm Jim and Beast Wars and tossed them into a blender, VectorMan is roughly what you'd get, and it works. It's a side-scrolling action platformer where you fire an energy weapon and collect power ups to shoot more powerful shoots, the sort of game referred to these days as a "jump n' shoot" game. When the game first came out, the graphics were outstanding, and all things considered I think they hold up reasonably well, the sound design in this game is fantastic as well, with Vectorman making some very satisfying firing noises as he destroys his enemies.


Pretty, but mediocre

Aladar | June 27, 2011 | See all Aladar's reviews »

The first thing that blew me away when I fired up this game were the graphics. It's apparent that this game came out late in the Genesis history, because it has pretty breathtaking graphics and REALLY good animation. But the game itself.. is basically your completely average platformer. The biggest problem I've had with it was the fact that enemies pop up seemingly out of nowhere, or start to shoot at you when they get even a single pixel exposed, which means you pretty much have to run and fire at the same time, and pray that you shoot them before they shoot you. Even if you expect the enemy, there is little to do once he starts shooting before you can even see him.. Call me biased, but I prefer classic elimination by jumping on things' heads, rather than.. well, this. Game's pretty, but mediocre.


Rediscover a classic.

GAMERamble | April 8, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

It's the year 2049 and what's left of Earth is basically a compost heap. Not wanting to live amongst the mess they created the humans left for space leaving a group of "orbots" behind to clean up the garbage. With the main machine "Raster" keeping a eye on everything things went smoothly until Raster got hooked up to a discarded nuclear warhead frying his circuits and making him a bit loony. Now calling himself Warhead he turns all the other orbots against mankind and instead of finding a clean planet when they return someday a group of angry machines await them. Fortunately Vectorman was busy dumping some garbage into the sun while all this was going down so he was unaffected. Now he's mankind's last hope and has to bring down Warhead and his minions. A strange storyline but after supersonic hedgehogs and Italian plumbers I guess anything is possible. It's a pity Vectorman came out so late in the Megadrives lifespan as most serious gamers has already moved on to the new consoles like the Playstation and N64. Coming from Blue Sky who has already proven themselves capable of making a good game Vectorman blows away most other platform shooters. Blue Sky has definitely been studying some Treasure games as this game is fast, smooth and explosive. The graphics in the game is excellent and also quite unique. Being made up of different globes Vectorman not only looks cool but has super smooth animation's and movement. Most of the enemies also consist of multiple moving parts instead of one big sprite. The effect has been used before in games like Gunstar Heroes and Ernest Evans but it never looked this good. In fact the game runs at something like 60fps which is not bad for a 16-bit title that looks this good. The 15 levels themselves might not be as big and sprawling as those in Sonic or Earthworm Jim but they have loads of cool effects and some of the backgrounds are awesome. One level where you walk around at night with lightning flashing in the background looks really cool. You'll also travel through icy caves and large factories. Because of all the cool graphics in the game it seems the music had to be toned down somewhat to make space for it all. There are only a few music tracks and not of them really stand out as excellent. Fortunately the sound effects more than make up for this with some booming gunshots and explosions, often drowning out the music completely. The controls are responsive and you control Vectorman with only a jump and shoot button. That's far from all he can do though as he has a handy double-jump and can shoot in any direction. With the right power-ups he can also change his shape to make things easier. Everything from a bomb to blow open secret areas to a parachute to float through the level can be found. As you travel around blasting enemies, collecting photons and wrecking televisions you sometimes meet up with some really nasty bosses. These things are usually good looking but deadly and can really sap your health. Each have their patter to learn and overcome and even the worse ones has a weak spot to exploit. Every now and then you have to do a "bonus" type round which differs from the main game. This can be anything from riding a railroad car high above the ground while a giant pair of hands try to ram you off the track to climbing around a maze trying not to get crushed by the giant hands. These levels can be fun and look truly impressive but they can be quite annoying and you have to complete them to progress. It would have been much better if they were optional bonus stages for a extra challenge only. The game is quite difficult and you have no saves or passwords to help you in your quest. In fact you don't even have any continues so you're looking at one long hard quest. One thing that really sucks is that Vectorman can take repeated hits and this can be fatal while fight a boss and getting trapped in a corner. You also sometimes get hit out of nowhere by creatures swooping in from the roof. Although there are three difficulty levels I still wouldn't recommend this one to newbie platform players. If Vectorman came out a bit earlier it would have been a instant classic and eclipsed all the other games. While it was overshadowed by the newer consoles back in the day it deserves another shot just to see what the Megadrive was really capable of.