Reviews for Patterns


Fun Game

Jugheads88 | March 10, 2013 | See all Jugheads88's reviews »

Kinda reminds me a little of mine craft in a way. The game allows you to build a 3d world out of shapes and objects which is neat as there are many things that you can create. The graphics are nice and smooth and fit right in the game play style of this game. The sounds fit right into this game and make it a lot more enjoyable. There are many secrets to be found in this game which can make it a long game to complete. I would recommend this game to those who want to try a nice little creator type of game.


Nice and worth it

Jugheads88 | March 10, 2013 | See all Jugheads88's reviews »

This game kinda reminds me of minecraft in the ways the game looks, i had some great moments with this game with its superb gameplay and the soundtracks they put in. You get to run around, create, and explore the world around you finding secrets all around. The graphics are plain and simple and which is great as this game isnt that graphic demanding. The soundtracks in the game are really nice and fit right into this game. I would totally recommend this for those who have a little money to spare and want to support the creators of this nice little game