Reviews for ArcaniA


Very good open world PRG Game.

Suppression555 | Dec. 15, 2014 | See all Suppression555's reviews »

As a Gothic fan, I hear so many people say this was the death of the Gothic series, yet I feel this was more closer to look and feel of the Gothic 1 & 2 then 3 was. Yes, there are some short commings as the game is pretty linear and the ending is quite abrupt without the expansion. Yet the graphics are fantastic the story gets better as the game goes on. Gameplay is simplistic, but still retains fun in battle and exploration keeps things fresh. I do recommend if you're a fan of open world rpg's giving it a shot.


Didn't live up to the Previous Titles

Kveni | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

I like ArcaniA, but this game really didn't live up to its expectations. We were all expecting so much more from this game, a bigger, more in depth game, but what we go really sent a lot of the fans over to other games that DID give them what they were expecting. Now, I'm not saying that this game is entirely bad, the graphics are still good, the story is fun, but the game just doesn't give you enough to have you wanting to continue coming back to play it over and over again. The ArcaniA series is good, but this one just didn't give the same feeling as the others did.


A bit of fun and a bit of a dissapointment

Archer89 | Aug. 30, 2014 | See all Archer89's reviews »

Having played Gothic I, II, Night of the raven and Gothic III I was a bit preoccupied at first at even buying the game. Since I found a great deal I bought it to try it out. At a first glance I liked the combat system until I realised you can roll infinitely.. Putting that aside, the "perks" tree was a bit of a let down. It is very limited and the way the skills are activated is questionable to say the least. From the way they are activated to the way they are executed they seem to be "automatic" and not the way Gothic series was so far (Gothic fan-boys understand). The fact that you are a villager and you had a wife was not such a big disappointment to me as I understand that the developers wanted to change the main hero and his background story. Fair enough! Another issue and a huge let-down for me was that you CAN NOT swim and I can not stress that enough. Why in the name of Gothic series can you CAN NOT swim? And it is not like you drown but you are NOT ALLOWED to even go near the water as the game stops you with an invisible barrier! (maybe they wanted to put a Gothic I vibe to it?). My final comment on this game is about the beds and sleeping.. So before I played I went to the options, selected Gothic difficulty (hell yea) and at some point I saw an option where it allowed the player to use the bed for RP reasons... I did not get it at first but when I tried to use a bed in-game the realisation hit me and it hit me hard. The hero CAN NOT SLEEP in Arcania... Wow, I mean wow that was shocking to me as a big fan of the Gothic series. Overall for the money I gave (5 euro) the game was good. But considering the fact that the game once costed around 50 euros, well games like this make people pirate games because simply they are a waste of good money. And you know why they are a waste of money? Because they take titles that gamers know, create a good trailer and make you believe that you are going to play something that is truly worth 50 euros, you buy it and you realise at some point that it is actually worth 5 or less. My last hope for a Gothic-like game now is Risen III. I don't know if I will buy it for its full price(and trust me I was tempted after watching the trailers released) and the only reason I have not bought it yet is because there are games like Arcania that rip-off their players.


A shame for the gothic franchise

stownd | Oct. 19, 2013 | See all stownd's reviews »

In my eyes this game doesn't deserve to have "gothic" in it's name because there's a total lack of everything gothic... First of all - what were the things that made a Gothic game? - Ironic/Sarcastic Gothic-Dude - Good (and NON-linear) Storyline - Funny characters and quests None of the above is given in this game... The new Gothic-Dude is just some retarded kid, the story is completely linear and somehow most of the characters and quests are boring! Also the environment is kind of empty and the fighting system is nothing but button bashing and some defensive rolling on the floor (which is totally stupid with a knight's armor!) At least the graphics and environments in this game are totally beautiful.. After Gothic 3 I thought it couldn't get worse but this game beats even the bugfest of it's predecessor with the linear (and boring) story and the lack of humour! But after playing it for a while now I see that for an RPG it's quite ok - but it still is a shame for the Gothic franchise!


A Good RPG, but not as memorable

ConorEngelb | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

Arcania is a good game. The story is good, the world is fun to explore, the story enough to keep you going and the graphics are lovely to look at. However, that feeling of true freedom and memorable experiences offered by earlier installments in the Gothic Franchise is missing. Which is a pity, because Arcania could have been a real gem.


A competent but bland RPG

DaiMonPaul | March 23, 2013 | See all DaiMonPaul's reviews »

This game has gotten a lot of terrible reviews, and many of the negative comments in those reviews are well-deserved. That said, it's not as bad as most of the reviews make it out to be. Arcania, in theory, is the 4th installment in the Gothic series, which has been lauded by RPG fans as having three difficult, immersive, and memorable games (especially with fan patches fixing the bugs that the series is also known for). This game, though, was developed by a different group than the developers who did the original trilogy (who published Risen, which is the spiritual successor to the Gothic games). Because of this, it plays very differently than the previous games in the franchise. It's more accessible and less difficult, but it's also offers much less depth in its gameplay. The combat system is a bit arcade-y, but it works decently. The game looks good, but the world that you're in is pretty generic. And that's the main issue with the game. There's nothing that really stands out here. It's set in a generic world with a generic story with generic characters. It's competent, but it's bland. The world is open, but it never feels like there's really all that much to do. While the previous Gothic games all had their faults, they offered unique environments with memorable characters and excellent stories. Arcania may be easier to pick up and learn, but it offers less enjoyment. While the game isn't horrible and there is some fun to be had here, there are simply better fantasy RPGs out there.