Reviews for Brutal Legend + Soundtrack


Hack 'n Slash + Heavy Metal calls for hilarity

Qwertyfour | Oct. 4, 2013 | See all Qwertyfour's reviews »

The game features great heavy metal songs and getting this for the sound track alone is worth it. The game is open world and extremely fun. Nothing in this game feels dull and it's a overall very fun experience. It obviously doesn't take itself too seriously, as you meet Ozzy Osborne and other rock stars. A must play for heavy metal fans.


Must buy for Metal fans

spycid | July 21, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

This game has one of the most amazing music score. It starts of with an open-world sandbox game and later on turns into a RTS, still the game does not lose any sense of direction or momentum. It's a must play title for Heavy Metal fans as well as Open World Sandbox and RTS fans. It's a great news that finally this game arrived for PC after more than 5 years. Get this version if you loved the music of the game.


Rock it baby!

Evrad | May 9, 2013 | See all Evrad's reviews »

Eddie Riggs, our main character, is teleported to Hevay Metal Land, where he must find the way back to home. The game is a mixture of Beat’em up and Sandbox. During your mission you’ll meet some famous NPCs as Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford and Lita Ford, it awesome that they have used their real voices, and above all Jack Black (Eddie Riggs’ voice). In my opinion there isn’t any aspect of the game that is not enjoyable, gameplay is similar to others beat’m up (smash attack buttons and make combos), voices are brilliant (Jack Black is awesome as Eddie Riggs), and the soundtrack (that is included in this version) is simply amazing, you’ll hear songs from Mötorhead, Black Sabbath, Manowar, Def Leppard, Craddle of Filth, Rob Zombie, Mötley Crüe and many more. Brütal Legend is an example of how funny and graphically beautiful a game can be without requiring a high-end computer. If you like Metal music, I totally recommend this game for you.


Streaming Open World Game with Combats and a nice Multiplayer

wolferatus | May 7, 2013 | See all wolferatus's reviews »

The PC version of Brütal Legend include the Hammer of Infinite Fate and Tears of the Hextadon multiplayer map packs for free. If you like open World Games, with fun and action you will love this Game, if you like heavy metal music than buy this game with soundtrack, you will enjoy it. About the game I only can say, that`s a funny game, I`m not a fan of heavy metal music but I realy love open world games, so i tried this one out and have to say it was realy nice, full of gags, ironie and very funny gameplay parts. buy it and rock it!!