Reviews for ArcaniA: Gold Edition


What's this rather queer looking contraption?

Obsessor | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Well, this game's a mystery for me. A bit like Gothic, but just a bit. It's an action game with some RPG elements, with open world, some side quests, not really interesting story(it introduces some characters from previous Gothic games). Combat in the game feels like in Gothic 3. But game itself has no real comparison to Gothic series. It's too shallow.

What saves it is the open, not so big but certainly beautiful, world. It's a game that tries living off the Gothic popularity. And it does it wrong. You still may like it. I played it to the hilt. If you're hungry for some action packed game with RPG elements and open world you may try it.


Good adventure game but not much of an RPG...

Kratuln | April 30, 2013 | See all Kratuln's reviews »

I played this a while ago and really began to enjoy it once I viewed it more as an adventure game than an actual RPG. After that I really got into the story and the world of ArcaniA but extremely disappointed by the horrible ending.

As an RPG the game falls flat on it's face. Voice acting is down right terrible in parts, some of the characters are just annoying and the plot takes a giant pitfall for the worse. It's a shame because the game could have had a lot going for it which was evident from the early and middle parts of it. It certainly did prove to have an interesting setting and story to it once you could get into it but everything was taken away by the ending with more questions left than answered.

The ending was just poorly thrown together and one of the most interesting and revealing parts was clearly rushed in order to ship the game. Later parts towards the end were given no polish and very little thought. Enemies were randomly thrown at you and there were some graphical glitches like floating textures. It's a shame because you can tell the developers really put a lot of time and effort into a lot of the areas and really seemed to try hard to make the world believable and enjoyable to explore with a fairly interesting plot overall. If they had more time to develop Arcania we most likely would have been looking at a game worthy of it's launch price but in the state it was released in it's only worth a sale price of 75%.

It should be worth noting that this game has very little to do with the Gothic series. It's not as open and there's not as much dept to it. The world is basically cordoned off into separate areas. The areas in the game are very large making it feel more open than closed, certainly not a linear game by any means, but it isn't an open world game like the Gothic series is.

If you want something to play through and enjoy for it's scenery and locations then pick this title up. If you want an RPG or a completed game from start to finish stay well away from this game.

60 ~ Enjoyable, great visuals, alluring locations and fairly solid gameplay but the game is rushed in later parts and needed more attention in some early areas. Definitely not one for RPG fans but a worthwhile ride if you enjoy it for the fantastic setting and locations. Just don't expect a satisfactory and conclusive ending.


very good game

sasu33 | April 28, 2013 | See all sasu33's reviews »

First, the combat system appears both intuitive with a small amount of complexity. Action-oriented, combat use and abuse of the roll which is the basis of the defense system. For the attack, the few spells of the game and a combo system by timing the Witcher make dynamic and active fighting. Properly calibrated, enjoyable and technical hair, this system does not meet unfortunately quite intelligent and balanced to be successful as fighting enemies. Indeed, unfortunately the enemies do not take off an attack from the moment that the first attack and they are pounding shots (Gothic 3 had the same problem). Therefore, it becomes easy to rusher fighting without feeling to face different enemies of a punching bag. This results in heavy fighting and nags. Another highlight is the graphics engine of the game that offers realistic landscapes, varied and inspired design. Finally, the attractive scenario starting from fast fishtail. The end of the adventure is also extremely heavy, a series of quests and battles galore with a screenplay Advanced almost zero in uen city questionable level design. The dialogues are not lacking in humor, but remain on the surface. In the end a nice adventure, perhaps too smooth in places, too heavy, a little superficial, too easy, but that leaves player.


Poor mix between action and rpg

panz3r88 | Feb. 26, 2013 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Arcania Fall of Setarrif Gold contains the original game and the standalone expansion Fall of Setarrif: these games continue the story of the first three Gothic. The gameplay is really poor if the game is compared to the previous titles of the Gothic series: Arcania is a simple action game with some rpg elements. In Arcania there are not many ways to build your character like in the previous Gothic. An other bad element of the game is the story: during the game you will meet many new chararacters and also many npc present in the previous Gothic, but they don't have the same charisma they had in the previous titles. Arcania is not a good rpg and it's disappointing for fans of the Gothic series