Reviews for The Basement Collection


Pretty fun, really interesting.

sycomantis1991 | July 8, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

This is a pretty damn fun collection of games. They're all pretty simplistic, but they deliver greatly on the gameplay side. What I really like about these games is the art. It's extremely minimalist, but it has a charm to it that makes all the games very entertaining and fascinating to look at.


A Very Good Indie Collection

emptyhaven | Jan. 9, 2015 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

McMillen's games are lovingly collected into one neat package for all to enjoy. I actually love this collection because I can appreciate looking back at a person's past works and seeing the kind of development they've had over the years. The games themselves are filled with much fun, offering varied gameplay. Some might dismiss them as just Flash games, but there are a good handful of them, and the bonus content also makes up for a lot. With all these games, one can really see the influences and elements of gameplay McMillen brought over to his later games, The Binding of Isaac and the ever famous Super Meat Boy.


Fun mix.

Furrek | June 22, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

For low price you are getting a really great and fun to play games. There are 9 games in total, but Meat Boy is probably the most popular. Even as prototype game it's great fun. There is just one thing that destroys this perfection. Optimization. Even on great machines, these games can be slow and laggy. Not everyone is like that, but sadly the best one (in my opinion) Meat Boy have this problem. There won't be realesed any patches for this, not sure why but well. You might be the lucky one and have everything working fine. For a collection there are plenty of things to unlock - if you are interested in Edmund McMillen works, this collection is for you. If you are looking for some nice indie games - you should also check it. Each game is different from another so you won't get bored. Also, like I said, it have original Meat Boy! For this game alone the full price, which is low, The Basement Collection is worth getting.


More Than Expected

PredatorDrone18 | June 8, 2014 | See all PredatorDrone18's reviews »

For the mere dollars that I paid for this game, I expected a few cheap games that would keep me entertained for an hour. I was very wrong. Every game that comes in this pack is as fun and addicting as the last. I played this collection for hours on end without it getting old. All of the games are very simple, but well thought out and excellently created. Every game included is a fun and unique experience that feels completely original and totally brilliant. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to play some awesome games on a budget.


A Pack of Gems (As If Anyone Expected Otherwise)

Wiesler | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all Wiesler's reviews »

Given how flawless Binding of Isaac and Super Meatboy were, you might be curious about McMillen's previous work. Well, I'll save you some time, this bundle is a great mix of video games, art, music and insight. Here are just a few highlights. There is an excellent puzzle platformer with a twisted story called Time Fcuk, that feels like a more methodical, but equally brutal, Super Meat Boy. There is a very mysterious and whimsical adventure game called Aether, which has you exploring /solving other planets with your pet/friend alien. At this price, this is a steal for a great collection of fantastic games, and bonus features of a great video game maker.


Indie Package - Coolest package ever

leodiblack | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all leodiblack's reviews »

Have you heard about Edmund McMillen? Indie game the movie? The Binding of Isaac? Super Meat Boy? Well this is a masterpiece coming from his mind The basement collection is a pack of very cool indie games, the curious spewer, the original meat boy game, the spectacular Time Fcuk! oh God is steve!! Besides, look the price, a pack of indie games coming from Mr. McMillen that you are going to love. Now go ahead and add it to the basket, believe me it's a "must play" game


An eclectic mix

ethanjroberts | Oct. 24, 2013 | See all ethanjroberts's reviews »

If you enjoyed any previous games by Edmund, this is definitely worth a shot. You'll fall in love with games like Aether and become hopelessly addicted to something like Spewer or Meat Boy. There's plenty of variety here, with interesting ideas and mechanics in every title, all tied together with Edmund's unique aesthetic. The game is filled with unlock-able extras and features that show you behind the scenes and even allow you to play alpha versions of games like Aether & Spewer. This is truly a collection for the fans, but also for people who perhaps want to try out some earlier work from one of the makers of Super Meat Boy.


A dive in the McMillen Universe.

zhack075 | July 28, 2013 | See all zhack075's reviews »

I got this collection mostly because of Indie Game the movie. Mcmillen speaks a lot about his first games and i was curious. Well i'm not disappointed because every game of this bundle is really interesting. Edmund Mcmillen has a very unique universe and original ideas. If you're curious and you want to experience something new this collection definitly worth its price !


From the Creator of Super Meat Boy

Kremlin_Krusher | July 20, 2013 | See all Kremlin_Krusher's reviews »

This collection is basically 8 games from the creator of Super Meat Boy, including his old prototype for Super Meat Boy, called Meat Boy. I personally love that game, and it's fun to have played it in it's early stage. If you got a few spare dollars pick this game up.


A great pack of Indie value

Bynn | June 10, 2013 | See all Bynn's reviews »

Well, we all love indie games, they have been sprouting everywhere there's a green patch of soil and grass, and soem are friggin' awesome right? in this pack you'll find a bunch of interesting and fun ones, nice interviews with it's creators, cool music and stuff. It's fun, it's cool, its shinnie, we all love shinnies.


A Moral

ashbal2000 | June 2, 2013 | See all ashbal2000's reviews »

The game is a great package! You can see all the creativity these Indie Developers have a lot of Indie Games and Indie Developers have Moral behind these games. If you've seen Indie Game: The Movie you can really see the struggle and how these games reflect their game. Really worth it and there's nice and calm games in this and AMAZING Music. Support the Developers and Buy the Game. So worth your $4. Definitely was worth mine.


Hours of fun for 4$

Shav | May 31, 2013 | See all Shav's reviews »

The Basement Collection is a mix of few different indie titles, which originated from flash games. Every single game in this package is really fun, even though sometimes you can get easily frustrated - it is not that easy as it looks! Trust me, sometimes you will swear a lot while playing Meat Boy, but this game is worth it. I also recommend checking Aether from this pack - wonderful music and art style. For only 4 bucks you can get multiple, fun to play games with a lot of replayability - there are over 50 achievements to get, soundtracks and other hidden bonuses.


Invaluable And Collection Something Of Indie

KellinCore | May 25, 2013 | See all KellinCore's reviews »

What I can also say that is a marvel of collector, each designed in perfect detail indies that really express the life of each one of the creators. Bring Addition sountrack, designs, extras and much more, it is excellent to hear and know about this game. Parents of all indies and cataloged the best indies of all time. Creators are not really needed for a giant company to make great titles and for many people because they really created with 2-4 people these beautiful games with ideas of their lives and themselves. Totally recommended if you want to enjoy a few indies to demonstrate and take out your hand to look at something beyond.


Great Pack of Flash Games and Bonus Content

lilpapa89 | May 2, 2013 | See all lilpapa89's reviews »

This game pack is from the creator of Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy. For 3.99 this game brings an exceptional value of bonus content and 5-6 hours of solid fun, but lacks replay value after 2-3 runs of each game. The sound tracks, art, and achievements are key values of this pack and make it worth it.


Great pack offering excellent value

lachking | March 25, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

The Basement Collection is a bundle of earlier works from Edmund McMillen and is a great package overall. Various interesting games are included and there is a bunch of unlockable material such as concept art, soundtracks and even more games. Many of the games also have level editors where you can create your own levels. Some games are better than others, and for me Meat Boy is clearly the best, but Grey Matter and Spewer are also quite good (Spewer is very weird though but still fun). The other included games are also pretty good though as well and none are particularly bad. The graphics are quite basic for many of the games, especially Time Fcuk, but still look pretty good. The music on the other hand is particularly outstanding, especially in Aether.


A great Collection

Cavalieroscuro | March 6, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

So, the Basement Collection is a pack of preaviously free flash games created by Edmund McMillen, one of the developers of Super Meat Boy. And the original Meat Boy prototype is still in this collection, so if you buy the pack you can bind it to your Steam account. Meat Boy is worth the whole package, with its insane difficulty, but there are also other good games, like Spewer and Time Fcuk, a very nice platformer. The real added value are the many additional content, like the soundtrack, sketches and also some games...but to unlock everything you must play the games already unlocked, beating high scores and gain achievements, The price is very low, so buy this little gem and you will play literally for days and days.