Reviews for The Dracula Files


A vampire-themed hidden-object game.

Prince_of_Cats | April 4, 2011 | See all Prince_of_Cats's reviews »

It should come as no surprise that this is basically just another hidden object game. The basic mechanic is finding a list of items and then moving on to the next screen. The basic variants are all there, like searching with a torch in a dark room and finding ten of a single item, but it hardly breaks new ground. I am not sure this is a bad thing, since it is playing to the target audience, but it doesn't jump out as a prime example of the genre. The arts styles are mixed, with some well-made game-screens for the object-seeking and some fairly typical 'cartoon' art for the characters and their conversations. While it can be a bit of a clash, it doesn't really detract much from the game. The story, curiously for this style of game, is not bad and the individual screens are integrated well into the narrative. It might be a bit of a cash-in on the current taste for vampires, but it is obvious that the game was not just thrown together. As an example of its genre, this is not a bad little game.