Reviews for Shadow Dancer


Way more fun than I expected!

Aladar | June 28, 2011 | See all Aladar's reviews »

Well, this was better than I expected! In Shadow Dancer, you take on a role of a ninja, saving world from.. some evil forces. The game doesn't really bother to tell you much, story-wise.. But that surely isn't why you want to play this game, is it? If I'm right, then you don't have to worry - the gameplay is great! I'm not particularly a fan of tough-as-nails sidecrollers, but this one blew me away. The gameplay is really basic - you have your hero and his dog (which you should probably be able to use, but God knows how..), a number of people you have to save till next stage, and an endless supply of shurikens and enemies. The rest is history, as they say. You can also pick up some powerups in forms of hte rescued people, trading your shurikens for deadly.. plasma projectiles? I'll also note that this game thankfully didn't go the cheap route and doesn't send a fast-running warriors at you out of nowhere - sure, they are assaulting you from every direction possible, but you always have just enough time to react. Not much else to note here, except maybe the fact that, yes, this IS a hard game, but it's so fun that you will be trying to replay the stages again and again!


Brutal action title

niniendowarrior | April 17, 2011 | See all niniendowarrior's reviews »

At its most basic, Shadow Dancer is an arcade action game where your objective aside from slaughtering hordes of ninjas and monsters in America is to rescue people scattered through each level. Aiding Shinobi is his attack dog and its fairly clear early on that you will need all the help you can get. Shadow Dancer is an exercise of frustration as you die way too easily and the game really stacks up the odds on you, especially later in the game. It's certainly a game from an older era that aims to chomp as much tokens out of you as it possibly could. The fights normally involve Shinobi throwing shuriken stars, or using his sword to cut through his foes with the action taking place either on the foreground or the background as he's capable of jumping between the two planes. He also has a one use magic that clears up a screen worth of enemies, though it's clearly better to use them on the boss fights that gets incremently more frustrating the closer you get to the game. Much of the technical aspects of the game are dated, but most retro gamers likely understand that already. Still it's a solid action game through and through. Shadow Dancer isn't a long game, but it's one that makes you work for it. If you like challenge, this game will hammer you till you perfected it.


Ninjas and dogs, what's not to like.

GAMERamble | April 8, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

Shadow Dancer has Side Scrolling Arcade written all over it. The story line is typically sketchy for this type of game and involves some vaguely defined evil that has taken over the world. All it is however is an excuse to grab you're katana and shurikens, call you're dog and go kick some ninja ass. Yes that's right I said dog. While the main character is a ninja he has brought along his dog for the battle. By holding down the attack button you can sick him on one of you're enemies distracting them long enough for you to move in for the kill. Just don't try it on an enemy that's blocking or you're faithful sidekick will be cut down to size, literally. The graphics are above average and very detailed in their animation. There's loads of enemies attacking from all side and they all have unique attacks and animation's. Shinobi (Joe) himself is very impressive. While you can chuck shurikens to dispose of most of the enemies if you move in close you can deal them a fatal blow with you're katana. Jumping and attacking near an enemy results in a kick. The aim is to wander around the levels rescuing hostages. Once the required amount of hostages has been found and rescued you wander over to the exit and then it's on to the next one. There are five levels each with three sub-levels so the game isn't very long, again showing it's arcadish origins. Another bad point is that it only takes one hit for you to die and some of the motherships are downright nasty. While it is certainly a fun game to play you're still left feeling like there should have been more to it. This is especially frustrating as the graphics and animation is of such a high caliber. Arcade fans will probably love it though. The areas that you play through are also quite good and you start off from the city streets, progress to the Statue of Liberty and later some caves. There are some nice touches like the ability to jump from the foreground to the background to avoid or attack some enemies.One level also has the background tearing in half during a earthquake and rocks falling from the sky. Besides you're katana and shurikens you can also find an powerup that increases the shurikens strength and turns it into blue energy bolts. Another feature is the ability to use you're super ninja powers. This can only be used once per level, but is devastating in power. There are a few different ones and these range from a tornado that clears the screen, meteors that clear the area or fire columns that lay waste to the enemies. Using it on the motherships only result in them losing one or two blocks of power though. After each level is an bonus level where you get to test you're skill by shooting as many ninjas as you can. This is done while free falling from a building and you'll get a reward depending on how many you hit. For Shinobi fans and arcade game lovers this game is a delight, but for the rest of us it's just another short arcade blast from the past.


The Secret of Shinobi

stupidanacrox | April 8, 2011 | See all stupidanacrox's reviews »

In this game you takes the role of a ninja who must thwart a terrorist plot with the help of his canine companion. It's a good game with four round and will sure bring you some good memories. Graphics and animation are just fine. In this pc version of the game you can manual save the game so it's much more easy to complete it. Run fine on windows 7 for me and it give you some time of fun.