Reviews for Killing Floor: PostMortem Character Pack


New characters!

domenthechief | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all domenthechief's reviews »

I always loved the character packs in Killing Floor, because the developers always create such unique and fun-to-play fellas you can never get bored of. In this DLC you will receive 4 new unique playable characters - Harold Hunt, Kerry Fitzpatrick, Trooper Clive Jenkins and Paramedic Alfred Anderson. Out of these four, Harold is my favourite character and I like his background story. He used to sing for a punk band called "The Fecking Nancies" and used to play in those good old Brisith pubs and bars in London. Other characters are also unique and fun-to-play and I enjoyed them a lot. In fact, this whole DLC is a "bomb', that's how awesome it's characters are. Worth buying at anytime, the price is low and the content of the DLC is satisfying. Buy, play, enjoy!