Reviews for A Game of Dwarves: Pets DLC


Woof, Meow, *Gargle*

TimothyD | May 30, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

The already amazing Game of Dwarves gets an entire host of pets to look after. Joy. The pets definitely bring a unique element to the game. Watching your slugs gloop or your canines run around is interesting, and adds a little more chaotic-mess to the world of the dwarves. With the pack comes a host of new objects to care for your pets including beds and toys, the essentials for having an animal in the house. The pets can be brought into any level, to jazz up the space. The pets can even be put to use in combating the various enemies that invade the lair, proving to be more useful than one would think. The graphics are standard, following the looks of the series from the pets to the objects. The sounds fit the needs of the pack. In short, it is a version of the Sims Pets for A Game of Dwarves. If you enjoy pets, this is the pack for you.