Reviews for Avencast: Rise of the Mage


Goon Hack / Slash with mage character

sherridannia | Jan. 26, 2016 | See all sherridannia's reviews »

This one was quite enjoyable classic style h&s action RPG, similar to Diablo franchise. Just with the emphasis mainly concentrated around the spell-casting side of things rather than physical combat of most of Diablo characters (it plays much more like Wizard from Diablo) just as the title suggests. All the battling can get a bit tedious at times as most of the enemies have quite a lot of HP and you have to constantly backtrack as you don´t want to get in close-up confrontations with the enemies as an mage, for too long. But it also does contain some puzzle-elements along the way, which offer you an nice break from all the grinding. I would say this is an game worth checking out for all the fans of this genre.



LrmNick | Dec. 9, 2015 | See all LrmNick's reviews »

Avencast is a rpg harry potter like game made by EA,the graphics aren't so good and not so bad, the gameplay is all about practice, because it is hard to understand and the history doesn't makes you want to keep playing. In short you should only buy this game if you have anything else to play and you want to meet a new kind of game.


Mixed feelings

Obsessor | May 9, 2015 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Avencast is an action RPG with much potential, as it's often the case. But potential alone doesn't guarantee success. A major feature you can like is the combo system, that breaks that well known endless left clicking present in any action RPG. There are melee spells, ranged, area of effect, some buffs. Nothing really spectacular. Gameplay is as it should be, meaning many enemies, lots of action, places to be, exploration is fun. Yet the game lacks. Controls are not what I expected them to be, felt clumsy. I experienced issues with graphics glitches and game lag, which, for a game that old, can be accounted only to bad optimisation. It can be a good game to pass time, but don't expect much, and you might not be disappointed, and actually like the game.


Not the best game around but...

cookies1 | Aug. 20, 2014 | See all cookies1's reviews »

Avencast is pretty much a "Kill stuff RPG" with a mix of both good things and bad things. The good things were mostly related to the combat. It's really fun to use your magic, especially due to the controls feeling responsive (for me at least) and the combination of using both your keyboard and your mouse to cast your spells at enemies. There are also plenty of loot to be found in various places which of course adds to the game, but this is these days pretty standard for an RPG to have, and in turn doesn't really make the game stick out. It's still something I appreciate though. The bad parts are things such as the story and the performance on my computer. I mean, sure, I don't have the strongest computer around but it really should be able to play this game without too much problem. I met everything from weird looking textures to lag when a bigger amount of enemies were on the screen at the same time. The story was also pretty generic and sure wasn't what kept up my interest in the game. So, to summarise: Good game, but could really use some polish. If you are just looking to pass some time and just want to kill things with cool-looking spells without worrying to much about why, then this game might be for you.


I want to throw this game into the Sarlacc pit...

SirKitty | Aug. 8, 2014 | See all SirKitty's reviews »

So I got the game and I was expecting a great and fun Wizard game with lots of fun spells. I had never heard of this game before which I thought was strange since I like these kinds of games. But I got it and started up the game. There was some cinematic and I thought: "This looks pretty fun.". And the cinematic is over and I "finally" get to the gameplay. Now I don't know if something was wrong with the game but the first thing I see is that textures are missing... it was lagging also which I thought was strange since I can play high-end games good on my computer. So I play for a bit and the controls are just terrible. I don't understand a thing. And then I just stop and realize what a horrible game this is. So I quit it, uninstall it and I throw into the shadows of steam. And I haven't played it since then.


I don't recommended this game.

yuppy | June 14, 2014 | See all yuppy's reviews »

I don't recommended this game because the controls on this game are so awful. They make me sick. The story is good, graphics is good to but this control... If game has really bad control even if story, graphics, music is good and control are afull you don't want to play in this game.


Not for me, at least..

xAFBx | June 9, 2014 | See all xAFBx's reviews »

It's really not a fun game, in my opinion. the skill trees are boring, combat is weird/bad, the script lame to me, and the controls are really bad. Maybe I expected too much, but it's just not a game for me. I'd recommend watching a lot of walkthroughs or "Let's Play"'s before purchasing. I guess I was expecting a game like Diablo. Just didn't live up to my wishes and I didn't put a lot of time into it due to being bored and frustrated.


Fun RPG game.

Furrek | May 15, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

This is my review for this game on Steam: + It's FUN to use magic. You combine a keyboard with mouse to spell cast. And if you don't want to have fun, you can add spells to action bar. + It's FUN to explore - there is plenty of stuff to be find! + It's does feel like you are playing RPG game +/- Camera - some people find it annoying and buggy, but i haven't got any issues with it. If you will manage to learn how to set it, you won't need any mods. +/- Graphics - it's game from 2007, and it does look great for it's time. No need to compare it to other games, every game have own unique style. - Metascore - if you want to know if game is worth your time, then read user reviews, not critic ones. They are much more useful. It's always better to read about a game from other gamers than an incompetent magazine reviewer, isn't it? 68/100 isn't a bad score, but nowadays only the highest, like 80-85+ are counting as good game while other not. Sad but true. I'd recommend for sure this game to RPG fans, other people may check demo version (if avaible) or hunt for it on sales.


Mage Simulator

thesorrow47 | May 12, 2014 | See all thesorrow47's reviews »

It's a game about being a mage and works very well in a cool rpg with elements that people are costumised to see. Some things like camera doesn't work so nice like I want, but overall is a nice game to play for a good time.


It's a"mage"ing

HaonofRemlu | May 2, 2014 | See all HaonofRemlu's reviews »

This game is pretty good for an rpg about mages, the controls are weird because of how the camera angles, and will not go low enough. Otherwise, the game is pretty good, you can cast and learn new spell, do quests, and sleep through alchemy


Surprisingly enjoyable, tough controls

AkiMatti | April 9, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

I went into Avencast pretty blindly, not knowing what to expect. I ended up in a mage college of some kind which seemed quite large. I felt like Harry Potter all of a sudden. This is a good thing. The combat can get some time to get used to but it sure ain't just bashing head on! You need to learn how to dodge, aim and time your attacks. This keeps the fights interesting and challenging. The graphics are good enough even if not top notch. One flaw in the aesthetics, though is that there is too much gray and brown colors, I'd like a little more color in my mage games, but it is a small gripe. Works well with lower specs, too.


Decent ARPG

Jokin93 | March 30, 2014 | See all Jokin93's reviews »

What is there to say about Avencast? Well, the gameplay is definitely Action RPG, for one thing, as the player contends with room-fulls of enemies by making best use of a variety of spells, and survival depends mainly on staying out of the way of danger (By dodging. Dodging constantly). You are given two different skill trees to draw from, one mainly dedicated to melee attacks, and the other to ranged (and a third set for summoning spells) and while you are free to invest in both, the damage of every spell in each set is governed by a separate attribute; therefore it seems most efficient to just pick one so as not to have to spread those attribute points too thin. Overall, it's an acceptable game if you're interested in a straightforward, combat-centric fantasy title.


A pleasant surprise

chaoticgenius | July 22, 2013 | See all chaoticgenius's reviews »

This game kinda took me by surprise, I got it with one of Green Man Gamings 20% off codes and I found a game that actually requires you to input combos to do specific attacks and the like, it's quite fun and amusing, with a deal of variety between quests, pick it up if you like action rpgs and are wanting something different than the simple point and click or button mashing!


Nice rpg by an indie studio

tommy5000 | March 31, 2013 | See all tommy5000's reviews »

This is an interesting mix of tactical and action rpg in a somewhat isometric view. Playing as a mage is very funny primarly because of the multitude of skills; unfortunately you only 2 main schools of magic to chose from (Blood = Melee, Soul = Ranged) with Summoning as a small addition. There a multiple puzzles troughout the game (and not easy ones), there is always a glimpse of sarcasm in the air mostly due to the npcs and how they talk, the ambient music is very nice and adds to the warm atmosphere. There are some downsides too like the small inventory, combat can become repetitive or some quests can make you walk back alot (since there isnt a teleport thing) Overall a nice rpg by an indie studio.