Reviews for Ecco Jr.


Designed for younger gamers.

psymantis | April 8, 2011 | See all psymantis's reviews »

Ecco the Dolphin was incredibly hard and frustrating but looked amazing. This game has a similar look but reduces the difficulty to a level designed for very young children. There are basic puzzles in the game but these are very simple such as finding your friends or simple word puzzles. An adult playing this will likely find the gameplay too simple but a young child can play this alone and have fun. The bright colours and easy gameplay make this the perfect game to introduce a child to the wonders of gaming. The graphics are worse than the original Ecco but are still attractive and should keep young child's interest. I can't recommend the game to an adult to play alone as I don't believe their interest will be kept for long. It's a game designed for young children and it excels at it. My score reflects how a child would rate the game. The low difficulty would mean an adult would mark it low but, as I've said throughout the review, this is a game aimed at very young children and I believe it succeeds at this .