Reviews for Train Simulator 2013: US Bundle - Horseshoe Curve & F40PH add-ons


A train master's dream.

TimothyD | May 31, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

This bundle includes the wonderful base game, Train Simulator 2013, with astounding visual graphics and sound scheme to boot. It is worth the time of any train enthusiast. The extra loads of DLC content will ensure that you never get bored, and the railroad builder will allow you to build your own railroads to drive on. The Horseshoe Curve add-on is difficult to say the least, especially with large trains, but is well worth the challenge for it's visual beauty. The Pennsylvania railroad models are beautiful as usual, and bring a few new models to the game. The Zephyr Add-On is for any Amtrak enthusiast who enjoys the earlier train models of Amtrak. It is a real trip down memory lane.