Reviews for Medal of Honor Ultimate Digital Collection (NA)


A great game for those who like a single player FPS

BlockAgent | April 21, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

I am a big fan of single player FPS games. I don't care for multiplayer. If you feel the same way, then you will love this game. It is a fantastic single player experience that is intense, exciting and just all around wonderful. When the credits start rolling at the end you find yourself wishing there was more, not because the game is too short, but because you know that the next game on your play list can't be more fun than this game was. The single player campaign is equal in length to Call of Duty modern warfare 2 and 3 and WAY longer than Battlefield 3 and 4. In my honest opinion, this game is better than those two series of games with the exception of Battlefield 3 and 4 being better at multiplayer. This is a great game with alot of memorable moments and will make any FPS gamer happy.


Short but Surprisingly Decent

bwrussell | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

I went into Medal of Honor expecting another gritty, brown, cover-shooting FPS, clicking away until the brown terrorist hiding behind brown rocks stop moving. What you get is, well, that but not nearly as deary and grinding as I had anticipated and even did some things pretty well. Maybe it's because it's been a few years since I've played a single player modern military shooter. First off, the campaign is head scratchingly short. For a series that has always focused on single player it's a little puzzling that so much time and money was put into a 3-5 hour campaign. That being said, short is better than long and grindy. There is a good mix of stealth based and all out war game play, with vehicle and sniper sections scattered through out that keep things fresh. You jump between three view points that tie together nicely whcih prevents the transitions from being jarring. One of the things that I thought they did well was conveying the uncertainty of who is a target and who is a civilian, or even a friendly. I do think they missed an opportunity to put those decisions on the player, as most of those situations occur in either scripted sections or cut scenes, but still, it didn't go unnoticed. There were a few more details that helped lift this game a bit above mediocre. The guns felt varied and solid, although the shotgun is overpowered, and headshots look and sound satisfying. My favorite detail was the sound design. There's this really cool thing when you're standing near a squad member who's speaking and you can hear their voice both through the radio and normally. It doesn't actually effect anything but it's a nice detail that's realistic and helps with immersion and makes me wonder why I haven't heard it an any other games. There's no reason to run out and buy this at full price but if modern FPSs are your thing or you get the chance at a good price it's worth a quick play through. A note on the value: I didn't play more than just loading into a couple of games but the multiplayer is still up and running and there were players. You may need to go into the settings file and force the directX to version 9. There's also what they call Tier 1 mode which is just leaderboards for completing the campaign levels while hitting or beating various statistical goals (tine, accuracy, melee kills, etc).


A rare and dying FPS type

nightassassin1 | Aug. 30, 2013 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

Medal of Honor has always been centralized around single player play with some later added support for local multiplayer. With the newest additions of this franchise allow online multiplayer, but as the franchise has never really been a multiplayer one, the multiplayer is never even close to Battlefield. This is the biggest complaint from people, however criticizing a game that does not emphasize multiplayer simply because other games do makes no sense. This franchise is one of the rare ones that has a good and long story line as an FPS game. The FPS-RPG franchises are pretty much all gone, transformed into multiplayer only with a cheap single player to allow the player to get a grasp of the game before going into a stat-tracked online server. The story in this FPS is longer and more in-depth than any other new age shooter, focusing on the old RPG aspect of FPS games. Most people these days do not appreciate such things. I used to have hours of fun playing these, most notably Medal of Honor: Front Line (not included in this pack). The graphics were very nice in their time and are still acceptable today compared to indie games. The game play is handled very nicely and is well adapted and refined. This is worth the price point and will provide hours of fun. Medal of Honor was never the best FPS game, but was one of the top in its prime. After a short time of play you become the soldier. You lived that battle. You won that battle with your own hands, witnessing it with your own eyes. I give this pack a solid 83.


A Modern and The Last of a Classic

thegaminglyfe | June 11, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Medal of Honor Airborne is the last of the classic Medal of Honor games. The story doesn't have to be immersive, you just feel like another soldier in a huge battlefield who did his job. It's amazing how you can choose what order to do your objectives in and how you parachute down. The visuals and sound are amazing. The controls are smooth, slick and responsive. The modern Medal of Honor on the other hand is a very boring reboot. The story is boring, the gameplay is much too easy and the focus was on the multiplayer. But the multiplayer is very bad and gets very repetitive after a while. Lots of players know this and left leaving the servers empty for newcomers. The visuals are nice and the controls nice though. I don't recommend getting this pack for both games. Just buy Medal of Honor Airborne for $10.


An uninspired, ho hum shooter

acloggedtoaster | May 10, 2013 | See all acloggedtoaster's reviews »

Medal Of Honor is a shooter everyone's seen before, a basic campaign revolving around catching terrorists, and a fairly entertaining multiplayer featuring standard game modes. I found the single player campaign to be quite boring, but the multiplayer kept me around for a couple hours. The servers are, however starting to empty. The visuals are up to par with other shooters, and the controls are responsive enough. Recommended for extreme fans of FPS games only.