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Good Not Great In A Crowded Field

bwrussell | Oct. 6, 2015 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

Over the past 5 years there may not be a more over-worked genre than "indie puzzle". There are a few stars and The Bridge is trying hard to be one of those. Unfortunately it's simply noticeable and not remarkable. The non-reality space that makes up the core of the puzzles is relatively unique and challenging but not impossible. The art style is very striking, sort of a pencil sketch in motion, but outside of that it's pretty standard fair. You rotate your view, jump and navigate hazards, move giant boulders using physics, switch between dimensions, and get the story in pieces outside of the actual gameplay. At the end of the day its definitely a cut above average but not in the upper echelon. Unless the screenshots and trailer get you really exited you can probably safely wait for a sale to pick this up, although the base price is by no means excessive.


An enjoyable physics based puzzle game

Legolas_Katarn | Oct. 1, 2015 | See all Legolas_Katarn's reviews »

A physics based puzzle game that has you tilting the world in order to help move yourself and objects to where they need to go. Good music and great penciled art style in an Escher style world. Puzzles are satisfying and, while some might require trial and error, are never overly difficult. Each chapter introduces new elements to the puzzle or changes things, such as areas that have different gravity, switches that need to be held down, or a vortex that can trap you or objects. The game has very slow character movement and tilting which can become annoying, more so when you get to certain puzzles that require you to walk around the area for the correct solutions. Ability to rewind is helpful to undo some mistakes but like the rotations and character movements is also slow enough where it will often be faster to just reset the puzzle if you need to go back far. A mirrored mode increased the difficulties of the puzzles once the game has been finished for those looking for a greater challenge.


Awesome Escher-inspired puzzle game!

Maxmetpt | July 13, 2015 | See all Maxmetpt's reviews »

The Bridge is another entry in the physics puzzle-platformer genre, and a quite ambitious entry at that! It focuses on its one main mechanic, which is simply flipping the world, and its gravity with it. However, the levels are designed from the ground up to support it with a M. C. Escher-esque perspective, leading to some twisted and creative levels. The game has 2 main sets, the second of which is a rework of the previous levels, with added elements that you learned to overcome in the first set. It seems a bit like an extended tutorial, as half of each chapter is about exposing a mechanic to the player, not being too challenging. The puzzles featured here are, in my opinion, better designed, and not difficult to actually finish once you know the solution. The second, however, has a more physics-driven design, very unlike the first. This might leave you hanging a bit in the first few levels, but it's not as hard as it seemed after you realize that you actually do have to be more meticulous with the physics. It also features a few secret Wisps (which help you interpret the story) and Achievements that can be frustrating to do if you're not using a guide, or maybe discussing clues with your friends. But none of it is mandatory, so it's a fair addition to the game. The artstyle of the game is most likely its main draw. It's certainly very unique and it manages to merge its visual level design with the gameplay mechanics seamlessly. If you're familiar with Escher's work, you'll certainly see where the inspiration came from! If you're not (like I was) this is certainly an opportunity to look into it, if you find this game's aesthetic interesting at all. It's certainly a great selling point, and it's always great when games manage to teach you something as subtly as The Bridge did. The music, on the other hand, was disappointing to me. While the game is full of twisted perspectives and characters who are near madness, the music felt a bit underwhelming as a direct result. It's not bad, by any means. It's fairly minimalistic, with a few dissonant aspects to it (which I like), but I feel like the game would benefit more from something darker and more disturbing. With that said, it still did its job, and added to the atmosphere. The game mechanics all come down to rotating the world around you. Your goal is to reach a door, that is often locked. It can be unlocked by picking up a key, or activating a switch with one (or more) boulder(s). The objects in the levels are also subjected to gravity, however, not necessarily the same as yours. And it's basically about figuring out which path will lead a certain object where it needs to go, in often mind-bending and maze-like levels. There are vortices (deactivated by a pressure plate), a curtain that negates gravity (so that you can rotate freely and change only the other objects' gravity), etc. ...I almost forgot! There's also a rewind mechanic. And, of course, it made some people say the game tried to rip Braid off. Well... no. Not at all. Braid used time as its mechanic, and something needed to finish the puzzles. In The Bridge, it merely exists as a handy tool to let you undo mistakes without replaying the levels from the start. The game has 4 chapters, each with 6 levels (and then there are an equal number of mirrored levels, which are harder and provide more plot elements -- don't consider the game finished without these!). Usually, the first 2-3 levels are about introducing a new mechanic to you, and the other 3 will use them in different ways, providing more challenging puzzles. I'll admit that a few levels (especially later ones) proved to be a bit difficult. A problem I've had with it, is that it's very hard to actually visualize the solution to the puzzles. It came down to identifying different possible paths, and trying them out until I was close enough to the solution to be able to do the rest easily. I believe this is inherent to the level design, as everything is almost made to trick your eyes, making it a real pain to predict where each path will take you. Adding the fact that you're constantly rotating, which confuses you even more (and may provoke motion sickness, so beware!). As I said, the later ones are more physics driven, and can be substantially harder if you're not used to it. All in all, I actually felt somewhat rewarded for finishing it all without the use of a guide (except for the wisps). Some levels took me longer than I expected, but never being too frustrating. And it was unique, so you should definitely give it a go, if you're into the genre. If you're not, it's probably not your best choice to start out, as there are other games which teach the player its tought-patterns better than The Bridge did (at least for me). To end it, I just want to make a comment on the story and characters. At the end of each chapter, you'll get a sentence or two to give you a better idea of what's going on. Basically, it's a story about Escher and Newton working together. Escher, an almost mad artist, constantly trying to overcome reality, and Newton, a genius physicist, both using mathematics in unconventional ways. It touches on finally finding someone as absurd as him, sharing interests, and then pursuing the impossible. It's all very open to interpretation, of course, but I really liked the way it has been done. The achievements also add a bit to this, specifically the names of the ones you get from simply finishing a chapter (Thinker, Academic, Scholar, Challenger, Heretic, Outcast, Hermit, Genius)... It's definitely not the focus of a game, but I always think it's good when developers spread various elements across the game (not just in the levels, or direct exposition, but on little things like this). If you haven't figured it out yet, I definitely recommend this game to fans of the genre. How it bridges (heh) the visual and mechanical elements of level design is awesome, and it then coats it with interesting characters and themes that should make the player interested in knowing a bit more about what it's all about. I've certainly enjoyed it more than I expected, and makes me look forward to the developers' next games!


Great artistic puzzle game but nothing more

bobbyturtle27 | June 12, 2015 | See all bobbyturtle27's reviews »

First and foremost, if you love a good puzzle, this game will make you think in ways that you probably haven't had to before for any other puzzle, and this will provide entertainment for at least a few good hours. In addition to this, the art, inspired by M.C. Escher, was interesting and worthy of appreciation. However, if you want some interesting story to go along with it or some ultimate end goal, you'll have a hard time finding it here.


Enjoyable Braid-like game

Castro0001 | June 9, 2015 | See all Castro0001's reviews »

This melancholic puzzle game draws influence from M. C. Escher art and utilizes an interesting rotating camera combine with the rewind mechanic similar to Braid. The levels get harder and can be frustrating for some players, but the final product, it's very satisfying for its price.


Interesting style in another indie puzzle game.

Furrek | Jan. 9, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

I would fall in love with this game only if I wouldn't play MANY like these before. The Bridge have a very nice level design and great graphics style. I will sure remember this game for long only because of that. What's more? Easy controls, hard and harder puzzles. Sadly, many of indie games are like that. I played many of them so maybe "another indie puzzle game with interesting style and some story" are not making big impression on me. That doesn't mean this game isn't worth buying or playing. Wrong. It is, but I wouldn't consider this as something you must play. If you are fan of indie puzzle games get it.


Crossing the laws of gravity with geometric illusion

IllestAlexander | Nov. 17, 2014 | See all IllestAlexander's reviews »

The Bridge is a well-written puzzle game, which sometimes lacks a little diversity. For a homogeneous and gray (although beautiful!) graphic design and the slow pace of the levels seem to be from time to time “similar”. The game could also be a bit longer, although its passage takes a good few hours (I have a feeling that most of them rather applies to the last levels of the other world). Due to the increasing level of difficulty of puzzles, a very helpful solution is the 6-stage hint system. But The Bridge is still a strong position - is really charming and masterfully executed.


One of my favourite games on steam

samtahbou | Sept. 22, 2014 | See all samtahbou's reviews »

I don't know what it is about this game, but there's something very deeply and profoundly disturbing about it. It's like a terrifyingly beautiful nightmare. It is captivating. I love the art, the originality, and the atmosphere. But you still have this feeling of something being off. The game sucks you in and leaves you wondering what will happen to you once you've been taken. It really is just like those dreams where everything is perfectly fine, except for an uneasy feeling, you don't know what is giving you that feeling, maybe it's those boots that are laying on their side, or the absence of lint on your clothes, you don't know, but you can tell something is wrong. If you are expecting a monster or someone with a chainsaw popping up like it's a B horror flick, you won't find that here. But you will remain uneasy throughout. I recommend this game 100%, and I'm giving it a 9/10. The experience you get from playing this game is unlike any other I've played in the past. It's very unique, it has elements I've seen in other games, rotating the map, manipulating gravity, but the ingenuity with which it was applied is unparalleled. But be warned, this game will haunt you like few other games have.


complex puzzles

ahamada | Aug. 26, 2014 | See all ahamada's reviews »

Actually the game is little bit short but when you trapped in a level you cant solve it for hours sometimes especially further levels. So i like the game and spent hours, but it may give you little vertigo :) You must spin the environment and use the gravity to solve puzzle and get in to door. Also this game has very cute with handwrite graphics. A different style in the puzzle games with this game, sometimes hard and sometimes so easy, but almost you having fun. Maybe can be better but it has an exclusive concept. While you are playing the music in the background it is relaxing you while you trying to solve puzzles. I played for hours but i couldn't play without a break because of vertigo from levels :) Anyway, it deserves the price.


Simple, but very challenging

darkkillex | Aug. 24, 2014 | See all darkkillex's reviews »

This game is a mix between a platform game and a puzzle game. At first, when you start playing, it seems relatively easy to solve the puzzles, but very quickly these puzzles lead to some head-scratching moments. Every time you get the grasp of a mechanic, the game introduces you to a new one, which completely changes the way to solve the puzzles. This means there isn't one strategy to solve all puzzles, because every puzzle is different and requires a different approach. This game is very challenging and also quite unique, which makes it one of my favorite puzzle games.


Good puzzle game :)

insane11 | May 26, 2014 | See all insane11's reviews »

This is a decent puzzle game that can be best described as a cross between Braid and And Yet It Moves. Each level has you trying to find your way through a door which you do through rotating the level (like in And Yet It Moves). You also have the ability to rewind time if you're going die or make a mistake (like in Braid). The Good: - I really loved the visual style of the game. - The level design is really cool with each level having an abstract art look to it. - The puzzles provide a decent challenge. The Bad: - The game doesn't feel very original having used ideas already used in other games. - The second half of the game just features mirrored versions of the levels in the first half. While these levels are more challenging than original version it would have been better to maybe have added more original levels instead. Overall this is a pretty decent game and worth picking up if you enjoy puzzle games.


Decent puzzle game.

edg1812 | May 19, 2014 | See all edg1812's reviews »

More and more creative elements are introduced as you progress through the different doors gradually. Once there are 4 or 5 new methods and tools for solving puzzles, the game gets interesting and is actually quite challenging at a few instances. I have to say that I had to invent a few rules reminiscent of the right hand rules of eletromagnetism in order to keep a track of which objects ended up with which orientations of gravity. Cool concept, but not much more than a stage-by-stage puzzle solving game. I would definitely suggest giving it a purchase if you like brain teasers.



Pwnclub | April 16, 2014 | See all Pwnclub's reviews »

This game isn't that good. It really isn't. It's a puzzle game that involves turning the world around you to affect objects in it. A somewhat cool idea with an interesting art style, though not executed that well. I found the game pretty boring and got tired of it really quickly. If you're looking for a similar game that is much better at what it attempts to do, try And Yet it Moves. I do not recommend The Bridge for any price.


So Simple, Yet so complex.

StupidMarioBros | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all StupidMarioBros's reviews »

Let me say something before I start: I love indie games. Why? Because, they are from a fresh face in the industry to create something completly out of the ordinary of usual games. The Bridge is a shining example of a brilliant indie game. The Bridge is a puzzle game where you are Issac Newton, and you use gravity to solve puzzles, but theres one catch: You have control of the world. You can turn it upside down, right side up, or how ever you want to solve mind blowing puzzles. Its art style is like one I've never seen before, and it works perfectly into the mysterious setting of the game. You are drawn in with a pencil in every level, and everything looks like a rough draft of whatever it is. Mix it up with music that brings a mysterious and puzzling mood, and you got a great indie game. One of my favorite indie games of all time, and I cant wait to finish it.


a confusing romp in the mind of an artist

damienjameswebb | Feb. 7, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

i didn't understand what this game was at first... was it a platformer? a puzle game? i just didn't get it... until i was getting mad at it. this game is so hard to try and figure out that i spent almost 6 hours trying to get one puzzle... and i enjoyed every minute of it. it has an interesting mechanic mix of using gravity, color, optical illusions, and platforming. you have to get you the end f the level (or through the next door) but its not as easy as just walking up to it at times. it's hard but very pretty. the art style is like a sketch that's come to life. and the graphics are light enough that the game can be run very well on under powered machines. good game... very hard to finish


Twisted dimension platformer

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

The Bridge is a great artsy looking game with solid platforming puzzles. I loved how the game presented itself. Everything looks like a sketch - but well made, and the graphics is looking more impressive than unfinished. The puzzles will make you think a lot and sometimes you might have to resort to trial and error walking up and down to see what happens. I think the game is one of the most prominent member of the new generation of platformers that started with Braid. I would recommend the game for everyone who is up for a little bit of thinking and puzzle solving in a world influenced by Escher's art and/or is looking for some eye candy.


Brain exploder

daraya79 | Dec. 18, 2013 | See all daraya79's reviews »

There is something in this game what makes that I want to play it again and again. Yes, it's graphic style is unique and surrealistic. Yes, puzzles are challenging and not easy. Yes, it can be very frustrating. Yes, music is athmospheric. I guess all those things combined together made that this is one of best platformers I have played in my life so far.


Mind bending antics !

Eat_Pushy | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all Eat_Pushy's reviews »

If you love Mc Escher you better step up and start playing The Bridge. Mind bending antics for the criminally insane, as if Mr. Escher had a psychiatric session on the couch with Edward Nigma aka (The Riddler). Only to spawn such a devious and delectable puzzler like sow. Will add a Quote that could capture my feelings while playing this exquisite game. "For emulation has a thousand songs that one by one pursue. Running, falling, vomiting forth cobras enamored of fire escapes. If you give way, or edge aside from the direct forthright, like to an enter tide, they all wash by, and leave you hindmost. One could pass valuable hours, perhaps days, doing nothing, but hanging by one's earlobes strung by a thin, white-hot wire, burning with ecstasy. Up through eternity and further, I myself have often succumbed. Knowing not around what, or dim high stone forth."


Retro game

iamkyo90 | July 19, 2013 | See all iamkyo90's reviews »

Retro game, but is very funny, based in puzzle logic. Very recommendable.


In the Escher universe

Xibalba | March 30, 2013 | See all Xibalba's reviews »

The Bridge is a 2D logic puzzle game that forces the player to reevaluate their preconceptions of physics and perspective. Not very difficult until the end of the game, but beautiful to look at and very satisfying to play. I'm playing with a gamepad on PC, and it works very well Overall, The Bridge manages to avoid crossing that fine line between challenging and frustrating, making you work to solve each puzzle without wanting to break your keyboard/pad


Great puzzle game

Cavalieroscuro | March 6, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

If you loved Braid or Echochrome, then you should buy the Bridge. In this puzzle games there are a lot of hard challenges, that will require all your skills to be beaten. But yes, there are a tons of good puzzle platformer on the market at the moment, but The Bridge has one astonishing feature, its graphic side. It's like an Escher picture mixed with a black and white comic book. When you will complete the game, it will unlock another version of it with new puzzles and challenges. One of the best indie game of this year (at least, for now).