Reviews for Fatal Labyrinth


Dare Ye Challenge The Ninjas Of Castle Dragonia?

CrimsonWizard | Feb. 7, 2013 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Fatal Labyrinth is a rogue-like RPG developed by SEGA where you play as a random nobody adventurer tasked with entering the newly risen Dragonia Castle and stabbing the monsters within to reclaim the Holy Goblet to prevent a thousand years of darkness. Yes, that's all the story you get. As for the actual game itself, as stated it's a rogue-like which means dungeon crawling through several randomly generated floors with all sorts of loot to pick up and monsters spawned. A nice thing about the game is that the commands have been simplified for the controller, making it easy for first time players of the genre to get into the game. Health can be recovered quickly provided you've eaten something. Items are divided into separate categories and enemies are fought just by running into them, though you're welcome to throw weapons or uses scrolls and spells in your inventory as well. If you kill enough enemies you level up for predetermined increased, but it's overtly simple with no sort of class system. Fatal Labyrinth is also very old fashioned, forcing you to grind quite a bit to level up, and the difficult jumps very quickly even if you do find good armor and weapons, and kill all the creatures on the early floors. Honestly, this game is very dated with the dungeon levels looking rather drab, and the music is rather boring. The enemies are thankfully colorful and varied, but there's little to actually engage you in the adventure, imagination or not. Even if you don't mind the lack of story or aged presentation, it's also brutally hard with few choices in strategy. Hence, I can't recommend this title, and suggest trying Dungeons of Dredmor or even Lufia II's Rogue Mode if you'd like to try a fun RPG with randomly generated floors.


Falls short...

GAMERamble | April 11, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

The village you live in is in an uproar since a ghoul has invaded and stolen the holy goblet. Apparently this goblet is the source of light that illuminates the world and if it falls into the claws of the evil dragon the world will be plunged into eternal darkness. Already Dragonia the legendary castle has risen and this is where you must go to save the world. Fatal Labyrinth is a very simple dungeon crawler. Combat is as basic as can be and reminded me a lot of the early Ultima titles. Enemies are visible on the screen but as soon as they come within striking distance the game becomes turn based. All you have to do is press the D-Pad in the direction you want to attack. There are loads of weapons, armor, potions and scrolls to find but this still can't help dispel the sense of tedium. There are also some very annoying gameplay elements like foes that steal or destroy your equipment and traps that dump you back to the previous floor. Soon after killing all the enemies on a floor they regenerate anyway so finding the stairs is your top priority. You also need food to survive but consume too much and you die. Although there are potions for health simply strolling around also regenerates your HP so the game isn't too hard. The game only saves on certain floors but you have unlimited continues at your disposal. It might be a nice lightweight alternative to huge RPGs like Phantasy Star 2 but in the end falls victim to it's own inadequacies. If you still have fond memories of Rogue ( which this game badly wants to be ) you might have some fun but even that game was way better.


Roguelike from SEGA!

Muzicjohn | April 7, 2011 | See all Muzicjohn's reviews »

Ah, I like this game so much. I'm playing it on my portable SEGA when I'm in a long travel. It's so addictive, if you're doing well, game may take about 3-5 hours. Each game is a new adventure, because levels are generating randomly. You will fight lots of enemies, find many weapons, shields, potions, spells, etc. and you will become stronger and stronger. If you can stand archaic graphics and you're RPG's fan, I'm sure you will enjoy it!