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I've never been so annoyed by rocket launchers...

TimothyD | May 30, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

If you are looking for a fair, balanced game to promote teamwork and friendship this is definitely not your title. It is anything but. This game is hectic, loud, and bright like a carnival on drugs. The art style is cartoonish and wild, like old hand-drawn MGM cartoons with strange environments like a cordoned bridge or a warehouse filled with moving conveyor belts. The characters are customizable and you can make them uniquely your own. The soundtrack is strange, mostly featuring big-band music that sounds like it came from the bowels of the world's strangest record store. The game is rather simple, get the most money and deposit it in a special area. However, you have a mass of other people chasing after you, armed with strange weapons such as rocket launchers. They will use them against you. You will loose the money you are carrying at the drop of a pin, and you will loose a lot of it, making for a chaotic experience that you likely won't forget, especially with friends.