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Fun and Intense game, not what i expected

jackalerick | May 20, 2013 | See all jackalerick's reviews »

To start off, i read a lot of other reviews for this game. I looked at the ones listed on steam from paper, rock, shotgun.... they were not good. The writer posted how bad this game was and that "spending a half an hour is more than anyone should have to play this game for". To the contrary, it really depends what you are playing it for. I purchased the game in a 4pack bundle for 3 other friends and myself to mindlessly blow up some zombies. This game is INTENSE! When you first get into the game, you are plopped into the map, no intro really.. the story is very lacking, but who cares.. its a zombie shoot em up game. Sniping is nothing more than killing them before they get to you, explosives are your real friend here. My major drawback to the game is the lack of replay and the lack of various bosses. There's only 1 boss and he is just repeated, what he spawns is different, but to be honest, you just run in circles shooting the skulls then kill him. Still, if you are looking for a mindless game to play with some friends for a few days, pick this up, its well worth the low price.


I really want to love this game

black_magic101 | May 19, 2013 | See all black_magic101's reviews »

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is a fun and challenging addition to the sniper elite series. You will spend hours enjoying the apocalyptic atmosphere and wonderful level design. the game play for this game is both challenging and rewarding. It will take time to get used to for the simple fact that the game uses real sniping ballistics so you must be aware of gravity, wind, velocity, stability when you are shooting. the game is at its best when playing co-op with friends that can watch your back and help take out the hundreds of enemies that will swarm you if your not careful.the downside to this game though is that after a couple of times playing through this it becomes repetitive and boring at time. also Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army has problems finding games to connect to when you try searching for a quick game to hop into. Because of this i highly recommend that you add people off of steam to play with. the game also has its fair share of glitches that have yet to be patched. I have had a number of occasions where the gun that i am using disappears or i am stuck in a wall or enemies fly around the map and are impossible to kill. I really want to love this game but their is just too much holding this game back.


Excellent Stand-Alone

GoatMuncher | April 29, 2013 | See all GoatMuncher's reviews »

First off, you don't need Sniper Elite V2 in order to play this game. It looks great, and is optimized very well. Not the most difficult thing to run. Sniping mechanics are excellent and challenging enough to keep me playing. Everyone likes call of duty nazi zombies right? Well, this is Sniper Elite's take on it, and it shines. Grab a few friends and you've got yourself an experience. Several hours of gameplay, each mission roughly 45-60 minutes long, and high replay value, this game is a great deal at $15.


A new take on old fashioned Nazi zombie fun.

6Stitches | April 28, 2013 | See all 6Stitches's reviews »

I was a bit skeptical about this title. It seems that zombies are just an easy option for developers these days but Rebellion have put together a fun game based on their Sniper Elite. It's difficult to say that if you enjoyed Sniper Elite then you should absolutely buy Nazi Zombie Army. There's more running and gunning than sniping in this, which doesn't particularly suit the mechanics of the game, however it also doesn't detract from the fun you can have. To speed the game up they keep pouring zombies at you and you need to be quick to loot bodies. This means the sniper rifle often isn't the first weapon of choice but when you do use it there is a chance to see rotten zombie innards being pulverized. Like Sniper Elite it could be better if they opened up the levels a bit more but as with most zombie games it is about survival rather than exploration. You'll often come across areas you have to defend and during these sieges you will be given ample stocks of ammo and weapons. You won't find yourself sneaking through levels but the zombies aren't big on tactics anyway. It's not a perfect game but it is entertaining, doesn't cost too much and it doesn't drag out the gameplay to complete it. Rebellion have delivered a zombie shooter that is both challenging and fun.


Somewhat of a surprise!

PixelNinja101 | April 24, 2013 | See all PixelNinja101's reviews »

I was somewhat surprised at the quality of Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army. Me and a friend got this game during a sale, and we had a barrel of laughs. Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army isn't just your average standalone DLC pack, it is a whole new game and is amazing to play co-op. However, this game isn't all perfect, as you rarely get time to snipe, as zombies can lock on to your position the moment you so much as sneeze. The levels are awfully linear, which takes away from replay value if you aren't playing with friends. This game is a must buy for any Sniper Elite fan, or any zombie shooter fan. Really a superb game, one that should be played.


Next Generation of Zombiefests Have Arrived!

meldme | March 11, 2013 | See all meldme's reviews »

If you are a Left 4 Dead or L4D2 fan, you are going to be in survival horror heaven (or some twisted happy hell) if you play this game. Sniper Elite V2: Nazi Zombie Army is not just an average standalone DLC pack, it's a must-have for fans of both Sniper Elite and zombie game fans. The atmosphere is tremendously apocalyptic, and a real sense of impending nazi doom pervades the landscape. It takes the core gameplay from Left 4 Dead 2 and raises the stakes, both graphically and in terms of gameplay. Visually it is on the new 'next-gen' level pc gamers are lusting for. The effects, such as explosions and clouds of smoke which often follow, are jaw-dropping, especially if you run the game maxxed out on a top pc. Although graphically demanding if you want to get the best from the game aesthetically, this can be played on lower settings and still look amazing. As with L4D2 this game screams co-op, and little tweaks such as the distress call your teammate gives when they are in trouble are very welcome. Considering the hefty prices other titles in this genre can ask for, this really is a bargain as a standalone title. What are you waiting for? Buy it!


Awesome addition to the Sniper Elite series.

fable2 | March 9, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

After an hour of play I can certainly say this is an awesome addition to the Sniper Elite series. Great set of arsenal at your disposal, kill-cam remains awesome as ever and never gets old and plenty of zombie thrills and spills. Two slight things let this otherwise great game down though 1) very little sniping can be done as you progress as the zombies are obviously attracted to your whereabouts by the gunfire. I ended up pulling out my various hand pistols and assortment of shotguns and machine guns too often. 2) Extremely linear and some level design makes you feel 'hey I could have just hopped over that hedge I saw half a mile back instead of going all the way round and been a bit more sneaky'. These issues aside I'm really having great fun with this game. I have to say I was huuuuge fan of the last Wolfenstein game and I would recommend this game to lovers of the CoD Zombies fans. Not yet had a chance to play co-op but I can see it being a good addition.


A good title

Cavalieroscuro | March 7, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Did you love Sniper Elite? Then you should buy this, because is pretty much the same game...only with zombies. Call of Duty opened a new way, and Rebellion learned the lesson: a four player cooperative campaign in which you must kill tons of zombies. Pure fun. And the good news is that this is a stand-alone expansion, so you can play it without the base game. The price is competetive for the content offered, so give it a try!