Reviews for Nikopol : Secrets of the Immortals


Not the best

ThinWhiteDutch | Feb. 7, 2014 | See all ThinWhiteDutch's reviews »

I bought this as my first 'point and click' game on a great Steam sale, but I became rather disappointed. Though there were some pros: pretty decent graphics, intriguing environment, the thirst to figure out your character's story, etc. You can enjoy all those things and be done within the first hour of game play. There was a great deal to put on my list of cons: the WHOLE game is based around solving puzzles to progress any further, but the puzzles are a bit ridiculous as far as their difficulty goes, some are even illogical. Lots of translation mistakes, The hints to keep the story moving were vague and hardly of any help. The story line is rather confusing and I quickly lost interest in discovering the ending of the game. I'd suggest just looking up the plot on Google and saving your money.


Decent Graphics, Weak Storytelling

NucularS | Jan. 12, 2014 | See all NucularS's reviews »

The main problem with this game is its puzzles: many problems are either illogical (film cannot be projected onto a white wall, only onto a screen), or require the player to find a needle in a haystack (or rather a particular small rock in a pile of other identical looking rocks). While the first is merely frustrating, the later requires scanning the environment pixel by pixel for no good reason. The story makes equally little sense and makes you feel like you started playing from the middle. The game’s graphics (especially 3D), sound, and controls were decent, but not spectacular.


Could have been much better

georgecopos | March 9, 2013 | See all georgecopos's reviews »

As a fan of adventure games, I have to say this is among the more boring ones I have played for quite a long time. Where the puzzles are not easy, they are frustrating due to a timed element (e.g. figure out how to block the door before the creature comes in...figure out how to escape before the guards shoot you). or just a lack of logic, making it difficult to progress your way to a solution. There is a plot but it is rushed and (for me) failed to be an immersive experience due to various distractions and the rushed nature of the game. The english translation and grammar/spelling was HORRIBLE. This also created distraction. Control in the game is such that the mouse cursor that allows you to interact with the environment is always at the center of the screen. This is great for those who insist on joystick control, but using a mouse to scan a room to see what is there quickly becomes an exercise in motion sickness.There are fair graphics and voice acting. This isn't completely rotten, but there are enough problems with it that it just failed to entertain me