Reviews for SimCity (NA)


Roguh start but still great

lok0812 | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

If you have been playing SimCity 4 for almost a decade and still looking for a sequel for the next SimCity series then look no further because SimCity got everything a SimCity fans need in this game. Although the game had a rough start due to the always online requirement caused a lot negativity but overall it is still a very solid SimCity game. In this installment there are many things added to the game like pollution, city interactions, citizen demands, and best of all multiplayer. Players can group together and aid each others city like different types of services or goods. Overall, a great installment and improvement for the SImCity series.


Great Game

freyjasfuryz | Nov. 24, 2013 | See all freyjasfuryz's reviews »

I grew up playing simcity and remember back in its real early days, I was so pumped when this game rolled out and couldn't wait to building cities. The graphics on this game is amazing along with the amazing new structures and how you can upgrade buildings. However with everything good there is bad. The only thing in my opinion that isn't good is the fact of the land you choose is so small. You really can't expand your city past the borders. You can have multiple cities in a region and they can have sources that the other city would need. This is a great idea if you plan on playing with other people that can help build the region together. If you play this alone you will find that this feature is tedious and end up just annoying you. I play the game from time to time if I want to pass the time.


Good Remake

CappinCanuck | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all CappinCanuck's reviews »

A fairly good re-make. That is to say, fairly good now. The majority of bugs and mechanics that made this game unplayable or un-fun have been patched out. I'd say it's finally time to take the plunge. While the maps may be small the new mechanics of persistent units are fun. A lot of the AI cheating with regard to the units have been fixed but many still remain to alleviate congestion -- i.e. your citizens still go to the first available house. The experience is good now though for those looking for a nostalgic Simcity experience.


Horrible Experience

BozotheCat | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all BozotheCat's reviews »

Very buggy game. I lost multiple cities after saving and coming back the next day to a city i could no longer access. Traffic problems were very poor due to bad AI. The game at its core could have been good but too many game breaking bugs. Couldn't trade between cities or contribute to great works. Buses from other cities would clog up my city and never leave.


Can be lots of fun with friends

BubbaGump2k | June 22, 2013 | See all BubbaGump2k's reviews »

The idea of playing with friends running cities together is great, it hasnt always worked out but they have recently released a patch to help fix that. So you can share resources and stuff and work towards a big group project...its very fun when it all works out


Not Bad, Needs More Polish

thegaminglyfe | June 19, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

When Simcity came out people were really mad over the online only DRM and the server crashes. I'll admit it, I hate having to always be online to play Simcity. The original games were my and still are my go to games when my internet is down for some reason. But when you are online, the game is quite fun. The game has nice graphics, some nice sound in the back to accompany you. The city building is much too easy though. There really isn't any challenge in it. It feels too user friendly. The city sizes are much too small and you can't make your awesome dream city like you could in Simcity 2000 or 4. But if you can look past these flaws, the Simcity reboot is very fun and addicting.


Great City Game

jean8mathieu | June 11, 2013 | See all jean8mathieu's reviews »

I really like this game I play over 30 hours the first week. Each city have a specialsation that you get and that's how you make your money with your city. This game contains really good graphic. Cons : If the city could be better, This game would have a better rating.


A Great Time (and $) Waster!

Tsunah | June 3, 2013 | See all Tsunah's reviews »

Simcity is a great game to waste time and enjoy. Though it has a few bugs and is a bit unpolished, it is still a fun game. On higher end PCs, Simcity Looks great! If and when the game becomes fixed and polished, Simcity will be a must buy!


Haters gonna hate...

Kratzer | June 3, 2013 | See all Kratzer's reviews »

I played through this game initially with all of its server issues and EA's half-hearted apologies and despite all of the faults given to the game that were basically no fault of the game itself, I rather enjoyed the experience. A friend of mine tend to LAN about any new game that comes out and this one was of particularly entertaining note. I think that the diminished size of each individual lot and the need to specialize your cities while relying somewhat on your neighbors is not only a welcomed multiplayer mechanic for a game of this genre, but also somewhat true and realistic of modernized cities. You will find your city outsourcing workers and high tech cities with a demand for educated employees. Casinos bring in money, but also crime. Oil and coal bring in money, but makes for a poor place to live. These are not design oversights, they are brilliant additions to the game. I enjoyed it thoroughly.


With a little polish and trimming, it is grand.

TimothyD | May 30, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

Simcity, on release, was a hot mess. Server crashes, bug problems in-game and more slapped fans of the series in the face and pushed them down. (If they weren't already down there tinkering with internet cables) Upon the writing of this review, the connection problems have been solved and updates are coming faster than the filming of Modern Family episodes. While there was admittedly a mountain of complaints about bugs in the beginning, these bugs are being weeded out to make a truly fun experience. There are constant bug patches coming from the developers, including repairing traffic, which was the top-most concern when the game was released. City sizes are still relatively small, causing mayors to downscale what their cities could possibly be, and the specializations are restricted due to this due to their generally large sizes. With a larger map patch and an offline mode in the future as the game becomes less popular, (If that has to come from Maxis or an online group is yet to be seen) will turn it into a great game, worthy of challenging Simcity 4 for players.


Great Looking Reboot

EricF | May 30, 2013 | See all EricF's reviews »

Awesome and addicting after the updates.


Lots of Negativity in an Overall Decent Title

kwe009 | May 29, 2013 | See all kwe009's reviews »

This title marked the return of SimCity. Although it has been met with mostly negative reviews, the game has been improving drastically since launch. I remember not being able to login because of the connection issues on the servers. But it has been fixed now. But there are still some problems with some buildings (gambling specialization). Making about 3 of the 4 choices useless and city. Traffic use to be an issue, but now, as far as I can see, it has been fixed. Now 10 trash trucks don't follow each other although they have different routes. Overall the game is decent. Not amazing, but definitely a good time-waster. Now if it only had offline play so you could play through times with no internet and severe weather (Midwest USA).


Unpolished and Lack of

emdechavez | May 9, 2013 | See all emdechavez's reviews »

Upgrading the aging Simcity series is a must for the gaming community. However, this turned out into disappointing game. Simcity features a modern look that amazes and attract players to play the game. The graphics is a major overhaul from the 2D engine it had. 3D modelled buildings and smoother animations of cars and pedestrians truly provides a realistic feel to the game. Controlling the city is much more simplistic and plotting new buildings and zones have never been easier. There are also downsides to this game. Compared to the other Simcity games, cities in the new Simcity are scaled down to a minimum, and this causes difficulties in managing the city's growth. Unlike other games, Simcity requires constant connection to the internet. Due to the amount of problems and glitches, most of the features are currently disabled, causing this game to lose focus on its core features and result to unstable outcomes to many players. The game still requires a lot of attention from the creators and major patches still need to be implemented before the game is fully playable. As of now (9 May, 2013) Patch 3.0 has been released, fixing some of the broken aspects of the game. However, some important aspects of the game is still broken. Overall, This game shows a lot of potential and awesome concepts that would make it one of a kind. If Maxis plays their cards right, by bringing most of the traditional aspects of the game back, then the upcoming game of the series will be much more successful.


A Short Successor

tumtum87 | May 7, 2013 | See all tumtum87's reviews »

Sim City is a long standing franchise of city simulation. Sim City (2013) definitely brings back the feelings from the past games. You're still the mayor of a new start-up town with the same responsibilities of utilities, planning, education, and the list just goes on. The most "fun" aspect of this Sim City is that you can specialize your city in areas previously not possible like Casinos or Refineries. The main issue with this new Sim City is that while there is fun to be had, it's on a much smaller scale. You might have big ambitions for your city, but you will come to find that the map is just too small for your large ideas. So in short, Sim City has a lot to offer, but on a much smaller scale than what it's fans have become accustomed to.


Fun game, but has many problems.

Hysteroid | April 27, 2013 | See all Hysteroid's reviews »

I wanted to like this game, I really did. but it just has too many problems at the moment. It was a nice step up from the last game in the series. The game play is a lot more streamlined, making it easier to supply water, power, sewage, and other necessary services to the city. The graphics are a very nice touch, and being able to specialize in certain fields (Mining, trading, gambling, tourism) makes every one of your cities different. And the multiplayer is also very cool. Being able to make a city next to a friends, and share resources is a nice game play element. But all of these things don't even matter when your city breaks half the time. The game is always connected to the EA servers, and all of your city save data is saved to the cloud. It's not very reliable to say the least. 3/4 of the cities I've made have broken completely, making it impossible to get them back. And if it doesn't break, your city can get rolled back to an earlier point (Sometimes can be hours ago). Also, you don't have a lot of room to build your city. The space is very small and can lead to your city failing due to low housing/jobs. The game also gives you information that isn't true. You can have 5 hospitals and they will still complain about not having enough hospitals. Just wait until they fix the game, but until then, don't bother.


Great graphics and game play features!

ultimategamer | March 6, 2013 | See all ultimategamer's reviews »

This game is very realistic, providing a great experience for the player. The game play allows players to build their own cities, create a sustainable economy and learn to manage up to 16 cities at once! Each city can have its own specialty allowing for a nice connection between all of them. This is the first Sim City game that allows players to engage in multiplayer with friends! This is a different experience as users can collaborate together to create a sustainable city(ies). Recommended for any players that are interested in experiencing a similar to real life simulator that explores all features of starting a city!


Excellent upgrade to the classic Simcity we all know and love.

Bigshrimp | March 5, 2013 | See all Bigshrimp's reviews »

They really did a great job with this game. It feels like the Simcity of old but a new modern polish. The UI is really easy to use and well done. All the elements of the user interface are layered well and you toggle options easily, without much fuss, it doesn't feel cluttered either. The game plays smooth and seems that it was well done in the QA department. They pulled out all the stops. Also the graphics look clean and crisp and portray all the buildings and other elements well. Overall this game is extremely addicting and hard to put down. Two thumbs up!