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Military Technology Was Very Combustible In 1988

CrimsonWizard | Feb. 5, 2013 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Super Thunder Blade was a port of the arcade game made by SEGA during the Genesis/Mega Drive's early days. Like many arcade games of the time, there is little in-game story, you're just a helicopter pilot tasked with shooting down and blowing up all opposition without having your chopper bite the bullet. The controls and gameplay are super simple where you move around in a faux 3D area like the original Star Fox. Simply put you need to move about, dodging the large enemy missiles or shoot them down, and evade the buildings and environment. The game thankfully gives you a decent weapon where you have straight shooting machine guns to deal with sturdy boss monsters, but also homing missiles that fire at the same time, taking care of stray bad guys firing at you. Hence, the game works well for constant movement while attacking. However, the game is still brutally hard due to the fact that one hit of any kind takes you down. While you have multiple lives to bring you back quickly, once you run out, the game is completely over with no continues like the arcade game would offer for a quarter. Hence, it's very unlikely you'll make it past the first few stages. Speaking of the stages, the environments and graphics aren't bad for 1988 and look a bit crisper than the ones used for Altered Beast. The problem is that like many aerial shooting games of the time, the patterns of enemies and level design repeats itself a lot, making it rather dull after a while until you reach a boss. The music doesn't exactly thrill the ear either, serving it's purpose as a tune with a decent melody that won't irritate the ear, but doesn't make you want to jam either. In short, Super Thunder Blade is a very dated game, weighed down by following arcade conventions too closely with it's brutal difficulty. While games like this would help build to better 3D-styled flying shooters like Star Fox 64, Super Thunder Blade has not aged well and offers little entertainment for what you're paying. I would recommend checking out some of SEGA's other games on GMG if you're looking for a fun classic game for the same price.


Keep out.

Aladar | June 27, 2011 | See all Aladar's reviews »

I was trying to find something nice to say about this game, but, sadly, I didn't find anything at all. The animation is choppy, the game runs kind of slow, the control is pretty bad, graphics are really simple, background is just few colors, and with the positioning of the camera, you can't see your enemies half of the time. Basically, it feels like a mediocre NES game.. Afterburner, this is not. You can get more quality time from a flash game, and you save your money.


Not so good old game

shisho | April 5, 2011 | See all shisho's reviews »

In STB you control a helicopter and shooting to tanks and other military artillery from a back perspective. Graphic is old school, there isnt to much colors and animation is poor. Only the helicopter looks like a helicopter, Sound of flying helicopter is really fun. The best aspect in the game is controlling of the helicopter- you need to avoid crashing into buildings or smash into ground and helicopter can easily go out of control.