Reviews for Sims 3 plus University Life (NA)


An experience!

jerryhsiao | May 26, 2013 | See all jerryhsiao's reviews ยป

This expansion pack promises much addition, which it does in some fields. Your sims now have a more diverse span of jobs/occupations, and the "college experience" is comically portrayed. Much like many of the other sims 3 occupation-based eps (late night, showtime, ambitions), there isn't a specific theme, rather a very applicable tag to your sims story. It adds many more animations, very acute and detailed, and your sims have even more to do now. The music is very modern, with up and coming british pop songstress Blaise's single "Thunderstorm", to indie band The Mowgli's "San Francisco". It includes a bit of each character, and all around is a great experience. My only criticism is that although the campus option is great, it seems like it would've been better to keep bowling alleys and other such places more "Town-oriented". Still an amazing ep.