Reviews for Crash Time 2


A game that could be good but sadly isn't

Locke | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all Locke's reviews »

Own review, taken from Steam and SteamCritic.

This game is...this game...the mechanics of the driving and all are actually pretty enjoyable, and the graphics are pretty decent too. The UI and voice acting leave a little to be desired, but I can live with that. But the missions, the missions, the missions are just unredeemably awful. If this had just been a normal racing game, I would have liked it, but the attempt at open-worldiness is half-baked at best and doesn't improve the game whatsoever. The missions are so finnicky that it's very easy to instantly end up in a position where it becomes unbeatable, and with the complete lack of checkpoints this means you're going to be doing a lot of restarting, doing the same boring stuff over and over and over again. Staying at just the right distance from another car isn't fun, at least as implemented here. And after playing this game for an hour, I didn't get into a single race, which was what I was looking for in the first place. I feel like this game has the makings of a really great low-budget Burnout, but they instead went for some police angle that just doesn't work at all, either thematically or mechanically.


Pretty amazing

myromance123 | Dec. 1, 2013 | See all myromance123's reviews »

Right off the bat, while Crash Time 2 doesn't have the best visuals, it still looks absolutely stunning maxed out at 1080p. More importantly, is the driving controls. Very well done, and feels natural (keyboard and also 360 controller).

One thing that does reduce the score for me, is that I have no clue what the story is about. You start off with two characters who apparently have some past agenda (it seems to be a story that's native to the developer's country of origin). Not knowing the story does not hinder gameplay, but it does remove from the immersion of the game.

Looking for a sim driving game? This is NOT it. Looking for a good, semi-arcade-ish driving game with interesting gameplay goals? This IS it!

Note to Linux users, Crash Time 2 works great with Wine and CrossOver ( I tested this in CrossOver 12.5, but it should also function in CrossOver 13). Plays beautifully in Ubuntu 13.04. All around, a must purchase simply for the fun it can provide.


Very good and underrated car game

darksiders666 | March 10, 2013 | See all darksiders666's reviews »

This game is very good. The controls are excelent and very relaxing, graphics are more than ok, the driving is fun and so on. The only negative part is the way you get missions in the story; you have to drive specific cars in specific area to trigger those missions, which is a nuissance since you doint know what car to choose for what mission.

But aside from that, he game is challenging and engaging, you drive a lot of different cars, you have highways and a city to ram freely. Definitely a must buy for whom is looking to just drive around and have a good time.(this applies to all 5 games of the series)