Reviews for Kid Chameleon


Blast from the past!

Simao20 | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all Simao20's reviews »

I loved this game growing up. Granted, I was never actually good at it or could get very far but it was one of my favorite games as a kid. Side scrolling game with lots of levels, different power ups where you can even have become a tank! Thats pretty awesome. The games very challenging and very difficult as were many games of that era so it can be a little tough for new comers,even more so as it was one of the harder games back then but its worth a try. A lot of older games should be played to see how kids in the 90's played and what they had to go through .


One of my all time faves!

Numbi | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all Numbi's reviews »

This and Ristar is one of the reasons why I bought the Sega Megadrive Classics pack but to be honest I would buy this game on its own in a heartbeat as well. It is one of those classic era games that has lost none of its challenge and charm. The visuals are very cool with a ton of different sprites for the main character. These transformations impact the gameplay as well making for a nice all round challenging platformer. Still one of my all time favorites.


Super Mario Bros. 3's True Sequel

CrimsonWizard | Jan. 10, 2013 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

As the review's title suggests, Kid Chameleon is a platforming game built around a system of power-ups found in boxes. Unlike Super Mario World which cut the number of powers though, Kid Chameleon expands on the idea, giving you many, many hats to play around with. For example, you have the knight helmet which provides extra health and makes you heavy enough to break blocks beneath you. While Kid Chameleon has no world map, the game has a ridiculous amount of levels and secrets to find, including secret levels within secret levels. Platforming veterans will find a good challenge here too as the early levels quickly lead into many perils from fiery pits with difficult jumps, to having to avoid advancing walls of death. Kid Chameleon is a game that will provide loads of entertainment for you, requiring several plays to see all the levels it has to offer, as well as finding the best routes to reach the end of the game. The game could have used some sort of mapping feature to make it easier to figure out if you're actually moving forward, but it also makes discovering a new exit all the more exciting, making you wonder what's next. Try it today, because it's a fine example of the 80's/90's platformer craze.


A good challenge

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | See all Lippe1989's reviews »

This game is diffucult, very difficult. But you know, everything that is more difficult will reward you in the end. It is also give you more excitement and makes you pleased when you get your objectives, your goals. Well, this game is simple, with a simple gameplay. Difficult is get the final. The gameplay only gives you a few options that will depends on what mask you will be using. Without mask you jump, as a samurai you use a sword, as rino you break things with head, as skull tank you shoot with skulls and the others masks follow what I am saying. But there are moments that you have to choose what mask is better to continue the level. It is complicated. Other moments you will have to decide what portal is better to enter. It can send you to a previous level for example. That is why something we get tired. But the game is very good and if you are looking for classics from 16bit I think that you must play this game.


A very difficult game but also one of the best from the past

antonioli84 | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all antonioli84's reviews »

This game is one of my favourite games of 16 bit era. But I have to say that is one of most difficult in my opinion. The story appearns most in the beggining. A boy going to a place with a kind of virtual videogame and something happens that he enters in the virtual world of the game. It is crazy. After it you will have more action. Basically action. The boy only can jump. The mechanics is very simple and and also the gamplay. During the game you will discover a lot of masks and these masks give you a kind of power. That is the spetacular thing of the game. On give you a kind of Jason mask that has a axe that can be throwed. Another is a rino that can destroy things. Another one is a samurai mask giving you a sword. Another is a kind of fly that make you "fly". Very interesting for real. But as I said before, the game is very difficult. There are a lot of levels and if you go to the wrong place you can come back some levels or do not go where you can to advance more. But it is a game that challenges you a lot. It is satisfying when you advance fighting a lot. I recommend this game a lot.


A cult classic not without its faults.

GAMERamble | April 8, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

When a new arcade machine is released that uses holograms to create a virtual reality like experience everyone of course lines up to have a go. Too bad for them things get a bit too realistic and the boss of the game starts capturing everyone that enters his game. Now it's up to Kid Chameleon to take up the challenge and free his fellow gamers from the machine. As Kid Chameleon you have to travel through a huge amount of levels where your goal is simply to find the exit flag at the end of the level. This is easier said than done seeing each level is almost maze like in layout and lots of searching and backtracking is required to find the flag. It can sometimes be right in front of you with only a wall blocking access to it but you have to travel halfway round the level to find a teleporter to get you to the other side of the wall. What makes things even more complicated is the fact that your main character can change into a huge assortment of other characters each with their own abilities. Change into a samurai and you can jump higher and slash enemies with your sword, a knight on the other hand has more health and can climb walls. The large amount of characters include a tank, axe thrower, fly, hoverboard and a whole bunch of other strange creatures. Changing into these characters is as easy as smashing some blocks to find the right icon that will transform you. If you lose all your health while in another form you will transform back into Kid Chameleon who can only take two shots before dying. Your character stays the same when going into the next level and this can sometimes make things a lot easier or trickier depending on your form and environments. There is a large amount of levels ranging from caves, sewers, mountains, forests and ice levels. None of these levels are very long but getting through them gets progressively more challenging and with no password feature you're going to have to finish them all in one sitting. Getting to level 25 took me about two hours so I don't know how many levels there are in total. The graphics are nice and varied with a whole bunch of cool characters. Levels are pretty cool but none of them really catches the eye and they lack that visual appeal that some platform titles have. The different characters that you can change into is a cool touch though and some of them has some cool animation's. Sound wise the music is pretty mundane with no tunes really catching your attention. The sound effects are pretty decent with some nice effects and voices. One area that is sure to lose the game some fans is the control. You use three buttons to make Kid Chameleon jump, run or use the special ability of whatever form he is in. The problem is that most of the levels have lots of platforms that has to be traversed and you always have a time limit to keep a eye on. This is fine but your character has the nasty effect of slipping around a lot while jumping. This makes accurate jumping tricky and I found myself falling off platforms quite a lot. These falls are usually not fatal, but cost you a lot of time and it's tedious falling from a series of platforms only to start all the way from the bottom. Ultimately it's this that made me stop playing the game and I'm sure lots of players will feel the same way. It might not be immediately apparent, but play the game for a while and it's sure to annoy you. Overall Kid Chameleon is a above average platform offering that has some clever touches but some of the smaller flaws keeps it from being a classic. It's still fun to play but there are better games out there.