Reviews for Pacific Storm Allies


Amazing ideas, not-so-good execution

tommy5000 | March 10, 2013 | See all tommy5000's reviews »

This game is fun and a recommended piece/ addon after playing the previous game, without the allies, factions. This game is 10X better then before with the addition of the german's, the russians, the french, and a few others, in the campaign you can play the british, the japanese and the americans However, the game has some serious technical issues which make it completely unplayable. The most frustrating is that the longer I play the slower and slower the game runs. In the beginning of a campaign, around 1939, it runs crisply and smoothly, but with every unit you create and every convoy or fleet that moves across the map it slows to a crawl and becomes choppy and absolutly impossible to negotiate. Even the mouse doesn't move smoothly, jumping from place to place on the screen.