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Technology at your service

mahon | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Stellar Impact was a game that immediately caught my interest as an interesting space strategy. Soon I found out it was multiplayer only, with no capability of playing with and against bots, which limited my gaming time for the game. Still I was so excited about the game that I collected all the DLCs for it. The Stellar Impact: Science Vessel DLC adds a new type of ships to the game: science vessels. Although it is not immediately obvious, they can be very handy in battles by providing some technological support to their forces. In Stellar Impact science vessels do exactly this and they also come with a wide array of gravitation-based weapons. The DLC boosts you with four new skills and adds a new ship for a very low price, so if you want to improve your odds of winning in this game, it's a pretty good choice.