Reviews for Sniper Elite V2 – The Landwehr Canal DLC Pack


New mission and guns, but that's it.

aerionmagnus | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all aerionmagnus's reviews »

I've been playing Sniper Elite V2 for quite some time now and bought all its DLCs - this one, The Landwehr Canal Pack, focuses on singleplayer mode as it gives player an access to a whole new mission and three new weapons. The mission might seem simple at first, but it is quite interesting and demanding - you will have to assassinate three German generals in Berlin and this won't be easy. The pack will also give you access to weapons such as Lee Enfield Mk. III (sniper rifle - made in Great Britain), Japanese Type 99 (sniper rifle - made in Japan) and famous MP44, a German SMG gun. I liked the DLC. Weapons are fun to use and the mission is hard. Recommmended for singleplayer gamers.


Great mission with much freedom

mahon | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Sniper Elite V2 – The Landwehr Canal DLC Pack is an expansion that will bring joy to every stealth gamer's heart. It adds another single player mission and some new guns to Sniper Elite V2. This time you will be operating in Berlin at night and your mission will be to eliminate three enemy generals. The good thing about this mission is how much freedom was left by the authors - the scenario is not very linear although its goals are strictly defined. The choice of a method is left up to the player and I must say there are really many approaches possible, and the classic sniper approach is obviously possible as well. I think this is the way such missions should be designed!