Reviews for Commander: Conquest of the Americas [Legacy]


jack of no trades

pazmacats | April 8, 2011 | See all pazmacats's reviews »

This game is nice for people who have not played a) Pirates! b) Port Royal c) Patrician d) Anno 1503 e) Colonization f) insert classic of your choice here. If you have played any of the above, this game instantly loses its appeal, because the games listed above are so much better. Commander lacks creativity and ideas on a major scale. The gameplay is difficult but uneventful and feels like playing a browsergame. You send ships around to fulfill requests by advisors (who had this grand idea that it will be fun to be FORCED to build XY until year 16xx?) and you fight the occasional sea-battle that you either win or lose, depending on who has the better ships/fleet. There is basically no exploration, no inland activity, no opportunities for profit, no major overarching goal, no motivation, but, um, the game is not so bad, because you will be reminded about aforementioned classics which were entertaining during their time. Unfortunately this game is not one of those classics. I am sure the company will eventually get it right in the next iteration of East India Company X.