Reviews for DiRT 3


Excellent game!

andreacdc98 | Feb. 7, 2015 | See all andreacdc98's reviews »

DiRT 3 is a rally racing game with extremely good graphics and an amazing gameplay! The levels that you can play are great and there are a lot of cars that you can use. It is better to play it with a controller if you have one, but even the mouse and keyboard setup is great and user friendly! I am really impressed by the whole game, everything is very well made, graphics and even the sounds are amzing! It was over my expectations after playing DiRT 2. I recommend this to everyone and mainly the racing games fans, because I think everybody can have a great experience by playing this game!



DDEMOLITOR | Nov. 27, 2014 | See all DDEMOLITOR's reviews »

Dırt 3 a rally game.Your will not only race against your opponents and also against the track.Thankfully on dirt 3 track types shows so much variety such as dirt,snowy and asphalt and all of them have noticeably different characteristics.There are also new rainy and snowy weather features on dirt 3 and customisable difficulty option from casual to simulation like driving.Also flashback feature is back. Beside racing dirt 3 has new point based gymkhana event to perform various stunts like spinning. doing donut and racing against the clock.Dirt 3 doesn't have so many cars but have much variety from standard rally cars to track monsters like suzuki sx4 hill climb.All these cars unlocked by earning reputation points on games career and multiplayer mode.Presentation of dirt 3 is definitely top notch ,game not really looks like really thing but really pleasing to eyes.Also rain and snow effect are very good and tracks and vehicles have many details.Dirt 3 is a really enjoyable experience and stands apart from other racing games on pc.


The Best Rally PC Game

Lupazzo | Oct. 13, 2014 | See all Lupazzo's reviews »

Dirt 3 is an amazing rally game, in this game you can drive on hundred or more cars, all the models and the texture in high quality are fantastic, the only problem are the loadings, these are really slow and if you don't have a good PC you could wait 2-3 minutes. I like this game because the cars seems real and the drive is spectacular. If you loves car games and you have got 19.99€ you MUST buy it! From his release are passed 3-4 years, but this game is still the best racing game.



FrozenFireCZ | Aug. 24, 2014 | See all FrozenFireCZ's reviews »

Dirt 3 is considered a very beautiful game with amazing gameplay and for some people, the best game in the series. I can even agree that the game is actually very good, but many people "hide" the major flaws that it has. Compared with Dirt 1 and 2, the graphical improvements really are notable, besides the improved gameplay and faster learning. There was a huge decrease in the Rally and obviously, the longer events, giving greater emphasis to the X games and the Gymkhana challenges, negative point for lovers of earlier games, especially Dirt 1. The big problem are the thousands of DLCs that in some cases you will be FORCED to buy if you really want to end the game, noting that the game has not yet been migrated to the Steamworks so even if you want to pay for all the DLCs, will be impossible for the time being. Not a bad game but I'd rather go with Dirt 2.


Amazing game

intrus18 | May 17, 2014 | See all intrus18's reviews »

I've played plenty of Racing games out there but nothing beat this one, Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 are among the best. Graphics, Performance, Multi-Monitor support, Sound, Feel of the car, Particles.. I can keep on and on, everything its top notch quality. The events are fun and engaging, Controller support its great and multiplayer works as it should. If you are into off-road racing, dirt racing (rally) then give this a shot, you won't be disappointed.


Probably the best rally game for PC

thesorrow47 | May 12, 2014 | See all thesorrow47's reviews »

This game adds so much gamemodes, cars and tracks that will keep you busy for a long time. The gameplay works fine and the multiplayer is cool, the only problem is that is games for windows live, but that will change when the service goes out. So keeping that in mind, you should play this great game.


Freakin Awesome

fishey334 | March 5, 2014 | See all fishey334's reviews »

I have been playing this for a while now and all I can say it is great. I find that its variance of game terrain and modes is awesome. I love the on the edge snow rallying and then you can just go around drifting Battersea park. Its a great game and will last you a long time


Average at best

Billus_08 | Dec. 17, 2013 | See all Billus_08's reviews »

Overrated an not as good as its predecessor. It is rather dumbed down for the masses and this is noticable with it's "intuative" triangle menu system. Gone is the caravan and the race paddock, map and everything else that made YOU feel like the driver. The courses are more or less the same (I'd say 8 unique tracks from memory) making the game highly repetetive thorughout the 4 stages plus the additional focul ones. Online is a mixed bag with many turning the game into destruction derby and there's no way of choosing a local server with the whole automated system. The only saving grace for this game is its dedication to the rally aspect of racing and fancy DX11 visuals.


Dirt 3

AndyMadness | Nov. 21, 2013 | See all AndyMadness's reviews »

Hands down, a fantastically fun driving sim with excellent visuals and ambiance and sound. A nice range of cars and adjustments you can make with challenges to make things interesting. The main menu is a bit awkward to use, as if the designers chose the most artistic method in which to achieve something that would alternatively be simple. After you get pass the archaic main menu and sub menus, the game itself is great, for example the rallying is much easier with the in game directions, these can be turned off, and the handling is a great like the previous titles. Get this and Dirt 2 when ever they are on sale and you will have a great time.


A fantastic racing game

Shreyan | Nov. 21, 2013 | See all Shreyan's reviews »

Dirt 3 is the successor of Dirt 2. The game has a new feel to it and the menus and all have been completely red-designed. The graphics have been improved and the locations have been very nicely crafted. The game contains your standard fare of trailblazer races,rally,head2head etc. The main highlight is gymkhana where you have to do donuts,spins,jumps and drifts to rack up points. It is a lot of fun. The game also supports local split screen play with another player. The graphics are good and the cars sounds distinct. AI has also been improved. One complaint with the game is that it does not have enough tracks. If you are out in the market for a good racing game, take this one for a ride.


Fun to pass the time, levels aren't well done though.

Thousandforms | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all Thousandforms's reviews »

There are two key things I feel I should say: Firstly: it looks great in game, the menus are a bit gimmicky and its a shame they don't let you take a proper look at the cars. but they don't look 'bad'. The gameplay looks great and that's what matters! Secondly: The levels suck, you have 1-6 and it just seems to take x amount of seconds off each time (of your opponents finish time) if you're any good you'll just max out, I race on 5-6 always and don't settle for less than gold. admittedly I keep the racing line on but turn everything else off... Still it doesn't feel as fluid as it could. Also the mini goals in each race aren't affected by the difficulty level, I've never not got them! Overall its good to pass the time, do a few races here and there and it keeps going for quite a while, but if you want to choose cars based on stats or anything like that, then it's not for you.


Great Game

Kevduit | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all Kevduit's reviews »

Dirt 3 gives the player a whole new depth to racing. The Racing Mechanics in this game were unbelievably realistic, and made you feel so much more immersed into the game. The soundtrack was very beautifully put together, and added so much emphasis into the games atmosphere. The Graphics for this game are absolutely amazing, and blow lots of other racing games graphics right out of the water. You can choose all the different setting for your vehicles to make them feel more like the car you'd like to drive, including your HUD, just to make things a lot of realistic. This is over all a fantastic game, and one to buy if you love racing games.


Great Rally Experience

mctron | Oct. 31, 2013 | See all mctron's reviews »

In this outing for the DiRT series, it saw a slight shedding of the X games style extremeness of previous DiRT titles. This comes with more focus on traditional rally racing. The graphics and damage where great and truly setting benchmarks for racing games on PC. Controls: I played the game using a Thrustmaster F430 wheel, the wheel set up was fast and painless. The FFB was great and truly added to the immersion of the game. If you want to take this game to the next level bust out the wheel and enjoy. But that aside the steering was tight and shifts where fast and responsive. Gameplay: The game mainly involves traditional point to point rally racing and arena lap style rally cross. The courses where nice but short in comparison to real rally racing stages and rally cross races. In Review: Great game that falls short of being a true sim, if you want next gen Richard Burns rally this will fail you but if you want a fun as SRT would call it Sim-Cade game then this will fit you perfectly.


Great Racer

thoompie7 | Oct. 21, 2013 | See all thoompie7's reviews »

This game is quite awesome, as can be expected from a Rally game that is made by Codemasters. The car handling is very realistic, and can be adjusted to your level of skill, which makes the game suitable for everyone. It is very fun to play and I really enjoyed the new event called Gymkhana, which is sort of stunt driving in a rally car. However, compared to the older DiRT and DiRT 2, this one is a bit worse when you look at the courses and overall immersion. You could really feel that DiRT was a rally game and so could you with DiRT 2, but DiRT 3 sometimes feels a bit to mainstream, while people, like me, buying this game, think it is a full on hard-to-master Rally Game. By the way, this has nothing to do really with Codemasters, but it is possible that you won't be able to play online nor buy new dlc for DiRT 3 because GFWL is going down next year. It would be a shame if that happened, because the online mode is the most enjoyable of the whole game!


Speed ​​is do enough to Become a winner.

SkyorZX | Oct. 11, 2013 | See all SkyorZX's reviews »

Although I do not seem so good how Dirt2, Dirt3 is a awesome racing game. Dirt3 make you sense the speed of a racing game but without forget amazing graphics, impressive roads, days and nights, rain... they make it realistic! Dirt3 make you do an effort with the settings of your own car, this make that the player must do all to be the champion. Another thing that make special dirt, is that you can choose a lot of types of cars. This is a very fun game that you will enjoy, above all in the multiplayer, there is where you have to show your driving skills!


Like Dirt 2 but better!

rjb789 | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This game is like an updated edition of the great racing game that was Dirt 2. It runs off the same engine and has the same kind of controls as the second game. The campaign in the game is very fun and provides plenty of exhilarating racing moments. The online experience is just as good and can be enjoyed with plenty of friends either through LAN or online on a server. Both of these types of racing provides a very fun game and this added to the jaw dropping beautiful graphics and absolutely brilliant sound design and car noises really sweetens the deal for this game. If you like racing game this is a must buy!


Good game

roman9441 | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all roman9441's reviews »

I fan of dirt series but i think the best one is 2. Because dirt 3 is a bit out of scope what i like in dirt 2 but anyway it good see some of the improvment of this game. This game have good graphic and not require high-end computer even core 2 duo e8400 with HD4850 can run this game with ultra without any frame rate drop . I love the snow race this look really nice The game is awesome


Amazingly fun.

dkpos | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all dkpos's reviews »

A great balanced racing game with fun gameplay for almost whatever style of driver you are. Not being a racing game guy I was a bit skeptic but WOW is this game fun. The gameplay is awesome and very immersive. The ability to choose your difficultly setting, driving aids, HUD etc... makes this game great for an arcade racer to a simulation type game. The graphics are great even for 2013, the music before a race will sometimes pump you up as well. For me playing in first person only, having the snow or dirt blocking my view or seeing my vehicle slowing being destroyed from inside, was a extremely satisfying experience. Do not hesitate to play. You will have loads of fun driving, spinning, drifting, jumpin etc..


One of the best

Pur3Bolt | Sept. 19, 2013 | See all Pur3Bolt's reviews »

I really enjoy playing DiRT 3! The game is still quite active on multiplayer so you can always find things to do even after you finish the single player game. I don't specifically like that I have to watch some repetitive slow camera movement before the race starts but you can deal with it. The game is maybe not really worth the full price though, but still a great investment :)


Pretty much Dirt 2

ColeYote | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all ColeYote's reviews »

Keep in mind when I say that, I don't mean it as a bad thing. Dirt 2 is one of my favourite video games, and Dirt 3 keeps almost everything good about 2 and adds a few things. I'm slightly disappointed they didn't keep the menu presentation from Dirt 2, but it's otherwise same engine, same gameplay, same level of track variety, better car selection, and the addition of snow and rain is much appreciated. the new gymkhana mode is a little gimmicky, but it does add a little to the game's content without taking anything away and you can get pretty good at it. They've added more solo racing, but haven't taken away from the group racing that I've found more fun. The DC complex can be a pretty good time waster, just practicing your gymkhana skills and maybe making some pretty good runs. Overall, if you like Dirt 2, you should get it.



gdog0211 | Sept. 4, 2013 | See all gdog0211's reviews »

Its a fun realistic racing game with a lot of different events to do. The menu is beautiful and the game itself looks great. My only issue is it forcing you to do Gynkamas when personally I'd rather skip them


Best Racing Simulator ever played !!

FreakDeity | Aug. 30, 2013 | See all FreakDeity's reviews »

I am playing this awesome game since i bought. This game is really amazing Rally Simulator.I never bored of playing. Especially Gymkhana academy is amazing. With any driving wheel its double fun. Dont ever die nefore play this game. :))


More Dirt than ever

thesorrow47 | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all thesorrow47's reviews »

Codemasters let us again with a great game in our hands. I think they never did a bad job when we talk anout racing games, and Dirt 3 is more than the proof.


This can keep you occupied for days.

Infinity02 | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Infinity02's reviews »

Dirt 3 is actually better than Dirt 2 in rally(and realism), however, in the other mode like Rallycross, Landrush, Gymkhana can be really annoying. If you don't mind about gymkhana stuff then this game is for you.


Series develops.

adktz | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all adktz's reviews »

I was a huge fan of the original DiRT and the pressure put on you in solo rally to obtain the best time, without messing up a single turn or jump. That pressure was mostly gone in DiRT 2, with most of the races avoiding the traditional solo rally mode, instead opting for more arcade-style races. Thankfully the third game brings back more solo events, along with plenty of variety within the numerous modes, and you're not forced to go through them all if you don't want to. The rewind system can be avoided for bonus points which help progress the single player events.


Great fun

fiddy187 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all fiddy187's reviews »

I've been after a decent racing game for a long time now. The last racer I enjoyed was Forza 3. I played the first Dirt for a few hours when I friend came over. I enjoyed it a lot, but never bothered going out and buying it. I didn't hear much about the Dirt releases so never really considering buying it. When Dirt 3 went on sale for a great price during the 666 sale, I snapped it up to give the series another go. The game has many pros and cons. Thankfully, the pros outweigh all. I'll start with it's downfalls. First off, the DLC is a little annoying to say the least. It stops you from getting 100%. The DLC cars are also annoying in a way. All of this content seems to be already on the game as is, so really you're just paying more to get a full game. Many gaming companies are doing this lately, and I personally can't stand it. Another downfall is that the each race you get too many rewinds. Makes finishing in first in almost all races very easy. One of the worst parts, for me, is the voice acting. Simply terrible. If that guy calls me amigo again, I'll go mad! On the other side of things, the game is very enjoyable. I often found myself sinking hours at a time into it, getting sucked in to all the racing events, beating big name racing drivers, racings in cool places, the xgames! Lots of fun stuff! The cars you unlock as you go are great! Always tried my best to get as much driver rep. as possible to unlock new cars! The driving can be difficult at times. You have to put time into considering what way to setup you're car for different events, weather, and as much speed as possible. Game is definitely worth trying out. Even if you don't really enjoy racing games, it's worth a look.


A very funny racing game.

simodeso | Aug. 11, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

Dirt 3 is very funny to play, maybe he isn't one of the best dirt but it gives hours of fun. Obviously is a Rally racing game, you can use a lot of cars, even Ken Block's car ( no gymkhana) and there a lot of tracksm and different modes to play. When you take damage, it isn't very realist but physic in general is pretty good. If you are a fan of the series or racing games in general, my advice is to buy this game and to finish it.


One of the best

KayFall | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all KayFall's reviews »

There really isn't anything like it out there. The graphics are amazing, the sound effects are spot on, the controls are just perfect and after you've finished the singleplayer, the multiplayer is really the icing on the cake. I never thought multiplayer could be so awesome in a racing a game. It's got a lot of multiplayer game modes and there are always people online playing. If you've played Dirt 2, this really improves every single aspect of that game. The only downside, just like in Dirt 2 are the menus which are really just annoying to navigate but it's a small price to pay I guess.


A great game to play with your mates.

TheOneRedDevil | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all TheOneRedDevil's reviews »

Playing a couple of hours of Dirt 3, aside the wonderful graphics and excellent engine sounds, the single player part of the game can quickly feel quite repetitive but playing the game online really brings out the best of what the game has to offer. The differences in terrain can be easily felt, with the back end of the car seeming to kick out a lot more on the dirt when compared to that on tarmac. A very simplistic user interface complimented by a great soundtrack really adds to the detail of the game as well as a wide range of cars. Overall, an excellent driving simulator, it could have a little more diversity on the single player side but a whole heartedly fun experience when playing online.



Oblaque | July 29, 2013 | See all Oblaque's reviews »

I've put over 200 hours into this game. It never gets old. The graphics are amazing. The car models look great, and my favorite: The landscape is gorgeous. The damage engine works fine, it just doesn't go "Deep" with damage. The physics are pretty close to realistic. It's pretty fun. The tracks feel a little dull, too much dark color and there isn't many variety of colors. The sound is very good, the engines sound realistic, you hear the crowd, you hear the tires, you basically hear everything that is going on. The Dirt Tour was great, but although a tiny bit short but wasn't bad. If you finish the Dirt Tour, you can all ways play the multiplayer which will take a long time to reach max level. Another bad thing is the tracks are very short. 1-3 minutes for every track, there is only one that is 4 minutes. Some textures, especially the engine and inside car parts are a bit blurry. The rest of the textures are very clear and look nice. Another thing about the damage engine, you can pop your tires, and the engine can take damage and start smoking, which slows down your acceleration and top speed. There are over 50 cars and each car has a few designs. Although landrush is only 2 vehicles, buggy and truck. There is a variety of things to do in Dirt 3, Rallycross, Rally, Trailblazer, landrush, etc. You can drive classic cars all the way to new cars and trucks and raid vehicles. One of my favorites things about this game is watching the car build up mud, dirt, and snow. The interior of the cars is beautiful. The rain (Especially the interior) is very pretty and looks realistic. There is also a variety of weather options. In night your car has lights and it looks really cool.


A downgrade from Dirt 2

darkyhbk | July 23, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

Despite being a solid offroad racer in itself, Dirt 3 is inferior in almost all aspects to Dirt 2, which is not the direction this series should go. Graphically speaking, the cars do look a bit more polished, and so does the damage engine, and you do get a bit more diversity in weather conditions, such as rain or heavy show, but it doesn't feel much an improvement, actually. The colour palette is less well chosen and it just doesn't stand out as the second game did. The sound is alright when it comes to technical aspects, but the music selection is much, much poorer than Dirt 2's , and you get almost no lines from all the other drivers, making the whole game seem impersonal, distant and cutting down the atmosphere. The gameplay goes in the same way, but there is a lot less diversity in tracks - and those which are there, are not very well designed. There is some variety in racing modes, though, gymkhana offering you the chance to do some crazy stuff around an arena in an attempt to get as many points as you can - these are fun and add a bit of diversity, which works in the game's favour. However, the AI is a lot poorer than in its predecessor, and the trailer is gone, which is a big loss and makes the game feel stripped and without personality. Despite all these problems, Dirt 3 is a great offroad experience, probably better than most others out there. Its biggest issue is that its predecessor was such a gem that it has to live in its shadow.


Great Rally Racing game

FuzzyMcFluffens | July 13, 2013 | See all FuzzyMcFluffens's reviews »

Dirt 3 is my favourite racing game out there. I love rally, and Dirt 3 has alot tracks. The racing is also alot of fun. You can play with friends which is alot of fun. There are a bunch of different modes to play so you wont be playing the same kind of races over and over.


Awesome Racing Game!

ChippySound | July 8, 2013 | See all ChippySound's reviews »

This is one of my favorite racing games. It has a good mix of an arcade racing game (Drifting and stunt events) and a racing simulator (The rally part and cross events). If you like racing games then this is a must buy! No questions asked.


A good game to relaxe and play with your friends !

junky112233 | July 8, 2013 | See all junky112233's reviews »

This game has nothing that is really special but it's a race game so I don't expect it to be revolutionary and in the race category this one is a good one. Really fun to play with firends because the race are not too long and the pace is face.


Good game, but

insideracing | July 7, 2013 | See all insideracing's reviews »

It does have those annoying gymkhana races which I see no point in existing. They're good to watch, but in such arcade game, it is dumb to exist. If this game at least had a clutch, would be great. Overall a good game, with awesome graphics and average physics. Just a game for those who want some fun.



iamkyo90 | July 7, 2013 | See all iamkyo90's reviews »

It has very good graphics, and new challenges compared to Dirt2, the online needs more people. But the campaign is quite long.


Great Game

MidasGaming | July 7, 2013 | See all MidasGaming's reviews »

I first downloaded the game and didn't like it because I was getting quite a bit of input lag but then I searched


Solid Racing Game

Devilsdance | July 6, 2013 | See all Devilsdance's reviews »

It's a decent racing game. I'm not an avid racing gamer, so I found this game to be a little difficult. I had never played anything in the Dirt series prior to 3, so i'm not sure how it compares to the rest, but overall I would say that it is a decent game, and would recommend it while on sale.


Best dirt game of the series

spycid | July 4, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

Undoubtedly this is the best dirt game of the series, only sad part is this game lacks rally. So if you don't miss rally much, you are gonna love this game as this game has improved gameplay, graphics and amazing new environments and locations. Must buy for all dirt fans.


Awesome Game

ayala209 | July 3, 2013 | See all ayala209's reviews »

I'm not one to play many racing games so i figured why not give it a shot and i was definitely not disappointed. The game's mechanics are realistic and i love the whole drifting aspect being a big thing. Easy for all play levels.


A Good Looking Arcade Experiance

bwrussell | July 3, 2013 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

First off, if you are looking for an authentic rally experience this is not the game for you. There are rally races but for every rally you run you have to complete 3-5 other race styles that, for the most part are pretty bland. Eventually I just ended up racing the rally, trail blazer, Xcross events in every event to avoid driving the trucks/buggies and having to complete the awful Gymkhana events. Speaking of the Gymkhana events, it's clear that the physics engine was not built with this style of driving in mind and they quickly become an exercise in frustration. The Trailblazer events are actually quite fun once you find a good car. These high speed events gave me the greatest feeling of speed in a video game I've ever felt. They felt harried and breakneck just like it would in real life. As we've come to expect from Codemasters this game is quite good looking. The cost of this is the load times are a bit out of hand, I would suggest running this from an SSD if possible. Overall this is a pretty good arcade off-road racer but repetitive level design and use, frustrating game types, and sometimes puzzling physics and controls will probably sour the experience for more hardcore racing fans. That being said it is really fun to be able to drive both a classic Mini Cooper and the current WRC version.


Good fun!

alecbond | July 2, 2013 | See all alecbond's reviews »

Having not played previous Dirt series games I was happy with the originality of Dirt 3. It offers a good variety of race types and vehicles and events. The graphics and sound are very good also.


Not a bad rally game, but the lack of originality hurts it.

sergebelanger22 | June 27, 2013 | See all sergebelanger22's reviews »

In Dirt 3, there is a new addition, Gymkhana. This the major difference with his predecessors. However, this type of racing is fun, but adding this is not enough to keep you excited throughout the game. Other than that, nothing has been added. The cars do not need to get upgraded with money anymore. In fact, there is no cash at all. You just unlock the cars by advancing in the Dirt Tour, which is the career mode. I find it disappointing because there is absolutely no motivation to get the platinum medal in each of the event. Sure, there is a reputation meter that fills out as long as you progress in the Dirt Tour, but this is not enough according to me. Sure, I needed to get all platinum, but my meter was full a long time before finishing the Dirt Tour, so there was not much motivation for me to continue. You will get a cutscene at the end, and then the credits go on, and that's it. The game is fade. In the Dirt Tour, there is also a location where you need to perform stunts and discover some Dirt logos, but that gives you nothing. The AI works strangely. At a normal-hard difficulty level, you will not be able to distance your opponents, however, they seem to wait for you when they are in front. As it is common these days, you can use the rewind feature if you crash or miss a curve. On the good side, graphics look good, the in-car view is really cool for buggies, trucks and cars. You can also set damage to ON which will cause you to lose a wheel or damage your transmission. Sound is great, you can hear the wind when you go fast and your windshield is broken. There is a good variety of tracks and categories of races. That includes rally cross, rally, trailblazer, head 2 head, gymkhana. I cannot write on the multiplayer mode since I did not try it. It looks like the deceased Collin McRae series look forward to an arcade/demolition racing style with this game and the follow-up, Dirt Showdown. Let's hope that Codemasters does not forget the core fans of that once so good license.


Awesome :D like dirt 2

roman9441 | June 25, 2013 | See all roman9441's reviews »

I really love rally racing game . This game make me really enjoy. It easy to play even I'm not good with the racing game and I don't feel that AI cheating me at all. Ai can crash like us or even out of the racing like other player. This game took my free time. I'm recommend it to all of my friend


Great and fun

Kwogeen | June 24, 2013 | See all Kwogeen's reviews »

This game will give you everything you need to spend great moments! I played Dirt 3 with a logitech Driving force GT and the feeling was really awesome. Codemasters strikes again with this game !


The Perfect Complement to Dirt 2

Pr1mus | June 10, 2013 | See all Pr1mus's reviews »

Dirt 3 is not so much a game that tries to replace Dirt 2 but rather a game that complements it. You lose modes like Raid, Gate Crasher and team events from Dirt 2 while gaining modes such has Head to Head, Drifting events and Gymkhana events. Most of the new environments in which you'll race also feel appropriately different from those found in Dirt 2 especially with the addition of snow tracks. This is a game for those that liked Dirt 2 and want more of that great gameplay. driving model and visuals.


Great game!

re_watanabe | June 8, 2013 | See all re_watanabe's reviews »

And Codemasters do it again. Nice game that suits very well for any kind of player. Combine it with Grid and F1 and you will have a sufficient racing game library.


This Game Is Worth The Price!!!

crispy52 | June 7, 2013 | See all crispy52's reviews »

This game is a very nice and fun game. The graphics, like any other codemaster's game, are visually stunning. You can see the dirt kick up under the tires as you drive and the damage is incredibly well done. The textures are smooth and everything is just generally a walk in the park. The game runs smooth and is very well done. The World Rally Championship is alright, the only downside is that some maps are required to buy through GFWL, which i found to be a downer. I wanted to be able to play all the tracks and finish them all in 1st place. It may not be so bad as to buy a track, but they are in every venue which can be, like i said, a downer. There is at least 1 track you have the option of purchasing in each Venue. Overall, there are 100+ races already provided to you as well as a nice Gymkhana DC backlot where you can go and drift for fun with a classic Tony Hawk Classic Mode feel, where you must find hidden tapes and accomplish goals. The Cars handle exceptionally well. It may an arcade racer and is no stretch of a simulation by any means, the cars handle as if you were driving on dirt. Which is kind of the point of this game really. Without that aspect, it wouldn't be anything. But the transition from dirt to concrete in some areas on a course are amazing, it is almost as if you can feel the friction in the tires as you transition. It is quite rewarding to drift past corners with such finesse and be able to have basically complete control over your car. Overall. I give the game a 92/100, with a deduction of 8 points over the fact that there is a lot of maps that can be purchased. Which i suppose is just like any other game. Gameplay wise, the game is a steal and i had a lot of fun with it.


Brilliant !!

LoudeRZz | June 3, 2013 | See all LoudeRZz's reviews »

This game has only benefits, first it looks so real !! when you drive in the desert you can see the dust and when you in a mud race you can see it squirt behind the wheel, the engine's sounds are awesome ! everything hear like the real cars and in some races you have a navigation guy that help you to know where to go. One more thing is that all of the cars are original [the companies] and the sponsers are original and the tournaments are original [like x-games] and its just feels so realistic. To make your race more realistic, play with a steering wheel, its so fun !!!! you actually feel like a real driver ! Another thing, if you debating between this DiRT and the DiRT 2 so i have to say that both of them are awesome, the DiRT 2 is much more harder [to control the cars] and they are not similar so i recomend both of them. Anyway, if you thinkin to buy this game, don't think twice and run to buy !! its worth every amount !


Dirt 3 will give you what you expect !

FreakDeity | June 3, 2013 | See all FreakDeity's reviews »

Dirt 3 has modest game length; the concept over all does not grow tiresome which is great. It has solid fun gameplay from single player experience, to multiplayer online or even split screen multiplayer. Dirt 3 may not please everyone out there, what game does really? Dirt 3 is a solid addition to the series, which keeps rally car racing as the coolest thing out there.


Those Menus...

p3nguin_pris0n | June 1, 2013 | See all p3nguin_pris0n's reviews »

Dirt 3 is a fantastic racing game. The menus are fancy and flashy and are purely for show. Under the hood the racing game is just as fantastic. I played through World Rally Championship for PS2 in one sitting, many years ago. Since that day, I've always enjoyed rally racing games and generally seek them out. Dirt 3 definitely has rally racing, but it isn't a pure rally game. If that isn't a deterrent, Dirt 3 offers some of the best, varied racing available from any game. The cars handle with finesse; it isn't a simulation, although it isn't a pure arcade racer, either. This middle ground really gives a sense of accomplishment when burning around turns at insane speeds. The cockpit view is really phenomenal in Dirt 3, too. Listening to the driver assistant spouting out warnings of turns and jumps, the hum of the engine, and the dirt that's spouting from the back-end of the car - while driving in cockpit view - envelopes the player in the game; I love every second of it. I'm sure there are better pure rally games, but this game offers so much variety, it'd be a shame to skip it for this reason alone. I highly recommend it!


A Lot of Fun!

shushyaz | June 1, 2013 | See all shushyaz's reviews »

This game was always on my list of games to get and now that I have it, it has not disappointed me in re playability and action. The races and cars are of a good variety and the graphics are absolutely amazing. The only downside to this game is that you NEED to have a LIVE account to access the auto save features and have the game work 100%.


Graphics and gameplay

fps_peon | May 30, 2013 | See all fps_peon's reviews »

The story is ok, this game really shines in the fact that the game play and graphics are amazing.


Dirt 3, a good game.

willbreeze | May 30, 2013 | See all willbreeze's reviews »

I've played all the other DiRT games are i enjoyed them all. Looking forward to this game with the same positivism, the rallying and rally X modes are just excelent but the AI could do with a bit of an improvement.


Overall Fun, Pretty Realistic Racing Game

HellOnWheels357 | May 30, 2013 | See all HellOnWheels357's reviews »

I had a lot of fun with this game. I really appreciated the fact that the driving wasn't arcade, it took some skill to keep your car on the track, but not to the point where it was annoying. If you wanted to you could configure the settings to make it easier, and if you crashed you could rewind and try again. There's plenty of different racing types to keep things fresh and exciting, and quite a few vehicles to choose from. A lot of people felt forced into the Gymkhana, but again adjusting the settings make it much easier, and enjoyable. Overall great racing simulator.


From the best car games

kalil | May 30, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

For you who like racing games and this is your GAME rally fun maps and well echos many game modes, amazing and a great new car and many cars, fun cars tune to your liking, is funny fight with your friends these games are of those who never tire of taste always comes to a race car and I keep saying I loved the game modes, and beautiful game graphics.


Good, but worse than DiRT2 imo

NielsjeNL | May 29, 2013 | See all NielsjeNL's reviews »

This game is a good improvement when talking about graphics and sound, but it would be a bit over-the-top to say it's better than DiRT2. The games are really big in difference in style, and that was a big point for me. I liked the more urban style of DiRT2, and I really didn't like the more 'formal' style of 3, which in return made me not like the game as much as I liked DiRT2. Of course this is simply an opinion, but you might want to take this into account when buying this game; check out video's on YouTube and download the demo if there is one to see if you will really like it.


Great Addition to the Series

CamboSliice | May 28, 2013 | See all CamboSliice's reviews »

This game is a load of fun. It adds a whole new dimension to the DiRT series with the new in car navigator voice. The drift mode and gymkhana modes are fantastic as well.


Great Racing, Rally, Car Experience

MattyLB | May 17, 2013 | See all MattyLB's reviews »

since there arn't many racing games out for the PC, i thought i would give DiRT 3 a try, when i got the game i found out you could use your PC's potential still by the amazing graphics this game has, the cars look realistic too. when i got the game i thought it would just be a rally game, as that is its selling point, but no, it has all sorts of modes to play around with, these include the normal racing modes you expect from a car game and quite a few others like gymkhana (which i thought was brilliant when i played it and had never heard of it before), this game even though it has the annoying LIVE setup to go through, which you have to have to play online, has some amazing multiplayer, these include fun and brilliant game modes like cat and mouse that are exclusive in team games, and a whole map to thrash around your car! Although this game has very little customization to the cars and only limits to the team you are supporting, it has a great range of cars to choose from in all the game modes, like rally cars, trucks and even buggies, but mostly you will find this game has rally cars, and holds most of the important ones. this game is a gem if you enjoy motorsport and you should definitely get it if you enjoyed DiRT 2


Good rally game, very good graphics

maddocks2379 | May 13, 2013 | See all maddocks2379's reviews »

Dirt 3 is a good rally game with ok controls and excellent graphics. The game features a varying style of races. Timed stages, head to head, all out races & stunt tracks. you can have different kinds of assists on the car like braking or just steering assist. If you are a fan of racing games and rally is your thing the dirt series is probably the best of its kind


Almost a disappointment

merkabahpt | May 11, 2013 | See all merkabahpt's reviews »

I played Dirt2 and i just loved the game. So when Dirt3 came out i just thought: "Oh my god, Dirt2 was so good, this is just gonna be EPIC!" But when i tryed the game, all that enthusiasm just vanished... Most of the good things about this game really comes from Dirt2: phisycs, "grip" and overall driving style. But there are some new good stuff: you don't need to "buy" the cars, new cars and the must surprising thing of all, split-screen, whitch is very rare in PC games. Overall the game is good, it's Dirt2 with some new things, but there's a thing that really annoysme: you are almost forced to do the "gymkhanas". They are fun, but they should be separated from the main campaign. I will have to give Dirt3 a 75/100 bacause i was expecting much more from CodeMasters, not a "remake" of their last game with some small changes. If you completed Dirt2, this is a great way to get more fun, but if you don't have Dirt2, get it instead.


Great Racing Game!

kennedyzak | April 26, 2013 | See all kennedyzak's reviews »

Dirt 3 is everything you could want in a racing game. It looks great, the cars handle wonderfully (and if they don't you can adjust them to your liking) and the audio is incredible. I cannot stress how well made this game is! The racing is a fun and exillerating experience which is only improved by the incredible looking environment and wonderfully competitive AI. When it comes to issues with the game, I only had problems dealing with the animation that I would have to go through just to get to the next page of the menu.


Not as good as Dirt 2

backslashio | March 29, 2013 | See all backslashio's reviews »

Unfortunately whilst its an alright racing game a lot of the content is locked out by DLC yet still shows up in almost every menu you navigate through. The first person perspective of moving around a caravan for the menus is now gone and replaced with a stylish yet somewhat bland menu and rather than gaining money to buy a car that you actually want you're instead randomly awarded cars for your progress and the usual car stats don't apply apart from the specifications which makes it incredibly hard to figure out which car is better than the other. The core of the racing can be fun yet seems to lack that arcade style from the previous game and the tracks aren't as varied or as fun. The minigames involving doing tricks are more frustrating than fun too which also slows down your progress. Overall, a good but not great game


Great game with some annoyances

lachking | March 28, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Dirt 3 is a great racing game with various game modes across many maps, and for the most part, is an entertaining experience. In the various game modes you will drive many different cars and as you progress in the single player mode you will receive more. Dirt 3 is not always about racing, some challenges are time trials and some are also the new Gymkhana mode where you try to score as many points as possible by doing car tricks like bashing objects and skidding in specific zones (this game mode very much reminds me of Tony Hawk games). The single player mode is also well voiced and you will face many challenges in rising to the top. The game’s visual style is nice, although you will need to turn down settings quite a bit if you have a low end computer. The audio track is also good, with a variety of songs from different bands. However, in spite of all the positives there are a couple of annoyances. The menu navigation is very annoying and the whole triangle interface is confusing and pointless to say the least. The game also needs Games for Windows Live, which in itself is very annoying and cumbersome to use. These two factors are annoying, but certainly do not break a great racing game.


Absolutely Amazing

ROKET | March 28, 2013 | See all ROKET's reviews »

Ive played a lot of rally racing games and very few have felt good. My absolutely favorite is and remains to be RallySport Challenge 2 from the original Xbox and from then until I played Dirt 3 I hadnt found a single game that mimicked the joy of offroad racing as much as RSC2. First off the campaign in this game is amazing and wonderfully lengthy with a nice variety of events and a ton of features. You unlock more cars and teams as you play and you're constantly challenged to stay on top and do your best because each higher placement earns you more points and I love the point and reward system. You also get a nice variety of tracks which can be further expanded with DLC. These tracks range from dirt to snow and from long rally challenges to short and circular circuit tracks. The cars in this game are great and handle really well. You feel the power behind the tires and the sounds do well to give you a sense of realism. You also cant mention the cars and environment without mentioning the utterly superb damage modeling and system. I love crashing just to see how the car will react. Its just so satisfying to tear up a fence at 100 mph. Haha. The multiplayer for this game is less than well populated and I really hate that. I really believe they should have skipped on Games for Windows Live in favor of a more structured and dedicated Multiplayer system because driving with friends and randoms alike is just fun. There ARE hackers from time to time though...:(. All in all this is an amazing game. I love it and still play it. It is SO worth the money and more and will provide you with countless hours of gameplay and challenges. Get it. 95/100