Reviews for Patrician IV: Gold Edition


Not The Best In The Series

ravestar | June 19, 2013 | See all ravestar's reviews »

The original Patrician game was a milestone in the economic simulations genre, Patrician II and the unofficial sequels in the Caribbean were also great games. After all the advance praise of the series, I had actually high hopes for Patrician IV, but I was disappointed. Patrician IV is not a bad game - but the entire interiors of the buildings are still standing almost at Patrician II level. The cities are also relatively deserted - no crowds in the streets and the maximum zoom level is also disappointing. In addition, all cities are more or less the same. The trading system is definitely the best part of the game - after all it's a business simulation where you can. control the sales and purchases of goods. This aspect is well done. But the gameplay is much more accessible and, unfortunately, actually easier to defeat than the predecessor. I also didn't like the automated trading feature. Overall, this is not a bad game, but it's certainly not as good as the previous Patrician games.