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Cute world, fun music and story, but lacking in gameplay

superhomosapien | Aug. 21, 2015 | See all superhomosapien's reviews »

Stacking does something truly unique: present a beautiful, cohesive world with music, story, art style, and mechanics all contributing to the atmosphere. Sadly, the puzzles in this game are flat out boring. They usually consist of trying to stack with different characters until you find the right one, then pressing the "use" button in front of an obstacle. I think this game might be great to play with/give to a younger kid (like, 7-12?). That age range could have a lot of fun with this.


Different O.O

samtahbou | May 25, 2015 | See all samtahbou's reviews »

I think some of the reviews here give the game a really hard time. I get why, but I disagree with the overall assessment. Yes the game can get a little repetitive, since the only mechanic you have for solving puzzles in this world is using another character's ability, so you basically need to keep jumping into other matreyshkas to find the one with the right ability to solve your current puzzle. But the repetitiveness aside; because lets face it, many many console games are quite repetitive and we do not mind it. The reason people are actually upset about this, is that the game is very unique, it looks great, it feels one of a kind, so with that in mind people expect "THE WORLD" from it, and no, that's not what you get. You get an amusing little story driven adventure, it's easy to go through and therefor focuses on the story - an old style movie story, that's somewhere between a puppet show, a play, and a 20's movie experience. It's sweet, charming, and endearing. Which makes the game appropriate for some younger audiences as well as adults. Pros: - Deliciously different, in looks and gameplay Cons: - A little repetitive and simple. I still say this game was well worth the purchase and I'd recommend it to anyone who would ask.


Stacking to a Bigger Goal

faerie241 | May 12, 2015 | See all faerie241's reviews »

Stacking is a game made by Double Fine, the same video games company that brought the world Costume Quest. In this game, the player controls the smallest segment of a Russian Nesting Doll and solves puzzles with what may potentially be one of the most innovative and unique mechanics ever to grace a puzzle game. As the smallest doll, the player can "stack" within larger dolls to create sets that have unique abilities to solve puzzles. These puzzles are open to multiple different solutions, with rewards being given if you can solve the puzzle in multiple different ways. Overall, this game was a really fun puzzle experience. The presentation, music, and gameplay are all perfectly solid and enjoyable. My only minor complaint is that the game was really short, with a person easily being able to complete the game in around four hours and then spend a few more hours repeating puzzles to get all the solutions. Even with this complaint, however, this game is well worth the price of admission.


World from a perspective of a tiny matryoshka, true story.

Obsessor | May 9, 2015 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

When I first launched this game I was amazed. Matryoshkas! Moving, talking, eating each other... And the world of very early XXth century. And the game's cutscenes looking like a silent film. Gameplay itself gets quite repetitive however. You have an ability to jump into bigger dolls, one size at a time, and control them. Most of the dolls have special abilities, which you need to utilize to meet the objective set for you in given level. Even with somewhat repetitive gameplay, I can't recommend this game enough. Adults and youths can enjoy it equally.


Stacking doesn't quite stack up to being the game I expected

LonM | April 28, 2015 | See all LonM's reviews »

The story in this game seems to be a little bland, and isn't really helped by the cutscenes which are a bit slow and tedious. As far as the puzzles go, most seem to be a bit boring to solve. There were a few entertaining solutions hidden in the game, but once you've found one solution trying to find all of the other solutions for a particular puzzle gets a bit boring. I used a keyboard/mouse setup to play this, and it felt at times as if the way the game's characters moved were a bit sluggish when compared to what I expected to happen. Not laggy or anything, but it just felt a little slow. In the levels themselves, the video and graphics quality are quite good, however the extended cutscene graphics can be a bit of putting and after a while you may get bored of them. The "old timey" soundrack seems good at first, but it does seem to get a bit repetitive. Aside from these more superficial problems, the game seems to run really well, so if this is your kind of story and so on, you can be sure you're playing with high-quality software.


Interesting concept that works well, but lacks engagement

BlockAgent | Jan. 6, 2015 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

Stacking is one of those games that tries an idea that no other games have tried. It works well and the game plays fine, has good graphics, no glitches and has a really charming theme and look to it. The gameplay is solid, but lacking. I found myself getting bored with this game pretty early on. The puzzles are pretty easy to figure out and there isn't much to do outside of just those puzzles. I pushed myself to complete the game and I did, but even though the game came with DLC, i didn't play the DLC because I was tired of the game and ready to play something else. So Stacking IS a good game, just not a very entertaining one.


Press x to solve the puzzle

MadDemon64 | Dec. 30, 2014 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

Double Fine knows how to make a beautiful and unique looking game. Their art direction is some of the finest in the industry. However that does not always translate into good gameplay. Stacking is a good example of this problem. In the world of Stacking, everything is a Matryoshka doll, from the people to the animals. You can jump into larger dolls and use their special abilities to solve puzzles or use them to jump into even larger dolls and use their abilities to solve even more puzzles, and so on. However, all you do is just jump into larger dolls and use their abilities to solve puzzles, again and again. Thinking outside of the box to solve these puzzles is engaging, and solving all of the puzzles in one area is rewarding, but that does not excuse the fact that these puzzles are all solved with the literal press of a button. You need to figure out which Matryoshka doll is necessary to get the needed effect to solve the puzzle, but again, it is all “jump into the right doll and press a button” over and over again. The setting and art design of Stacking are among the best they have ever made, and the puzzles are quite challenging, but the gameplay used to actually solve the puzzles can get stale and repetitive, especially since each puzzle boils down to the same base solution: find the right doll and press x to solve the puzzle.


Unexpected joy

artyom2000 | Sept. 11, 2014 | See all artyom2000's reviews »

I've always wondered how far sometimes can imagination go in creating games. In this game everything seems simple. Puzzles with stacking, but realization is amazing. Each task has different ways to solve and it's not too hard, because the game has a lot of hints, and you want to see every solution. This game has it's charm.


a wonderfully whimsical romp

damienjameswebb | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

when i was reading pre-views for this game i was sooo excited. it has everything that i think enjoyable. puzzles, pantomime, family, and Victorian era whimsy. the gameplay mechanic is simple, you use the talents of yourself and others to solve puzzles and save your family... by taking over their bodies! its simple enough but that's what makes it so good. you can finish levels many different ways and at your pace. there's enemies to defeat, but no fighting, this is a family game remember? the only flaw is that i wish it was longer. there is an add-on, but it wasn't enough once you figure out all the different ways to finish the puzzles.


Extremely happy with this purchase

ashleymurray | Nov. 16, 2013 | See all ashleymurray's reviews »

What a breath of fresh air. This game has memorable characters, fun puzzles and a unique approach to adventure gaming. A serious issue, child labour, is broached but there is a light atmosphere to keep things from being too drawn out and emotional. It's simply lovely to play a game that is different and isn't your same old shoot-em-up slash-and-grab. Do I have any complaints? The length. I've had this game for a day, played about 3 hours, and I'm more than 60% of the way through. There are side puzzles and characters to collect, which I have been doing, but it still doesn't take long.


My first exposure to Double Fine

magusonline | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all magusonline's reviews »

At a glance, the game via screenshots and videos had absolutley no appeal to me. However, after giving it a try on my friend's XBOX, I had no choice but to see what it was like. Initially I did not like the art direction of the game. But again, a personally biased opinion. However, I did like the concept behind the mechanics. Using Matryoshka dolls to "devour" smaller people and obtaining their powers. Reminds me of something between Katamari Damacy and Kirby's Dream Land. Anyways, the game's highest point for me, was finding a mechanic doll that had the ability to fart. Which was all I ended up doing, until I realized the farting actually had a purpose (farting into an air vent to ruin a party). I'd give the game a shot if you want to pay the smallest bracket, that's fine. I would too.



lightlurker | Oct. 17, 2013 | See all lightlurker's reviews »

This game is interesting, simple, clean in design and could be played by different ages. It is enjoyable, but not necessarily the best or worse game out there, its rather average when it comes to the actual game play. That being said there are three solutions to just about every puzzle and hidden secret dolls that can add for replay value. Probably best to get in the humble bundle or on sale.


Double Fine Delivers

bwrussell | Sept. 30, 2013 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

Stacking is a unique puzzle game where you use a plethora of Russian stacking dolls to solve challenges, explore, and just goof off. As far as mechanics go this game is unlike any other in it's genera but somehow is still intuitive. You almost never will be left guessing the rules of the world or fumbling at the controls. The challenges are fun, mostly intuitive, and a hint system will never leave you stumped. The world is well built and detailed and the various dolls are really works of art but they are more than just pretty. Not only does each doll have a unique ability but their size, age, gender, and profession change how other dolls react to them. In true Double Fine fashion the writing and humor in Stacking is top notch. Once again they show the rare ability to write a child main character for an adult audience without alienating younger players. The humor ranges from fart jokes to surprisingly funny jokes about child labor. The setting is similar to the US industrial revolution and the plot revolves around rescuing your family and child labor, hence the previous line. There is no voice acting so cut scenes are played out like silent movies, with cards showing "dialog" between scenes. While a little slow, it conveys the setting and feel well and overall I enjoyed it. (Contrary to other reviews, you can skip cut scenes, R-click after a few seconds, but I would not suggest playing like that. Stop and smell the story). Personally I turned off the vignette overlay and opened the FOV but I understand immersion-wise why they are defaulted the way they are. Stacking is not a particularly long but it's not too short either. With the multiple challenge solutions, unique dolls to collect, and hi-jinks (using different dolls unique interactions in various ways) it doesn't outstay it's welcome but provides plenty of value. The addition of the Hobo King DLC essentially provides a 5th chapter. As far as stability goes, I had one repeated force close issue that I solved by running the game in XP compatibility mode. Overall it ran smooth and quick with no other hiccups. My play time was split right about 50/50 between a gamepad and mouse & keyboard with both working well and feeling good. The menus are a little cumbersome at different times with both setups but in game the control prompts display for the input system you are currently using which is always a nice touch. My final word is a hardy recommendation. Unique but polished, Stacking can provide quite a lot of clever, humorous, puzzle solving fun for players of almost any age. Even the main menu is strangely entertaining.


Another small disapointment

RicBac | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all RicBac's reviews »

Tim Schafer has once again made me a bit disapointed. The feel is there and the graphics and humor is good. But there is something missing that I just can't figure out what it is. The Cave - Another game by Tim was the same thing. Very likeable, but then again not. Well Stacking is a cool puzzle game ide with the dolls. And some puzzles are nice. But there is something that just doesn't make me start the game up after a couple of hours playtime. Such a pity.


For fans of dolls!

felixdenfule | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all felixdenfule's reviews »

This game has a few annoying mechanics, like unskippable cutscenes, but the puzzles make up for it. The general setting and environment is really in place and the story is pretty gripping. I would recommend picking up the DLC as well since it features a more comic twist to the generally pretty depressing game. The story features very rich elements such as industrialism and child labour, which really gives the protagonist more and more of a hero role. It's definitely worth the money, the game delivers over expectation in content and length and every character featured really feels rich in design.


Simple story but clever puzzles.

Pradlik | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all Pradlik's reviews »

Stacking is an indie adventure game with an interesting idea of the world of matrioshkas. It promises some challenging puzzles and dolls to collect in the areas. The story is a bit lousy though and the best parts are the challenges really. Also after few hours it might get pretty boring because it's still the same.


Memorable and fun adventure game

mahon | July 26, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

I had pretty low expectations regarding this game, but after playing it I was hooked. I just loved the way it is stylized to resemble a silent movie, with excellent music and film-like cutscenes. But the best thing is the whole concept of a world inhabited by stacking dolls, just like the Russian ones. Every doll has a special ability, related to its role and appearance. And the dolls actually stack, which means a smaller doll can enter into a one size larger doll, thus gaining control over it. This innovative concept allows you to assume different roles in order to use their skills and receive different reactions from other dolls you will be meeting in your quest, because other dolls react differently to different dolls you will be controlling. This game plays on your emotions, moving from amusing to touching, and engages you into a long quest for the lost family. And if it is not enough, you're getting an additional adventure in an included expansion, which allows you to spend even more time in the land of stacking dolls.


Fun, Quirky, Simple

IchiVanilla | July 20, 2013 | See all IchiVanilla's reviews »

This is a great game to play when you don't want to have to learn a ton of complex controls, leveling schemes, etc. that you find in most games these days. That is not to say it doesn't make you think, some of the puzzles are quite hard to figure out. What is nice is you won't get stuck on any level and end up rage-quitting because each level has at least one really easy solution to each puzzle, allowing you to advance forward. Getting every alternate solution however is harder. The "stacking dolls" gameplay mechanic is unique and rewarding. Overall if you want a light-hearted, quirky platformer/puzzler from double-fine, pick this game up. It's not psychonauts, but it's still got tim schafer's charm.



drafek | June 17, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

This game does look really unique, the details in the game is done really well. The game reminds me of 1946-1960 around those years. The game does have alot of puzzles they're sometimes really hard to solve, but if you think long enough you can solve it. The soundtracks of the game are done really well, It took me a while to get into the game but after some minutes I was into the game and ready to go.


Really Good

massi2323 | May 11, 2013 | See all massi2323's reviews »

When I first saw that the game was about russian nesting dolls, I was quite skeptical, however once I began solving puzzles and discovering the unique dolls, I fell in love with the game. It has an amazing sense of humour just from the dolls appearances and their special abilities which are integral to the puzzle solving. The puzzles tend to be a bit on the easy side at times, since it often feels like certain character does a certain thing, which triggers the solution, but since there are multiple solutions finding all of them is the true challenge and will take longer. The graphics are not anything special, but the simple elegance of the world and the dolls is enjoyable. The gameplay is very simple and intuitive, and playing with a controller felt good, but I don't know how the keyboard controls feel. The story and the game's style make you care about the characters from the get go and you feel like you've accomplished something and did good at the end of each level. All in all another fine outing from Double Fine.



Jugheads88 | March 24, 2013 | See all Jugheads88's reviews »

The game is really great in a whole bunch of ways. There are many puzzles to be solved, the details are great in the game, and the story was really well planned out. The dolls are really nice and detailed with their own personality. The game has some really great graphics and soundtracks to fit in the game. The world looks stunningly beautiful, and the sounds are brilliant. This game has a really good story through the puzzles and dolls in the game.' Overall this was a great game. The graphics, story and audio are amazing, and the game has some really good sense of humor from the dolls.