Reviews for Damnation


Rather bad due to bugs.

Furrek | Feb. 3, 2016 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Imagine a mix of Gears of War and Prince of Persia in steampunk setting. Sound great, huh? That what I was expecting from Damnation. It tried. Very hard. But sadly, failed. Probably enjoyed it a little only because of co-op option, so if you are looking for just a game to play with someone, you can try it. Still, you will have more fun seeing how buggy and bad this game is. There will be characters which will be stuck somewhere - like "bad guy" running in front of wall for some reason, or somebody from your team shooting also in wall. It happens but most annoying thing is when you fall down from some really high place, or you will land outside a game territory AND you will spawn in same place... oh god. I can't remember how many times I needed to start over because I was running underground, or landed in some strange place which was marked as my new spawnpoint, where I could move an inch in any direction. If only this stuff could be fixed, it would be much better game. I mean, story is rather dull, nothing special on graphics/music but it was kinda fun running, finding your way, jumping from one place to another. And co-op option is what made it double fun. I wouldn't mind to see someday another game like that but only POLISHED one, where bugs and stuff doesn't annoy you every few minutes. Sadly, I can't recommend this game.


Expected something more from Codemasters.

hateah | July 27, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

The game is kinda good, for the fan of good classics. The movement system is kinda wooden and there isn't that much flexibility in the movement, but the shooting and aiming compensate for the movement system. There are some hard missions where you have to loot a lot in order to find the right way.. but once you find it and continue to the other missions, on your way to finishing the game you realise it was worth it. The sound system is good imo, the graphics are kinda old for a game released at 2009, they couldve made them a little bit more realistic. You will enjoy the game and get used to it's minuses. Sometimes you might rage cause you shoot an enemy with 2 clips and he is still not dead, and then you die, but yeah that's how the game is made. The mainstory is interesting, the cinematics too,theres nothing else I can add. The other is left in your hands.


Feels Like a Lacking Version of Gears of War

thegaminglyfe | June 20, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Damnation feels very similar to Gears of War in different ways like the cover system. But unlike Gears of War, there are flaws everywhere. The AI is absolutely horrible and they take too many bullets to kill. Even the weakest AI takes a lot of bullets. The graphics are bad with low resolution textures and bad animations. The sounds are horrible. But somehow this game still manages to be fun. The gameplay is very fun, especially in co-op when you're trying to take out bosses. If you really enjoyed games like Gears of War and want a game with a similar system to it, Damnation is the game for you.


Unique and interesting

kalil | June 14, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

It is a game that deserves to be played. The innovative gameplay quite commonly in this genero.Lo that we were doing in Prince of Persia now we can recreate fairly entretenida.Eso if jodido.Talvez shoot it would have been better to use the camera on the shoulder rather than on the head, and leading to less precision.Aunque shoot when mastered through the game is quite fun. The technology and the graphics are typical for the time, although they are neither polentosos or "squares" are quite aceptables.Lo not forgive are the scenes because the game development team had previously developed two films, so you see pathetic and pointless scenes in the game has no explanation. The music is very well done, although very repetitiva.Muchos fighting share the same music, is that these parts are separated by the vertical dominated more and more exploration that encounters with enemies. Innovation is what most stands this juego.Si While the story may seem very generic (a wealthy and powerful that stands as a dictator, and a group of rebels who try to overthrow) the steampunk and western ambience is very uncommon in games. Conclusion: I would buy, perhaps because in addition to a long campaign and small errors such as poor AI, a camera incorrectly programmed and gameplay a little sloppy, has a competitive multiplayer mode coperativo and diversion.No prolonging find another game as this in this generation.


Most underrated game of Codemasters

spycid | June 14, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

I don't know why people say bad things about this game. I loved the game except the story. If you take the gameplay into account you can like this game. Sure it takes a lot of bullets to defeat some of the most weakest AIs then again which modern game doesn't? Anyways those gamers who love third person shooter and action-adventure they should give it a try cause I'm sure there is no game like Damnation.


Just bad

barniman | March 30, 2013 | See all barniman's reviews »

This is one of those games that you should just miss, you can only find better entertainment. Damnation was supposed to be a free mod before Codemasters picked it up and financed it to make a full-fledged game, but I guess the game's development really didn't go the way they wanted to. Damnation uses the Unreal 3 engine but this is by far the worst use of this engine i've ever encountered. The textures are low-res, there's constant screen tearing. The sounds are equally terrible, i'm pretty sure the game was made from a very limited budget and they couldn't use adequate equipment for recording. Naturally all could be forgiven if the game was fun, but it just isn't. Shooting is terrible, everything feels lifeless and you'll get bored really fast.