Reviews for FINAL FANTASY XI Ultimate Collection: Seekers Edition (NA)


My first and last MMO

Kalmado | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all Kalmado's reviews »

I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy series and when a coworker introduced me to this game I fell in love with it instantly. Similar to past FF games, the job system is what really makes this game fun. Graphics were good for when the game was released, but have gradually fell behind. Music is top notch. After playing for some time I grew disenchanted with playing. Not because of the game, but because I couldn't base my time around others to play a game. Being new to MMO I didn't understand how this worked and when I realized the time needed to try and be the best at the game I was disappointed. I do not dock points off of the game for this, but I feel it's needed to be said. After some time game play was dumbed down a bit and made more "solo player" friendly, but by this time I had enough of MMO style gaming and put it down. It's a great experience if you have the time to play and great bang for your buck.


My first MMO

PeppaJ6 | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all PeppaJ6's reviews »

I remember first hearing about this title back around 2001 in a gaming magazine thinking, "Final Fantasy... as an online game?? That's awesome!" This game was technically the first MMO I'd ever gotten into. I say this today as an avid MMO player with experience that draws back to about 2004. Back then, this was the title I'd stayed up playing until 6 am. I couldn't get enough! The gameplay was top notch for its time - I remember this also being my first experience with an auction house, which came pretty easily to an inexperienced MMO player. The graphics were pretty good for its time, too, and the game was filled with recognizable mobs and summons you'd expect from a Final Fantasy title. I even rebuilt one of my old computers just so I could play this! All in all, being a part of this game was a very good experience, and from what I hear, this game is still going very strong today with the players who refuse to make the transition to Final Fantasy XIV.


Like a Vacation To an Exotic Land

AkaRai | May 28, 2013 | See all AkaRai's reviews »

Final Fantasy XI was Square's first attempt at an MMORPG, and is still their most successful -though I was personally pretty fond of Fantasy Earth Zero. It's so far weathered pretty well in a market flooded with MMOs, and it's not just because of the name attached to it. As you would expect from Square, FFXI is in most regards a very well put together game. The atmosphere, lore, art style, design, graphics (for when the game was originally made) and music are all quite fantastic, top rate all around. The game mechanics are built of an established, popular and high quality series so in theory they all work very well as well, I don't know if I can say they translated very well to the MMO scene however. In the Final Fantasy series, you pretty much always fight in a group. Sometimes groups of 3 or 4, sometimes 6. Because the job system is maintained and the jobs are all dependent on eachother and they wanted the experience to feel like a Final Fantasy game, that's the case here too, meaning this isn't really a game where you can go it alone. If you're a loner, if you like to do quests by yourself, this is not the game for you. You cannot progress in the game without others. You need parties, you need guilds, you need friends. The upside to this is that FFXI as a result has one of the best communities of any online game I've played. If you don't get along with others, you won't get very far in the game. There are of course many downsides to depending on others though. I remember hours of boredom waiting for a party in the dunes, hiding from monsters and pulling them one at a time to groups of six to slowly level up to move on to the next area and repeat the process. Personally, the combat left a lot to be desired for me. However, I kept playing, and I realized after a while it was more the world the game took place in than the game itself I was enjoying. I enjoyed traveling to a new location on a Chocobo, I enjoyed the boat from Mhuara, and occasionally sneaking out onto the decks to watch as it was sieged by skeletons. I remember spending a day relaxing, just having my character go fishing while I did other things online. To me at least, FFXI was more of a vacation than anything else.


Hard to go wrong with a Final Fantasy title

Cooberstooge | May 6, 2013 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

These are truly the grandaddies of what most of us have come to know as Japanse-styled RPGs. Although many came before them, Final Fantasy games are just something you know will be good. Square Enix has done a few bad titles over the years, but FFXI most certainly is not one of them. Graphics here aren't top-notch, but that is what makes this run so well. The design of the characters and creatures you fight with and against are great, but they look as though they were pulled from a title from around 2009 - the style this brings with it though suits the game, and makes the player feel connected to previous titles from the past. Combat is solid, as is every other aspect of the game thanks to a control scheme older players of the series will be familiar with. Voice acting and soundtrack are great, as one would expect from an FF title - one wishes they included the music in a separate download, some of the included music is so enjoyable. Is this collection worth it for the addon items and quests? Yes, very much so. The expansion packs have added much time to my game, although I recommend playing through the default quests first, then looping back to do the new ones. If you've never played a Final Fantasy title before, there's no better way to get into the series than with this collection. It's cheap for the amount of stuff jammed inside, and doesn't give that big of a helping hand to new players either - a nice switch from these little "god mode for noobs" addons most titles bring out nowadays. A solid buy, this one.