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Worth The Buy

ravestar | June 15, 2013 | See all ravestar's reviews »

This is similiar to other click and move games by Youda, it's mindless fun where you compete against the speed of the task involved. In Fisherman, you control a fishing harbor and boats to hunt fish and then turn them into other goods. You can sell them for gold or wood, which is required to maintain the machinery that power the boats. The obstacle comes in the form of pirates ship which you can defend by building towers. So there's also a little element of tower defense gameplay, which get challeneging in the latter stages. The speed get kinda frantic as you progress with the mutiple tasks of handling the boat, fishing, pirates and wood. This game is worth a buy if you are into this type of game, which is based on fast paced clicking, sure to generate fun and laughter for kids and adults alike.