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Fun Game That's Worth A Look

ravestar | June 15, 2013 | See all ravestar's reviews »

Youda Survivor involve being on a island and fighting for surivial. The island is beautiful looking and the story involve you being a hero that came to help the people on the island . This is a fun and energetic game that is challenging enough without being frustrating. The game is presented in a non serious comical style and the storyline doesn't go very deep at all. The main component is the gameplay which invovles....managing chickens and using their eggs to create various goods. You also get to summon rain and the wind, while digging water holes. The next task is to collect food, brew portions and fighting against pirates. Overall this game is more complex than others similiar ones by Youda. It involves controlling the energy levels for doing each tasks. When there's no more energy left, you have to restart the level. Another element is the time and weather will affect you, for example hot weather leds to you being dehydrated faster. As usual, this is a type of game you either love or hate. The concept is very straightforward and replay value depend on the gamers. If you enjoy click and move games, then this is the right one to buy.