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Fun Little Game

ravestar | April 29, 2013 | See all ravestar's reviews ยป

This is a neat simulation where you take on the challenge of being a sushi chef who has to meet the various orders of customers. If there's one Word to describe the game: FUN!

The game involve mixing a combination of specific meats and veggie with rice to make different sushi. Plus you'll also have to order new ingredients which takes up time.. This game is about SPEED. You'll have to point and click with the mouse at pace as the amount of orders increase, but accuracy is also important. If you mess up 1 ingredient out of 8 required, the whole sushi could become worthless

It takes a while to remember the various formula for different sushi types, but once you do, it's much faster to roll them onto the conveyor belt..

Along the way, you'll get upgrades in equipment and environment. Better equipment means faster process of making sushi, while the upgraded environment makes your customer more willing to wait before they give up on the order.

The presentation is also authentic, it looks and sound like a sushi restaurant, from the equipment to the sound effects.

The drawback of the game is that it's repetitive nature. You get to play in 6 restaurants which offers hours of gameplay, but there's not much variety in the environment and challenge. It's all about serving the sushi faster and faster as you advance.

Verdict: It's a fun game if you are up for testing reflexes and speed of reaction. The graphics, audio and gameplay combine to make a good gaming experience.