Reviews for Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake


Nice addition but misses the mark

taigatsu | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all taigatsu's reviews »

Conceptually, this add on had so much more potential than what it actually gives. Taking the undercover protagonist from the base game, throwing him into a uniform and making him walk a beat seems like a great twist, but not enough is done with the idea. The game plays the situation too seriously to have any fun with the idea, but doesn't go into enough depth to make it more engaging. It also misses the mark when it comes to how it handles the Chinese New Year's celebration - other than a few case files mentioning holiday traditions and a couple of lion dancers, you would have no idea that this was set during the celebration. Mechanically, not much is really added either. Using your taser and handcuffing suspects is a nice touch, but there is no real incentive to take a less violent approach. You can flash your badge and commandeer a car on the street, but all that means is that stealing a car takes longer while you wait for the animation to play out. Compared to Nightmare in North Point, there is at least a greater variety in the missions, but nothing that you haven't already seen in the main game. You'll be chasing suspects on foot, get in a couple fire fights and race cars into the bay before they explode. Some of the content you will unlock that carries over to the main game is nice - a red silk kung fu outfit that allows you to parry easier and plant bombs in the trunks of cars, a SWAT outfit that reduces damage by 50% and the beat cop outfit are good, if not particularly inspiring, additions. You'll get more mileage out of the game if you haven't had enough already, and there's more on tap here than in Nightmare in North Point, but be aware that this DLC is still fairly limited in scope.


2 hours of the same

KingMassive | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all KingMassive's reviews »

This DLC lasts about 2 hours and repeats itself over and over again, though the missions do vary more than in the previous two DLC's. You really don't care about the story and it feels out of place, since it's not playable in the main game, you have to choose Year of the Snake from the main menu, and you really don't get nothing useful for the main game after finishing this. And worst part is the ending, which all about shooting and this game doesn't do shoot out's that well. In the end, if you want more Sleeping Dogs, buy this but not at the full price. It is not worth the money.


The final story DLC leaves something to be desired

Nivear | July 26, 2013 | See all Nivear's reviews »

While Sleeping Dogs itself is fantastic in all aspects, the Year of the Snake DLC, while longer than both Nightmare in North Point and Zodiac Tournament doesn't pay tribute to an aspect of Hong Kong cinema which causes it to feel lacking in purpose. You spend your time as Wei Shen after the main story. He has been demoted to a traffic cop but stumbles upon a cult wreaking havoc around the island on New Years Eve. It starts off up-beat but eventually grows repetitive and since it lacks a few of the elements that make the main game special and great for the player (such as the ability to call a valet to get a vehicle when stranded) I think unless you absolutely love Sleeping Dogs this DLC can be given a miss. A few of the missions are hard to figure out as they don't give you directives on where to take rigged cars/vans. That said it is still a great experience for lovers of the game and when completed you unlock a few of the cop outfits that can be used in the main game, so it's certainly not a waste on all fronts, just that the narrative of Year of the Snake lacks the personality that the main narrative of Sleeping Dogs oozed.


Should have been in the police case

onewinged90 | June 15, 2013 | See all onewinged90's reviews »

This DLC is short mind you, but further extended if you aim to complete and earn every achievement this add-on has to offer. This particular DLC could have been in the police case of the base game, which will add more depth into the police cases. The new weapons of tear gas gun and night stick is a welcome addition. But then somewhere in the middle the missions could get repetitive especially the side missions as well as certain parts of the main mission which feels awfully similar.


Die Hard in Hong Kong.

Profoundly_Mad | April 22, 2013 | See all Profoundly_Mad's reviews »

Year of the Snake is a DLC that continues where the main game left off, albeit it isn't a direct sequel to the events of the main game. The premise of the game is taking down a doomsday cult who have planted bombs all over Hong Kong and it is Officer Wei Shen's job to track down the cultists, apprehend them using new weapons such as a taser and tear gas gun and stop the bombs from killing civilians. It's a fun experience but ultimately feels a bit repetitive towards the end. If you liked Sleeping Dogs and want more of the same, this is a good DLC to get.


Continuing the story, without continuing the game.

Coolicy | March 28, 2013 | See all Coolicy's reviews »

Year of the Snake is a standalone DLC experience much like Nightmare in North Point. The content itself is enjoyable, even though the whole journey is a little short. The story picks up after Wei Shen's main story, but does not require you to finish the game before playing. Year of the Snake's story is unrelated to Sleeping Dog's main campaign except that Wei Shen has done his undercover work. The enemy faction has no relation to the Sun On Yee or 18K, but is its own cult that lacks personality. You're just told that there are bad guys doing bad things and you have to stop them, and the mastermind is extremely one dimensional and boring. You get allies for missions from time to time, but these allies suck and can barely help you. You get 2 new outfits in this game, the patrol cop and the SDU uniform, both of which can be unlocked for the main game after completion. That would be the only worthwhile thing that connects the SD base game with this DLC. The formula is really more of the same, melee fights here, gun fight there, and throw in the occasional chase scene. It's really the well execution of these aspects that make Sleeping Dogs a fun game. I can really only recommend this DLC pack for fans of the game like myself. Those who liked the SD base game but aren't too impressed can skip this DLC.