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Good Addition to the Series

maddocks2379 | May 5, 2013 | See all maddocks2379's reviews »

Having played Bioshock 1 & 2 in the space of a few weeks it was infinite's turn. The graphics in this are stunning at times (mainly due to the lighting used) The combat is pretty poor which is a shame, most combat takes place in arenas and isn't very well executed. The saving grace is the story and gets quite interesting as you progress. while i really missed rapture and found Columbia not as interesting, Bioshock infinite is a worthy addition and is worth a play


Definitely worth playing

waylaide | May 4, 2013 | See all waylaide's reviews »

I found the story a little predictable but the storytelling itself was awesome. You can see a lot of effort put into the AI and it just opens up avenues of gameplay that are fresh and original. Kind of lost that horror element as compared to the original but still as kickass when it comes to FPS. Definitely one of the must-play games of the year if you're into shooters. I would recommend playing at hard difficulty to experience the diverse potential of the game.



georgecopos | May 4, 2013 | See all georgecopos's reviews »

"Booker, are you afraid of God?" No, but i'm afraid of overrated games... While Bioshock Infinite is a good game, dosent rise up to the hype created around the game by journalists with a score on metacritic of 9.6 on PC. The game world is lineal with little to no liberty of movement. Very demanding graphics which are far from being up to 2013 standards. The story is predictable to some degree and not that interesting, Irrational Games used very sensible subjects in the matter of story: religion and racism but as interesting as it sounds is actually not, its obvious they were afraid to use this subjects at their full potential and the story lacks depth on top of this the atmosphere is not quite what i expected from a Bioshock game (sick, dark, twisted) and the ending, well lets say they had the posibility to make hundreds of endings instead the game has one which dosent even make all that much sense... I was expecting characters at the level of Andrew Ryan, Fountain, Dr. Steinman and Sander Cohen, instead i got a girl who throws coins at me and diaries of boring people. Elizabeth is an interesting character, i can say this, but one is not enough. And for an FPS the shooting in game is quite a letdown, the weapons dont have weight, the shooting dosent feel right, the combat suffers a lot because of this and considering there is a lot of action, this drags the game down more. Dont get me wrong the game is not bad, there are some top quality things in it like the sound and the artistic design, but that's not enough for a triple A game. But overall, my impression about this is that Bioshock Infinite is one of those extremely overrated games that come every once in a while and most of people will remember them as genre saviors (later on as classics), like Crysis or Far Cry 3, but to me will always be deep in the shadow of Bioshock, one of the greatest FPS games i ever played.


Just Brilliant

Grunt636 | May 4, 2013 | See all Grunt636's reviews »

I loved the first two bioshock games and was a bit skeptical about buying this as it isn't set in rapture but I am sure glad I bought it. The setting is amazing, it just looks and feels so immersive even though your thousands of miles in the air. It has a brilliant story which will have you thinking about it for hours afterwards. The combat is standard first person shooter if you just use your guns but combine them with your vigors and it becomes very fun indeed. There is also a unlockable 1999 mode which is insane difficulty which I am currently loving. In my opinion I say stop reading reviews and buy it.


What Can I Say

Darlizzle | May 3, 2013 | See all Darlizzle's reviews »

Well what can I say about Bioshock Infinite - HOT DAMN. Ok lets get the obvious out of the way first, I played the game on Hard (i think this is a damn good way to play the game) and finished it in just under 15 hours. Short, but then again Bioshock 1 and 2 weren't any different really. What you get for those 15 hours is a pure gem of a first person shooter. Elizabeth is one of the best companions ever written into a game - some truly thought provoking moments with her, without getting in the way when in combat (she actually helps you out by finding ammo etc during a fight). And the story, oh my word, what a story. From start to finish your in a gorgeous world that befits a flying city (rapture before rapture became hell). I finished the game in a marathon 3 hour final play and wouldn't have done it any other way. Those final 3 hours are some of the best and mind bending in a game - more so than the original Bioshock's finale. I bought Bioshock here for £23 odd, and just picked up the Season Pass for Under £10 as well. I would happily have paid full price for the thrill ride that is Bioshock Infinite.


Great game with its flaws

sonarctica | May 3, 2013 | See all sonarctica's reviews »

I liked this game, to a point. It did have its flaws like a slow beginning or the story not telling itself that well during the game. Felt like the game had way too much shooting in it, don't get me wrong, it's fun... but not if you have boring weapons with boring upgrades. The vigors weren't that great either and I found myself often not using them at all which the game kept reminding me of by displaying hints saying to not forget using them. All in all the game was worth playing at least for the ending but I doubt I will be touching it any time soon.


To infinity and beyond

eareboucas | May 2, 2013 | See all eareboucas's reviews »

If you are a fan of epic videogame stories, Bioshock Infinite should be on the top of your "to play" list. Add to that an insanely good sense of art direction and the ridiculously awesome (but at the same time disturbing) world of Columbia, which can easily absorb you for hours. This game rivals the previous entries in the series in terms of quality, although I did find the combat scenarios a little lacking and not very exciting. But as a whole, Infinite is an incredible achievement that I'd easily recommend to anyone.


You Need To Buy This Game!

kurisusutoraiku | April 29, 2013 | See all kurisusutoraiku's reviews »

I love this game, and I'm not going to say it's perfect and give it 100/100, because it's not, it has a few problems, but they are easily overlooked when you look at the rest of the game. The graphics are superb, the AI are very intelligent (especially Elizabeth, the best character in the game in my opinion). The story is fantastic. The game is a bit on the short side though, only taking me 14 hours to finish and I was exploring a lot. Overall this game is worth every penny and you need to buy it.



0SamUK0 | April 27, 2013 | See all 0SamUK0's reviews »

Bioshock Infinite is an absolutely stellar game. The game takes place in the year 1912 in the city of Columbia, an incredibly beautiful floating city which provides a truly unique and enjoyable setting for the game. Like the previous Bioshock games, it is linear, but you are given many rooms/areas to explore along the way, which will grant you loot such as ammo/money/gear and voxophones, which are like the audio tapes from Bioshock 1 and 2. A new addition to the series seen in this game is "gear". You have several slots that you can equip gear to, hat, chest, legs, etc... Gear can be found in many places throughout the game, and many will be missed if you do not explore. Each piece of gear you find will provide you with different bonuses such as 50% chance of enemies being ignited from a melee attack, or a speed boost for a short period of time after using a sky-line. Gear could be thought of as the equivalent to the gene tonics found in Bioshock 1. It's very much worth exploring every little nook and cranny of the levels even if you aren't in need of ammo or money, simply due to the incredible level of detail that has gone into making each area, which makes taking your time and exploring an absolute joy. You can go through the game without exploring at all, but you would be missing out on a huge part of what makes this game so great. It has been said by many that the weakest part of this game is the combat, and while I agree it is certainly the area of the game which could be improved the most, I still found using all of the vigors ( like plasmids from the previous games) to help me in combat enjoyable, and the hand cannon (a very powerful pistol) was very satisfying to use. While not awful, the variety of weapons available could certainly have been much improved, you would expect a game with such an incredible setting like Columbia to have an array of unique and interesting weapons to go along with it, but this just isn't the case. The weapon upgrade system is also very simple, with boring upgrades such as +25% damage, or more bullets in each magazine. Another unique and well implemented part of the game is the sky-lines. Sky-lines are rails which can be found all over the city, which you can attach yourself to and then use them as a form of transport to help you get around the area quickly, give you access to areas you would otherwise not be able to get to, and can also help you in combat, allowing you to escape or ambush enemies from above. Elizabeth is your companion that travels with you throughout the game. Her AI is great, she will look at things around the room, comment on them and interact with them on occasion. This makes exploring even more enjoyable. She will also point out lock picks you can pick up and then use them to unlock doors for you. This replaces the hacking found in the previous Bioshock games, which I personally think is a shame, as with the lock picking you have no interaction/challenge whatsoever aside from pressing E to tell her to open it. She can bring in things like cover, health kits and other items to help you in combat by opening tears which you tell her to open. You can only have one tear open at a time, so will often have to choose between some cover or a sentry turret for example. She will also provide you with health kits, salts, money and ammo when needed. The story is fantastic from start to finish, I won't go into any details here to avoid spoilers, but it is a truly unique story that everyone should experience, and manages to keep up the excitement throughout, there simply isn't a dull moment to be had. Overall this is an absolutely incredible game from start to finish, and while the combat and weapon variety could definitely be improved, the gripping story and beautifully unique setting more than make up for it.


Game of the Year so far

Spence1115 | April 27, 2013 | See all Spence1115's reviews »

OK, played and completed this, and am waiting to have the time to go back through again. Brilliant game. It's beautiful, the story is wonderful, it's incredibly immersive, the music will make you want the soundtrack. It's definitely an improvement on Bioshock 2. Better than Bioshock though? I don't know. I'd say overall its as good, as it doesn't have the same drag that the first game experienced towards the end, but the story may not be as good. Better ending though. Overall about the same I guess. The story gives you plenty to discuss as well, which is excellent.


A masterpiece, in every way.

MauroR | April 27, 2013 | See all MauroR's reviews »

I want to tell you thing first. I was skeptical to buy it since I have a very old computer with 2GB and I still was using Windows XP. I was also very upset since I couldn't play it without Windows Vista or Windows 7. I told myself "I must try to install Windows 7 and play this great game" and I did it. I was worried that Windows 7 was too "heavy" for my PC, but I've tried several games Windows Vista/7 only and I found out that they worked great, so I loaded my credit card and bought this game. I was amazed that it ran smooth with medium/high detail without any issue and I let my mind immerse in thel world of Bioshock Infinite. I've loved the first two titles really much, the atmosphere, the settings, the storytelling, I've loved everything and this last one didn't disappoint me. Columbia it's a beautiful, dangerous, and mysterious world to explore even if you don't have the ultimate gaming machine, so stop reading my crappy review and buy it. :)


An Excellent Shooter

sovalopivia | April 27, 2013 | See all sovalopivia's reviews »

Pros - Beautiful Style - Excellent Storytelling - Fun Combat Mechanics Cons - Needlessly Gory - Difficulty Spikes - NPCs are mostly just Set-Dressing


An epic experience

iEqua | April 27, 2013 | See all iEqua's reviews »

Sometimes, a game is so much good that you want it never ends. Bioshock Infinite is one of these games. And unlike others FPS, it is long : around 13 hours for my first playtrough, and without forget the replay-value : once the game finished, you unlock the "1999 Mode" which is really difficult and change the perspective of the gameplay ; and another one for find all the hidden objects, which are part of the universe. The gameplay is the same as the previous Bioshocks, exept you can only carry 2 weapons, and the plasmids are replaced by tonics (the same thing, just the name change). The gunfights become more nervous, like what we expect from a FPS, but this Bioshock is more memorable for his storyline. The universe of Columbia, Elizabeth and the Prophet are just fascinating. And we always want to know more, to understand... Sometimes you just stop and admire the view, because the city is beautiful... and it's not. Like in the others Bioshock, the utopia isn't one, and that's why this game is a masterpiece : a critiscism of society, with fun, and a complex story. Buy it, you won't regret !


Great story, great graphics and really boring gameplay.

HakxZ | April 25, 2013 | See all HakxZ's reviews »

This game was definitely worth experiencing but if I would make the choice about buying this game again I would probably not. The gameplay was really boring most of the time and they have removed so many great things about the other bioshocks it doesn't even feel like a bioshock game. For example you can only have 2 weapons with you at all times, why do so many games keep doing this?? In some games this is okey, like for example an MMS like Cod (I am not a cod fanboy) this makes sense since all enemies die by one headshot on all difficulties. But in bioshock and other games like it, this is not the case Another bad thing about this game is the save system, on Pc atleast they should have put in a quick save system like the other bioshocks. Then you could quick save right before a fight and try to get trough the fight without dieing which would make the game so much better. However that will probably not be enough to justify buying the game, the gunplay may be a little tighter than in the other bioshocks but the thing is most of the weapons you can have are incredibly boring, and the upgrades are even more boring. In the first game every upgrade changed the weapons looks in some way which made upgrading at least a little more enjoyable. Now the plasmids (or tonics) are actually pretty interesting and fun, like the one that makes crows attack your enemies or the one that makes you able to turn one of your enemies against its friends and take suicide afterwards. The graphics and aesthetic are amazing, unfortunately i did not think the atmosphere was even near as good as in the other bioshocks. The truth is even tough the story is amazing, with so many problems I would recommend that people watch a let's play or something of this game instead of buying it, and if you think the gameplay looks good anyway, buy it when it is cheaper.


Great story, great graphics and really boring gameplay.

HakxZ | April 25, 2013 | See all HakxZ's reviews »

This game was definitely worth experiencing but if I would make the choice about buying this game again I would probably not. The gameplay was really boring most of the time and they have removed so many great things about the other bioshocks it doesn't even feel like a bioshock game. For example you can only have 2 weapons with you at all times, why do so many games keep doing this?? In some games this is okey, like for example an MMS like Cod (I am not a cod fanboy) this makes sense since all enemies die by one headshot on all difficulties. But in bioshock and other games like it, this is not the case Another bad thing about this game is the save system, on Pc atleast they should have put in a quick save system like the other bioshocks. Then you could quick save right before a fight and try to get trough the fight without dieing which would make the game so much better. However that will probably not be enough to justify buying the game, the gunplay may be a little tighter than in the other bioshocks but the thing is most of the weapons you can have are incredibly boring, and the upgrades are even more boring. In the first game every upgrade changed the weapons looks in some way which made upgrading at least a little more enjoyable. Now the plasmids (or tonics) are actually pretty interesting and fun, like the one that makes crows attack your enemies or the one that makes you able to turn one of your enemies against its friends and take suicide afterwards. The graphics and aesthetic are amazing, unfortunately i did not think the atmosphere was even near as good as in the other bioshocks. The truth is even tough the story is amazing, with so many problems I would recommend that people watch a let's play or something of this game instead of buying it, and if you think the gameplay looks good anyway, buy it when it is cheaper.


A Masterpiece Game.

Andstani | April 25, 2013 | See all Andstani's reviews »

Bioshock Inifinite has been known for a few years now and ever since it was revealed anybody who played the original Bioshock should have known that this game was destined to be a monumental success. In the original Bioshock you where plunged into the depths of a fallen utopia, dark and sinister. With Infinite you are launched to new heights of gaming. Infinite follows Bioshocks foot steps in greatness and then ascends it. From the first few lines of dialogue you are drawn into an amazing story, given only the tiny amount of knowledge of what you are doing from the famous line "bring us the girl, wipe away the debt" and the game never once lets you forget these words as the story simply gets richer and richer. This game hits the perfect spot of reality that after not too long you kind of forget that you are in a flying city because it is just so real. You can easily believe that Columbia could be a real place. The city itself is filled with so many different aspects that make it real, it suits the time period its set in. The combat on this game admittedly isn't 10/10 but it defiantly gains in variety as you progress though the game acquiring more weapons and vigors to add to your arsenal. The enemies that you encounter make for some interesting interactions with the area you fight in especially once Elizabeth comes into the game. Elizabeth is by far my favorite companion in any game and that isn't something I can easily say after playing the Mass Effect games right through multiple times. At times I felt like I was the escort mission. If she leaves you for a mere few minutes you will notice a great different ranging from her throwing you supplies to her pointing out areas to go look for loot. The reason I don't give a game like this a 100% score is due to some issues but are so minor in comparison to how amazing everything else is. For example in the original Bioshock you could see your weapon physically change when you upgrade its magazine size for example but there is no such thing in Infinite. You don't really get any warning on one of the biggest/hardest fights on the game resulting in multiple deaths if you don't have ammo / salts ready although who wants to know when something big is going to happen? And why isn't everyone else using Vigors? I went under the assumption that they are relatively difficult to get your hands on due to their power which I was happy with. This game is a pure Masterpiece and should be written into the books of Gaming History along with the Original Bioshock. I could not agree more with the statement. "It was not impossible to build it in the sky, it was impossible to build it anywhere else."


A masterpiece

TheDeathKiller | April 25, 2013 | See all TheDeathKiller's reviews »

The game struck me as entertaining, beautiful, and intense at moments. I absolutely love the storyline and have fallen in love with Elizabeth's character. It's true about what the others are saying about its length, but to be honest, it really completes the story within a reasonable amount of time. Story, story, story. I don't want a story to drag on longer than it has to but I was sad that it ended abruptly. But that happens sometimes, with a good movie or a miniseries, and you're just left in awe, about the experience you had just had with the movie/game/show. The visuals, the characters, the plot, will have a lasting impression on me. I love a good story and am glad to have played this game.


First Look

BORODUWICZ | April 25, 2013 | See all BORODUWICZ's reviews »

I have only played an hour of Bioshock Infinite but thus far the game has been stunning. The visuals are sumptuous, the art direction superb, the voice acting close to perfect and the whole thing has been lavished with love. I have visited every part of the extraordinarily imaginative world that has thus far been placed before me. There is such detail in the environment - I literally stopped to examine the flora and was drawn to a local park where a barbershop quartet sang a beautiful rendition of 'God Only Knows' and I was genuinely disappointed when the song ended and the troubadors moved on. The vistas are magnificent and the implementation of the idea of a floating interconnected city is achieved with real bravado - this is the type of AAA gaming that is worth retaining.


Definitely in my top 5!

hampusramen | April 24, 2013 | See all hampusramen's reviews »

I really recommend this game to everyone! This is the best game I have played in a long time, the gameplay flows on so fluidly and you never get tired of battling enemy's because there are so many different ways, you can be a sniper and kill them from afar, use vigors and make them fight each other or give them a shotgun blast to the face! You can equipped powerful gear that give you special abilities like setting fire to anyone you hit! Elizabeth is the most amazing character in any game I have ever played, they have really succeeded when creating her, you really feel like you are in the game when you are speaking with her. I had to play this game two times to be able to fully understand the story because it is so mind blowing and the ending was amazing . If you haven't played this game yet, then what are you waiting for!?!


A rich experience that you MUST play!

Youshless | April 23, 2013 | See all Youshless's reviews »

Bioshock Infinite is a game of passion, precision, ambition and thought provoking narrative. The first thing you will notice about Bioshock Infinite is its saturated colours, detailed environments and living/breathing NPC's (None Player Character's). The place is alive and you can feel it! The graphics are gorgeous and perfectly stylised to give an authentic but refreshing art style that always seems to capture the mood of the moment and have your jaw dragging along the floor. The narrative here is probably one of the best in the games industry and its complexity can parallel the likes of Inception (Christopher Nolan). The dialogue feels meaningful and realistic, while mixing humour and other emotions effortlessly. The mechanics in the game are finely tuned and capture both realism and fantasy. From wielding a pistol to creating an elaborate set of traps you will not be disappointed by the quality of weaponry. However, if I was to be critical, I would say that the variety of mechanical and "magical" weapons can be a little underwhelming. I can understand that the reasoning behind this is to push the player to use both instead of focus on one (i.e. just use guns, or just use powers) but I would have appreciated a robust customisation tree for each gun/power. For example, levelling a certain power would allow a basic "skill tree" to manipulate how the power works. In this example the fire power could be used either defensively by creating firewalls etc. or more aggressively like fireballs or volcanic eruptions. This, I would agree, could have destroyed a lot of what makes this game so amazing and I do feel that every choice made in developing this game was justified. It's purely personal preference. To say that this aspect of the game was a disappointment would be a crime! The rail system which was sold as your main form of transportation in marketing the game was, unfortunately, not as I had expected. I was hoping to be able to move freely around the whole, or at least a large part of Columbia, using the rail system. This isn't the case. The rail mechanic is used for 2 major scenarios; to reach higher areas of environment, or, to circle a specific area during large shoot-outs. I have hope that the rail system is utilised on a grander scale in the upcoming DLC! Bioshock Infinite takes you into a world full of beauty, mystery, corruption, morality, humour, sadness, action and complexity. It does this in a way that I have never experienced before and find hard to believe I will for a very long time. My gripes with the rail system and weapons hold no bearing on the rating I give this game as this would remove the very point of Bioshock Infinite. Bioshock Infinite is a clever and exhilarating roller-coaster ride that you won't want to this game, enjoy it and then play it again. Oh and don't forget the season pass because there is plenty more of Columbia to see and feel!


Incredible game 10/10

gooneradnan92 | April 23, 2013 | See all gooneradnan92's reviews »

I have had bioshock 1 and 2 and I have been waiting for a long time for Bioshock Infinite. The gameplay is awesome, I love the different types of vigors and weapons and also how Elizabeth helps you during combat. The sky hooks/riders whatever they are (I forgot) bring a whole new dimension to the game and they are brilliant. To add to this the collectibles (if you bother to collect them all) are actually fun to collect, whereas on other games they are mostly a chore. The graphics are beautiful and the scenery is amazing. Storyline wise, it was a very interesting and brilliant story and the ending was fascinating. Has to be one of the best games I have ever played and one of my all time favourites.


Great game

Profoundly_Mad | April 22, 2013 | See all Profoundly_Mad's reviews »

Columbia is an absolute joy to explore despite the game being linear. The gameplay plays somewhat similarly to Bioshock 2 what with enabling you to use weapons and vigors at the same time. Graphically the game is decent but what really sets it above and beyond is the art direction which is nothing short of fantastic. Escorting Elizabeth isn't a problem at all as enemies don't go for her. If anything, she'll be escorting you as she uses her powers to give you an advantage in battle or throws you ammo or money to make you better prepared. The story isn't something that should be spoiled but seriously, you need to experience it for yourself. It will be talked about for years to come.


Great gameplay and storyline

soggehcookie | April 20, 2013 | See all soggehcookie's reviews »

Unlike the previous two Bioshocks, Bioshock Infinite has a much tighter gunplay; weapons feel and sound solid. Special abilities add much to the table as they vary from a skill that lets you summon a flock of ravens to confuse your enemies, to one that allows you to charge right into the fray. The game has an amazing atmosphere to it and music is phenomenal. From the time you step foot on Columbia your eyes will feast on backdrops that look absolutely stunning, while a soundtrack fitting what you see plays. The story at first feels generic, but as the player advances further they will find that not all is at it seems. You'll likely not find all the hidden tidbits stuffed into the game on your first playthrough, and definitely not grasp the story fully, so a second and third playthrough adds to the replayability of the game.


Probably the best game I have ever played

BubbaGump94 | April 11, 2013 | See all BubbaGump94's reviews »

Where do I start, from the moment you step into Columbia the game just looks amazing! The story line is very well played out, BioShock does not disappoint on delivering a solid campaign. The whole surrounding of BioShock is amazing, every where you go you find something new and fun to explore, the AI is truly brilliant, the best AI I think I have ever come across, you're able to interact with everyone and get information you may not get playing the main campaign. I suggest looking around and enjoy Columbia.


From now in my top ten!

abelfs | April 8, 2013 | See all abelfs's reviews »

Incredible experience. Though is more linear, this is the best Bioshock ever created with an improved combat system. The combos between the vigorizing powers are easy to performance (I used a XBOMX 360 pad), but I missed my beloved telekinesis. However, this is a subjetive opinion that does not affect the final result. Everything is perfect: atmosphere, visual style (I cannot believe that it was made with Unreal Engine 3), the story, the interaction with Elizabeth and the enemies with a nice AI, that unbelievable ending scene... GOTY for sure.


Buy this now or you will regret it!

DeeCodex | April 6, 2013 | See all DeeCodex's reviews »

By far one of the best games i played, if not the best. The story got everything what you dont expect of a Shooter these days and the World is the best in this genre, you just can't compete with this concept in his detail and architecture. The game sometimes even feels like an Rpg, because most of the people allways have to say something they are not just supernumerarys. Everyone needs to play this game, for me it's perfect. Bioshock Infinite... a milestone. Rating: 10 out of 10!!!



MarkDeejay | April 3, 2013 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Bioshock Infinite is one of the finest games I've ever seen and played. It is THAT amazing. But you don't need me telling you that. I'm sure that, by now, you've read all the reviews and came to that same conclusion without ever having played it. So... why haven't you ? I don't want to spoil anything concerning the story or anything else. Bioschock Infinite is something you need to experience yourself. I started playing this game knowing only the basics. I knew that it would take place in a flying city and that you would have to use guns and powers like the first Bioshock, but that's it. In fact, it reminded me a lot of the first Bioshock game, gameplay wise. Yes, it has changed, it is more modern, but the general idea is still the same, even if this game is nothing like the first one. But this time you get to use the Skyhook. And let me tell you; this is one cool device. The Skyhook allows you to travel by rails and also acts as a melee weapon as well. The city of Columbia isn't an open world, not entirely, so you can't go anywhere you like, but it will occasionally give you that impression. Bioshock Infinite is still a linear shooter, even though there's more room to move around this time. The graphics are brilliant. I've rarely seen a city as detailed as this one. And the lighting, oh, the lighting. The lighting made such an impression on me that it stopped me from moving every now and then just to feast my eyes on the beauty of it all. Add to that that the music is awesome (there are some really cool covers of 80's songs in there) and your companion Elizabeth never annoys you, but actually helps you, and you have one of fhe best games there is. Must have, no doubt about it !


Amazing overall game.

fable2 | March 30, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

I have finished the game, and it's definitely Bioshock but with more life and more variety. As gameplay goes, it's the same as Bioshock 2 with more variety. No little sisters to save, no healthpacks and plasmid items you can use to recover health and mana like previous Bioshock games, you know, the one that you can use in the middle of battle by injecting them to you, it's now replaced by health foods and kits that you have to get through the environment, you can use the mechanic hook to kill enemies and travel through the sky like the best roller coaster ride you ever had in your life which you can then use to drop down to an unsuspecting enemy bellow, the main character talks which adds a ton of personality missing from previous Bioshock game, the plasmids abilities are now replaced with Vigor which still kicks ass, Elizabeth can use her special ability to bring objects down to assist you in battle, and the city.... the only word I can perfectly use to describe it is I want to live here when my life is finished. THIS is what you call Heaven. It's worth the money just to buy the game to see the city here without doing anything. It's so awesome that I take screenshots to the scenery here more often than any other game on steam at least until things starts to blow up. One problem I have with this game is the graphical hiccups I keep on experiencing. The music in the game is great but in battle it really is not fitting at all. For the regular stroll around the environment it's fitting and beautiful, but when it comes to combat? It's just those stringy music horror theme from the first Bioshock. It works in that game because it takes place in a city overcome with madness and insanity, but in this game taking place in the sky where everything is epic incarnate, I expected something more epic and fitting. The final battle especially, so underwhelming with the song for that part. It's 10 times better with Ride of the Valkyrie. In fact that's what I want you guys to do: when it's time for the final battle, mute the music down and play Ride of the Valkyrie. It fits so well that I am laughing hard to enjoy the chaos I unleash. I expected the ending to end as it is because of the foreshadowing in the middle of the game, but that's because I've seen plenty of things with the twist. To you guys though, it's going to be mindblowing, and creepy as hell.


Welcome to Rap...ehm Colombia!!!

Xibalba | March 30, 2013 | See all Xibalba's reviews »

BioShock Infinite is an artistic masterpiece. Beautiful, suspenseful, and haunting at times; it captures a blending of history and myth to create something both wonderfully unique and familiar. Ambiance:This is where the game really shines. Story: As we all come to expect from Irrational, the plot of this game is bursting with rich parallels, powerful emotional imagery and an ending (brilliantly foreshadowed throughout) that will leave you both satisfied and begging for more.


Great game, though with a somewhat linear story.

Gishank | March 29, 2013 | See all Gishank's reviews »

Bioshock: Infinite like it's predecessors is a great game. It has a very gripping and meaty storyline. There are many mechanics that are clearly taken from it's predecessors, yet they blend seemlessly in to the world. Speaking of the world, it is VERY atmospheric and full of life. The only real negative point (without giving any spoilers) is that the storyline is rather linear and has very few choices of which have no real baring on what happens. Another negative point would be it requires you to listen to the various voxophones (collectables) scattered around the world if you want to truely understand what's going on. At any rate, it's still worth the current price GMG is selling it for.



kaneo123 | March 28, 2013 | See all kaneo123's reviews »

One of the best RPG's available as of now. I would quite happily class this game's storytelling and enjoyment alongside that of HL2 and Bastion, I can already foresee this game as GOTY 2013 so far. The shooting feels great, the shotgun knocks back enemies and head-shots blow off heads. Electrocutions make the enemies have spasms and fire makes enemies disintegrate. when using Bucking Bronco to launch enemies into the air you can feel their fear as you blast them away. The exhilarating adrenaline you receive zipping around the sky-lines and jumping onto unsuspecting enemies knocking them out of the world feels absolutely great. Characters and story are well fleshed out, they all know what they are doing and are voice acted well. i don't want to spoil story or anything with examples but Bioshock are not afraid to say anything in the game and it pays off. The enemies AI is outstanding, large "boss" enemies (similar to spitters, boomers etc from L4D, not bosses but more difficult) will emit an aura buffing nearby enemies who will gather at the enemy in its aura, not madly dashing and getting gunned down but moving from cover to cover. Friendly AI is also amazing, not once did my companion stand in my way, be needed to activate a cut scene or get stuck. (*cough* Bethesda *cough*) Graphics made my battle station whir while also working on many a system well optimized and looks stunning Deserves 97/100 only exception to make it not 100 must be the boring middle where you are simply fighting hordes, recommend playing on hard to make the game more tactical and slow you down to take in your surroundings.


Welcome to Columbia.

Stebsis | March 28, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Bioshock Infinite is without a doubt the best FPS and one of the best games I have ever played. If you're really sensitive about spoilers and have stayed away from the trailers and practically everything about this game, don't read this or any reviews, just buy the game if you like FPS games. I'm not spoiling anything outside of what trailers have shown and description have already said, especially not story bits, but I at least would've loved if I hadn't seen even one trailer of this and known what kind of world I was stepping into, because this world is simply amazing. You're playing as Booker DeWitt. You need to find this girl, Elizabeth, and bring her to some people to pay your dept. The opening reminds me of the first Bioshock, you arrive to an old lighthouse on a stormy night, but you don't go to a city under the sea, but high above into a floating city, the City of Columbia. When you arrive to Columbia, it all seems really nice, you walk around in a colorful garden dedicated to three of America's founding fathers, Washington, Jefferson and Franklin, who people there worship as kind of gods. When you first step outside the doors of the garden the city opens up and you see buildings flying around and big zeppelin's everywhere. Your jaw will just drop. You walk around the area, listen people talking and some mention a man named Comstock, leader of Columbia, who's statue you see at a little plaza. It has that American dream feel to it. The first hour is a relaxing one, you don't get to action until about an hour or even more wandering around, just sightseeing and experiencing the Columbia. You arrive to a carnival that works as kind of tutorial section. There are some events like shooting targets with shotgun or machine gun, and it introduces a new power, vigors, that are like plasmids from previous games. You get to try out Bucking Bronco, that shoots kind of like a wave out of your arm and levitates your enemies helplessly in the air and makes them take more damage, and possession, that lets you possess humans and machines to fight for you or possess vending machines to give you money. There are handful of other vigor's and they spice up the combat even more than plasmids from Bioshock 1 and 2. Soon you start to see that not everything is as it seems in Columbia, you get to see the dark side of the "American dream". You arrive to a raffle that you of course win. They hand you a baseball that they want you to hurl at a couple, man who is white and woman who is black, because of interracial relationship. You get a choise what you want to do, and then the action starts as cops notice a mark on your hand and try to kill you, and you need to escape them and get to Elizabeth. This first hour or so is just brilliant. It takes a risk of not giving you a gun or any kind of weapon for a long period of time, and it introduces the mechanics and world of the game by letting you experience it, not shoehorning it in by text bubbles and giving you like an opstacle course to run through, the first time you need to crouch doesn't even come after about 3 hours in the game, and developers of this game realize that gamers aren't stupid, they know how to control the character. There also are other places where you just walk from one place to next. These sections aren't boring, they just let you see the Columbia and FPS games in general in a different light. Gunplay is fantastic, you get a choise from dozen or so weapons, but you can carry only 2 at a time which is fair as an arsenal of weapons would've made it much more unrealistic and easy. You quickly find the weapon and vigor combinations you're best with and enemies carry all sorts of guns so you can swap them even in the middle of the combat if you find a gun you like or run out of ammo. The action really shines when you're fighting in big areas that have sky-lines in them. Sky-lines are all over Columbia and they work like rails, you latch on to them with this hook thing on your arm and you can ride it to another area, jump onto enemies or get to cover quickly. And when you get Elizabeth to join you, she can open these tears all over the battle areas. Story is really interesting and one of the best ever told in a game. That's what I'm going to say about it, it shouldn't be spoiled to anyone, it's that good. Ken Levine and his team at Irrational Games have created something amazing here that almost no game has ever done in terms of story and action. It boldly discusses things like religion that just are not spoken in video games. World is amazing, story is interesting, action is intense, visuals are superb on high end machine. Get this game right now before the story gets spoiled to you.