Reviews for Overlord II


Evil always find a way!

Nova4 | July 2, 2014 | See all Nova4's reviews »

Overlord 2 is the secuel of the awesome Overlord 1 (what a shock!), in this game you had to do all the evil that your twisted mind could ever imagine (in a cartoonish word) with your bare hands and the help of your super evil (and charming) minions. This game is pure fun and some times pure frustration if you forget how to use some mechanics of it, so in order to beat it, you need to became a master on the ways of evil. The good: +Funny as the original. +Smooth gameplay +New cool spells and skills +Interesting story telling +A Beatiful word to explore and over all... to conquer and destroy. +You can kill cute creatures! The Bad. +The game sometimes kill you with 1 hit. +Its a lineal game but some times it's not clear what you had to do. +Kinda shot. +Some times the game is way too goofy. Overall, this game is a unique experience, I recomended it to everyone that loves evil and unique games with unique gameplay.


Raise your evil domain!

Prakto | Feb. 9, 2014 | See all Prakto's reviews »

This game offers a grand and unique gamestyle which allows you to choose and develop your own tiny army and balance between tanks, healers, melee and ranged. And depending on how you chose to act in the game also affects what perks you'll earn later on in the game.


Overlord II - review

Neapolis47 | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

Overlord 2 is a game that has features that are not common to other games. We are an overlord, during the games we should collect vital force for our crew, large objects, gold and two types of gems to be able to upgrade. There will be four types of servers and they are: the browns that will be the most durable and the most suitable ones in the battle, the reds for ranged attacks, the greens that are the killers, in fact they will be much more effective if they attack the enemy at shoulders; the blue that are weaker ones but which are able to cure the other crew and are also able to become invisible during movements. In the game there are various enemies which are distinguished for appearance and for strength and ability, and gradually become stronger. Ben made ​​the various bosses, especially those animals that must be defeated by hitting the weak points. Overlord 2 is a well-made game with good gameplay characters well done and interesting, only flaws in the melee could be established more combos and towards to the end of the game it tends to be repetitive. It 'a good job, but with some extra things the game would have assumed a higher value.


Rise Hell in style

dabro90 | July 4, 2013 | See all dabro90's reviews »

Coming up from the great predecessor, Overlord 2 delievers what fans were hoping for. The game is taking every good idea from the prequel and improves it even more. Basically it is Overlord on steroids, with updated graphics, new features, new archnemesis and loads of humour, wicked, as we like it. Great game to hop into, wreak some havoc, kick some minions and forget about all the troubles. Since there are not many games like that out there - a must have for any Dungeon Keeper fan :)


Gotta kill them all !

ccccp | June 11, 2013 | See all ccccp's reviews »

As excellent as the first game, Overlord 2 offers you an evil epic steeped in humor and parody of joyful tale of chivalry. What if this is it's always a pleasure to do evil and evil can now expand its land to the nose of the glorious empire. The news are not many, but the change of scenery really is that we take the trouble to manhandle the minions, faithful servants of the overlord! The atmosphere is successful, there are very few bugs and the story is amusing. In short, this game is a treat and I especially recommend it to those with a penchant for the wacky games can also be an Overlord.


Domination or Destruction!

kalil | May 30, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Embodying the very same evil, and with the help of our minions, we conquer lands, in youth, dared betray and surrender to the glorious empire, we now have the opportunity to decide whether to retaliate and massacre them all and implanter destruction or give them the feeling of protection for us to obey with blind faith domination caused by a little Malefica Presence. Being Destroyer or be the Dominator, choosing between these two pathways evolve our tower and our powers Averno change that will see altered by it, as well as our 3 dear. New addition to our minions that now equate to the battlefield and will be able to have their mounts, as well as go up in level and even to resurrect our favorites. Surprise the end, but want to continue with the hope that comes the third part.


The master is pleased.

TimothyD | May 30, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

Overlord, on it's release, was a hidden gem in it's own roundabout way. A diamond in the rough for every pikmin-loving dungeon master hiding behind their cold, hard, lifeless computer screens. It's sequel, easily enough, Overlord II, is no different story. The story picks up where the original game left off, with the young overlord, offspring of the first game's commander. Gnarl, grumpy and barb-tounged as ever, joins alongside his previous master's son for more mayhem. This sequel expands on the original game, while keeping every part of the original that made it great. Now, minions are still expendable, but you may resurrect your higher-level minions for a high fee. The overlord feel is slathered on like nutella on toast for a sugar-addict in this extension of the series. Nothing is more pleasing than crushing platoons of Roman-esque legionaires and conquering cities. The city conquering is unique and fun in the respect that you choose rather to enslave the populace for tax income, or destroy the town and kill the inhabitants in order to get instantaneous weaponry and goods. The decision is satisfying either way. The locations and soundtrack are lush and well written, including environment puzzles that must be conquered with your minions. They aren't easy, and give a decent puzzle flavor to the series, with being in-no-way overbearing. In the long and short of the sword of opinion, for any Overlord series fan, this game is a must. New players can also fall in love with the series from this platform, an effect from good scriptwriting.


good 2º part

Lluvia4D | May 20, 2013 | See all Lluvia4D's reviews »

This plays more as an extension of the 1st. It's a solid sequel that is only hampered by amount of new comedy material and how linear it is, although the 2 times the minions break out in song is a ROFL experience. This is a sequel that is definitely more linear than the first. It seems like it could have been MUCH better as a sandbox type of game. Comparatively speaking, the 1st feels real open for the majority of the maps,


Great sequel!

karel76 | April 29, 2013 | See all karel76's reviews »

Gnarl and the Overlord are back. Well, not quite back, but you'll get to figure that all out. Gameplay is very similar with some welcome tweaks: 1. Your minions can now be upgraded at their hive which makes them tougher overall. 2. Minions gain levels as the get more experience. 3. Dead minions can be resurrected at the cost of 'newbie' minions, but this gets expensive if you're trying to revive a high-level one. 4. Many more options for new weapons and armor, though the purely 'custom' option is gone. (This seemed to mostly confuse people in the first game, so not an issue for most people.) 6. Still have an "evil" vs. "really evil" though one is considerably better long term than the other. (You can figure it out. People killed in this game stay dead.) 7. Plenty of mini-games, most of which are quite fun. 8. Brown/Red/Green minions gain mounts. I didn't find the mounts that useful, but they variety. Story, graphics and score are all as good as the original, although there are less interactions/comments from the mistresses than in the previous game. Which is to say the writers have a wicked sense of humor and hopefully they keep it up! Lots of fun. Highly recommended. Some of the best fun I've had out of a game since Overlord 1.